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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Germany Convenes International Meeting to Discuss Scientology Threat

As reported in a recent indybay.org article and elsewhere:

Germany’s Department of Interior Affairs convened a 3 hour seminar on September 4th regardng Scientology. The meeting, called "This is Scientology! Reports from the USA" was held in Hamburg. Unlike the situation in the US where it has "religion" status, Scientology in Germany is considered to be a "Threat to Democracy" and ranked alongside Islamic extremism.

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This indybay article listed above by Dr. Lily features a nice summary of the event, for more details and extended raid reports check out the Enturb.org discussion thread under Anonymous invited to anti-Co$ event "THIS IS SCIENTOLOGY!" in Hamburg

Some early video highlights include the following two short clips with Anons commandering the podium afterward for lulz, and a member of the general public bitch slapping a creepy OSA agent that was stalking the protesters out on the street

English Transcript of Germad News Clip

Photo Slideshows are featured below. Dutchfags professionally recorded the proceedings and once the footage and will featured in a later post on this blog once it becomes available.

Find more photos like this on Anonymous Project Chanology Hamburg

Anti Co$ Event on September 4 in Hamburg, Germany

04.09.2008 - Das ist Scientology!

Anonymous protesters were represented from near and far, and there was also a series of epic flash raids in the days following the event as featured in the following slideshow.


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