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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Messages to the Members & Victims of Scientology

As the Anonymous Protests that hit the streets once a month rally forth, the most prominent message coming across is the media releases promoting the overall monthly theme, the picket flyers, as well as the signs & banners carried by the anons that make their way into the endless number of photo albums and video channels. There is such a vast amount of issues that are just totally wrong about organized scientology, it's easy for the more personal and heartfelt messages to get lost in the noise of the mountain of negatives being exposed.

Thus I thought it was high time to take a step back from the myriad of messages relayed at the surface level that typically focuses on the most serious crimes and abuses, which cause the majority of public outrage, but do not constitute the entire picture. In the bigger scheme of things, the moralfag factions of Project Chanology are also bearing forth messages of hope and compassion to the scientologists who are still trapped within the clutches of the cult. These messages of outreach are meant to bring hope to those who thought things would never change. These messages of compassion are one of several things that helps form the bonds that have grown between the anon ranks and the 'Old Guard' critics as well as ex-scientologists.

Everybody has their own reasons for protesting, their own tickle list of the crimes of organized scientology that get under their skin the most. But we all stand unified in our own truth, which we feel is the bigger truth. Because unlike the crime syndicate we are taking a stand against -we form our opinions not by buying twisted PR statements handed down from above, but rather by using critical thinking, common sense, and evaluation of both sides of the issues so that our 'truths' are based on carefully scrutinized facts.

Many of us feel that the path to discovering the truth about this cult is lined with entirely too many victims on many different levels. And while the victims who loose their lives often get a greater share of attention, the victims who live and are left to deal with the damage done to their lives are just as worthy of notice.

Thus, the following YouTube Playlist takes a moment of reflection on the less recognized messages of outreach.These messages attempt to relay our understanding of the emotional trauma that members who leave often endure. As well our heartfelt support that even though we despise the executive level of the organization perpetrating the con on it's unsuspecting members, many of our actions are for the members sake - even if their awareness of what they have gotten involved in, has not yet awakened.

Messages to the Members & Victims of Scientology

Aside from not being able to get near many staff scilons, one of the hardest obstacles in relaying our messages of outreach is that the general public seldom understands the great differences between "staff scientologists" who work for the organization and often live within the organization's many compounds vs. the "public scientologists" that are not employed by the cult and simply work their way through the lower course levels thinking it's a humanitarian path to self-improvement.

The differences between these two groups are like night and day. Such that the common general public sentiment of "anybody foolish enough to get mixed up in that stuff deserves what they get" is not only a un-informed opinion, but a dangerously insensitive one. Being conned and manipulating to the point of brainwashing has essentially the same victimizing effect as intellectual rape. Add to this coercion tactics applied to members who try leave and either have to sit through months or years of extended security checks to complete a "routing out" process, or else flat out quit and go "blown" then be declared a suppressive person who's friends and family will be instructed to disconnect from. The staff scientologists are the victims of these injustices, whereas the public scientologists are both the prey and fodder, feeding cashflow into this crime syndicate that's hell bent on nothing but ensnaring others.

No matter which means are used when former members leave, the staff scientologists and children born into the cult always have an awakening process to go through. When the damage done to them is extensive enough, other ex-scientologists (exscn) often come forward to help them though a deprogramming experience. Then once the shock of how radically different the real world really IS starts to fade, the healing process begins. A big part of this healing process has been significantly aided by the internet, and there's practically a mass mental cleansing exercise going on all over the net as former parishioners network with other exscn and work through their pain and torment by revealing their personal experiences from inside the cult so that the healing process can begin.

Chuck Beatty's Int Base renos photos 2008

These stories are stacking up by the dozens on many different sites, and have been going on much longer than the anon activism movement has been on the scene enjoying lulz. Some of these stories are testimonials of horrible suffering, while others are just the unburdening of shame and emotional pain. No matter the nature of these stories, the purpose of having them recorded for others to see has begun change. Now that the anti-scientology movement has the strength in numbers combined with the public awareness catalyst of Anonymous making the Co$ tactic of hiding behind the unbelievable no longer an effective diversion from the truth, the number of ex-scientologist stories of life on the inside has become something not easily counted anymore. A few of these stories have emerged from within anon circles as a direct result of the protests, but many many more have come from the other circles of the global anti-scientology movement. Where the stories come from doesn't really matter, what truly matters is that they keep coming, the words keep flowing, and the healing continues in larger numbers with each passing month.

Unlike a few years ago, coming forth and speaking your peace is no longer strictly driven by an incentive for documenting the truth. Nowadays, it is more of a self-healing and self-realization effort. The general public or "wog world" might not understand what these ex-members have been through, but within their own ever-growing online communities they are understood all to well. Such that the vast amount of people helping people for the sake of not seeing another person endure the hardships of coming to terms with reality alone, is a beautiful thing to see in a world that is seemingly screwed up in more ways than one.

The following letter is from an active member on the Ex-Scientologist Message Board and expresses both how hard it can be for former members of the Church of Scientology to come forward with their story, and attempts to help others see ways of rationalizing what their going through in order to see the good that can come from sharing their experiences.

Topic: This Silence is Deafening!

To the Scientologists who are reading this message board and dare not speak out.

I can totally understand the many and varied reasons why you would be afraid to speak.

Maybe because you agree with the basic tenets of Scientology and wish to forward these aims. Maybe you think that actually speaking to SPs and squirrels would only enturbulate you, make you lose your gains, you might get sick or have horrible things happen to you. Maybe you think that anyone saying anything critical of Scientology is against people becoming stronger, more able and making spiritual progress, that critics of Scientology are deeply screwed up, insane, have withholds and crimes that they don’t want known or they simply don’t understand Scientology and have been listening to the ravings of the crazy psychiatrists.

If you speak to and stay in contact with anyone critical of the Church your Scientology family and friends would have to disconnect from you. This one is the biggest control factor that the Church uses to keep its members towing the party line.

You might get away with reading a few anti-scientology sites on the web and still stay in the Church. You’d probably get some sort of ethics handling and end up by saying that you learned more about the nature of SPs and PTSs, but that niggling feeling inside, that something isn’t right, that this isn’t what you signed up for will never go away.

Talking to other Scientologists in the Church, even an auditor (especially an auditor) about the craziness and injustices you see within the church will get you into serious trouble; sec checking, cramming, ethics, conditions, amends etc. None of the church handlings will resolve these things and if you persist in trying to get the ‘tech’ in, the way you think it should be applied, you know, with good ARC, genuine honesty, integrity, ethics and justice for all – you will very likely wind up getting declared. Yes, of course it’s wrong!

This is not my attempt to disseminate to you, I’m not trying to ‘handle’ your considerations about speaking out. I think your reasons for being silent on the subject are likely bloody good reasons and it takes courage and certain amount of balls to stand up for what you believe is right.

Staying silent on the subject, being quiet, putting up with it and thinking that maybe, somehow, the Church management knows how to get the tech in, that the truth in Scientology will somehow prevail. Maybe if I just work hard enough, train myself and others, get enough auditing done, maybe enough people will make it to clear and OT and then the Church will sort itself out. I’m sorry to say that this is simply not possible unless we are free to communicate.

You know, deep down, that you could never really be an OT without being truly honest and open, at least with yourself.

So for gawd sakes, speak up, talk to us, you don't have to tell anyone who you are. Tell us what you really think, all viewpoints welcome. We want to know and really do care about you.
- Mary

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Scientology Goes Into Hiding on Sunset Blvd

Oh the hilarity here is priceless!! Chuck Beatty relayed the following shots that were snapped by someone in Los Angeles today. First scaffolding, now....

The Container Wall of Hiding!!

Los Angeles residents can call 311 and complain about the unsightliness. Also City Councilman Eric Garcetti is the councilperson for the district. Garcetti, he still has to run for re-election Angelenos, so be sure that after you call him, 213 473-7013 or his field office 323 957 4500, call your own council person and let them know the issue and that you called Garcetti. While your at it, you may want to point out that the city's street closure sawhorses are being used on private property.

Garcetti's field office reportedly said later in the day that they have been getting calls from the public, but that the field office has not been informed of what event is planned at the "Scientology building" as they called it.

From the online shipping info based off of the photog'd serial numbers, it appears that co$ rented empty containers? ("Empty Container Release to Shipper SHANGHAI,CHINA (CNSHAHJ) 25May08") There is no mention of the containter ever being packed with goodies, simply that the transport vessel (the ship) was loaded. So they shipped these containers EMPTY just to execute this total butt ugliness.

Ummm... excuse me but where are those OT powerz now scientology? Behind a wall of shipping crates you say?? Oh the lulz - behind a wall of your own shame is more like it. Either that, or Scientology Enacts Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plan and does a dam good job of it!

UPDATE: Magoo has reported in a day later the following tidbit:

Many people laughed at this, and my guess is some people reported it.

Either way, they're gone now. Someone just called me to tell me they'd spoken with the people who put up the Tent now standing there.

I asked, "Could this Tent have been in those containers?"

He asked the people (construction workers, not Sea Org) putting up the tent, and they said, "No---we have no idea what those containers were for, but it wasn't this tent". (Paraphrased)

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

13Heathens Presents: Dis-membering LRH - The History of Man

The following YouTube Playlist is the next installment in our new Featured Guest Vlog series. This episode showcases YouTuber 13Heathens, who's educational guru channel is currently dissecting a series of the core L. Ron Hubbard indoctrination books and principles.

This is 13H's second series pertaining to the "scriptures" of Scientology. In this. This time around the target of scorn is L Ron Hubbard's "Scientology: A History of Man" From the Piltdown Man to their Master Race, as well as the Superpowers scientologists claim to aspire to. This work is perhaps the strangest diatribe published in book form from the addled mind of LRH. The last 3 chapters are not discussed in the series due to the fact the utter insanity is so far gone it needs no further dissection nor can it be analyzed by any rational human being in any polite form other than saying one thing: "WTF?!?!?!"

Perhaps what makes this book such an affront to basic intelligence and common sense, is not that it's Hubbard's diluted account of human evolution. But rather, that is supposedly stems from several drug-induced auditing session as attested to by LRH's medical officer and his own son who made the following statement in court and several interviews:

"LRH gave his son Nibs some amphetamines, and Nibs started talking, he said, started really going talking fast, from the speed. And he kept talking, he kept talking, and his dad kept giving him speed and all of a sudden he was talking about his history, when he was a clam and all these different situations in early Earth. And out of that came History of Man."
- Secret Lives: L. Ron Hubbard". Channel 4 Television, November 19, 1997

The wikipedia entry on this book gives a comprehensive overview for those who are unfamiliar with this vile work. This material is also accompanied by a recently leaked series of audio files known as the "Technique 88" or "The Time Track of Theta". The book starts out with Hubbard writing, "This is a cold-blooded and factual account of your last sixty trillion years" and is intended to serve as an advanced auditing guideline. The real truth is this book is the epitome of delusional farce and the undeniable proof of the LRH's mental illnesses running wild.

This revered scripture is practically a living testimonial to the extensive amount of successful brainwashing that must inherently be in-place inside the depths of the cult for seemingly rational people to seriously study this material and still remain oblivious to just how stark raving mad Hubbard's higher level teachings seemingly is to the rest of the world.

Scientology Creation Myth Series

Here's a few choice quotes from this manifesto of the manic moron at his best.

"This is useful knowledge. With it the blind again see, the lame walk, the ill recover, the insane become sane and the sane become saner. By its use the thousand abilities man has sought to recover become his once more."
- L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology: A History of Man. Foreword.

Many scientologist's resent the Anonymous protests because they truly believe these teachings constitute a religion and claim with the utmost passion "The Tech Works". If that's the really the case, well then more power to you. But many of the activists taking a stand can't help but point out the above quote and ask "Well why didn't it work for LRH himself?" In his case, the insane only became worse, not better.

Rather than recognize this and try to evolve their "tech" into something better... they perpetuate the founder's failure to stay sane even further by vehemently advocating the mentally ill not seek professional help and proper treatment. But then again why should they care, their beliefs are all about "making the able more able" rather than a humanitarian approach that one would expect of a "church" where the less abled are looked upon with charity and compassion.

"The universe is a rough universe. It is a terrible and deadly universe. Only the strong survive it, only the ruthless can own it."
- L.Ron Hubbard, Scientology: A History of Man, p.38)

I've said it before and I'll say it again.... organized scientology = Nazism 2.0.

In one of LRH's lectures he fancies himself as the anti-christ. The way I see it, at best he was the spiritual forefather of an anti-christ cult because he didn't live long enough (nor return soon enough) to see out the end of the evil he created. But if there is truly an anti-christ walking the earth in this day and age, then I'd say the most likely candidate is the man who took over this utter lunacy and made it into the crusade it is today - a crusade intent on "clearing the planet" so that everyone either believes this whack job drivel or is eliminated. That man is commonly known as David Miscavige, and his time of reckoning is coming.


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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

Epic Sea Arrrgh Speeches from the North American Factions of Anonymous

Once again our voices were heard around the globe this weekend!!! Here's some of the best anon speakers and testimonials spreading the world from the American & Canadian side of the pond.

Philadelphia, PA USA

San Francisco, CA

Zorro - Hollywood, CA

Vancouver, CA

Washington, DC

Clearwater, FL USA

Toronto, Canada

Minneapolis, MN

New York, NY USA

No Megaphones Allowed So We Chant Instead!

Want moar? See also: Euro & Abroad Sea Arrrgh Speeches; Visual Museum of Anonymous for June 14th; Category Legendary Speeches

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Epic Sea Arrrgh Speeches from the Euro & Abroad Contingents of Anonymous

Once again our voices were heard around the globe this weekend!!! Here's some of the best anon speakers and interviews spreading the word from the far side of the pond.

Birmingham, UK

Melbourne, Australia

London, UK

Opening - Sydney, Australia

Old Guard - Sydney, Australia

David Graham

"Gold Mask"


Martin Ruston - Auckland, New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand

Scilons Spreading Black PR FAIL to Reach the Publics,
give fake flyers to Anons instead!! :)

Manchester, UK

Want moar? See also: North American Sea Arrrgh Speeches; Visual Museum of Anonymous for June 14th; Category Legendary Speeches

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sea Arrgh Protesters Encounter Scilon Infiltration Speading Black PR

Avaste Mateys! As to be expected, the peaceful Anonymous protesters encountered a typical example of organized scientology's usual FAIL GAME Dead Agenting Tactics where the crime syndicate tries to discredit critics by spreading false accusations and trumped up atrocities. Thie incident took place in Sydney, Australia during the June 14 Sea Arrrgh protests.

The following details are a partial excerpt from an Aussie raid report made by Tamphex on Enturtubulation.org and the related videos that summarize this incident from Sydney Anons.

UPDATE: So far, the Sidney cell was the only one reporting infiltration & fake flyering on June 14th. However, there was a couple smaller incidents encountered elsewhere in recent flash raids. References for this case and other similar incidents are listed below and more will be added if additional details become available.

This location is very different from the usual building we park ourselves outside of. No room for them to park their infamous "we're moving furniture, honest officer!" trucks & no choice but for the scientologists inside to acknowledge our presence (pic of location below)

We gathered across the narrow lane from the Sea Org and commenced our chants & speeches from the ex scientologists that were awesome enough to attend with (including David Graham sporting an eyepatch!) While we were enturbulating, the news quickly got around that the clams were counter pamphleting us around the area at the same time (this in fact was happening a lot earlier, we had stopped at the city Town Hall for a quick breather when some had caught on to it happening - I have the pamphlet with me but no scanner, but I'm sure it will turn up on enturb during the reports from other locations. Bet my bottom dollar on it)

We reached the time when our permit was allowing us to picket en masse and dispersed. Some of us heading home, some grabbing a bite to eat and some headed straight our usual target; the Castlereagh St "Dianetics Office") I decided to hang back with some of the group, grab something eat at a local fast food joint and talk about the day etc. I was sitting there just enjoying a quiet smoke when some people caught my eye carrying something; sure enough, it was two very young scientologists with ARMFULS of the anti anonymous propaganda pamphlets and what appeared to a woman who was I assume helping to handle them. Yknow that moment when you and another person make eye contact, and you both know that both parties shouldn't actually be seeing each other doing what they're doing? Yeah, it was one of those moments. They decided it would be smart to dive into the nearest doorway hoping that I wouldn't have seen then. But unfortunately I had and dove off the chair I was sitting quick as lightning. I wanted answers and I wanted them now.

I got around to the doorway to find them standing there with their backs to me. What the fuck man... was my thought and "..What exactly do you think you're doing; why are you passing out pamphlets to the public which is straight up slander about us?" was what came out.

Both of the young scientologists kids swung around and retorted with something along the lines of the pamphlets not being lies & what gave us the right to protest their religion yada yada. These two guys were all gutso and bravado until they noticed the anons quickly lining up behind me, and especially one sporting a big nice high definition video camera. When they realized it wasn't three vs one, the woman instructed the two scientologists to "head back to the org". Something I wasn't about to let happen before they at least gave us some answers. And what a merry chase they gave, into a shopping arcade, through a food court, onto the street and back through again. All the way to the Sea Org front door itself.

We caught the entire incident on film, through the high def camera and at least 5 other individual anons mobile cameras as well. Hopefully the footage should be hitting YouTube & Enturb tomorrow at same point. Brace yourselves though, the footage is me in full pissed off enturbulating like a absolute bastard mode. I was relentless - not so much on the younger kid (the other hightailed it out of there when I started up) but more so on the woman who was obviously sent out to handle them. This individual was clearly an OT level. Yet, she couldn't take 5 minutes out to hear our side of the very propaganda she was assisting to hand out. As you'll see from the footage when it is released, she wasn't handling the situation at all.

Once we had finished running the clams back into the safety of the precious Sea Org, we retired back to the eatery to discover that an assault had taken place on the Anons that had stayed behind. Apparently some local moronic yobbos (chavs for my british cousins and rednecks for my American ones) So as we were informed that the police had been called, we decided to stay around to report it. Luckily the dickheads were still in the vicinity, so we went outside to give them a big ole wave of "haha shit heels" as they were drove away in the police paddy wagon.
- Tamphex

Makes you wonder - if the scilons really think we're as bad as the vengeful idiot flyers suggest, why do they manipulate young children into the front lines of the counter attack for their dirty tricks?? Whatever happened to the troops of grown adult scilons that used to bullbait OG with such sinister malice? Methinks perhaps their afraid to loose their cash draining resources if their regular staff members are exposed to all the insane LRH audio recently made available. Related footage for the Sydney infiltration is as follows.

UPDATE II: San Franciso, CA experienced a similar occurrence that included good ol' Tommy Gormon's camera being manhandling abit before he ran the scilon infiltrator back to his Org as well!

Update III+++: More California USA cities reporting Black PR "Anonymous FAQ" counter flyering: Los Angeles, San Diego, and Mountain View. Plus Christchurch New Zealand, and Vancouver Canada. None of these incidents were as dramatic as the two above and scilons typically scampered off right quick when confronted so no big deal. San Diego scilon escort back to the org is shown below


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Operation Sea Arrrgh lands upon your shores on June 14!

Today the Anonymous Protesters set out to make their mark and fly their colors around the world in unison as apart of this month's global demonstration affectionately dubbed:

Operation Fleet Week: The Sea Org vs. The Sea Arrrgh!

Pre-raid stats from Enturbulation.org planning forums indicate the following tally of cities where protesters were planning on making their voices heard:

  • USA East Coast - 29 cities
  • USA Central / Mountain - 26 cities
  • USA West Coast - 19 cities
  • Europes - 38 cities
  • Canada - 11 cities
  • Asia Pacific & the rest of the world - 13 cities

For all the latest news on how the Sea Arrgh festivities played out in approximately 136 cities spanning the globe stop by the June 14th Post Results (Davy Ms' Locker) forums on Enturbulation.org for incoming Raid Reports, Pics and moar. Meanwhile, additional highlights of the most memorable moments will be showcased here on this blog over the course of the next few days.

Manchester, UK Raises Their Anon Mast!

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Scientology: What are YOUR crimes?

The renowned YouTuber XenuExposed has released another stunning addition to their ongoing PSA series on the corruption of organized scientology. This video is dedicated to Stu Wyatt from Plymouth in the UK, who stood up to Scientology, and is currently the target of their unethical and appalling machinations to destroy him.

Scientology claims their critics are criminals, yet THEY are the ones who commit crimes to silence them.

From decades ago to this past week, the story of Scientology's vile war against the outside world repeats itself over and over again.

The only difference between now and then is that we are now in an information age, where freedom of expression and TRUTH spreads with ease, with speed, and with a FEROCITY that L. Ron Hubbard nor David Miscavige could ever have envisioned.

The truth will spell the end of Scientology, and it will be through their own undoing.

Happy June 14th,


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Anonymous Protest & Questionable Police Behavior - Chapter 0

The ranks of the Anonymous Legion suffered a blow in these final days before the June 14th protest. Commander Stu Wyatt of the Marcabian Killdozer Fleet operating out of the Plymouth UK cell was Fair Game’d and Arrested under the false accusation of his peaceful protest activities being something other than just that- peaceful. He was later charged with separate offenses based on what the police found and confiscated from his home during the arrest. After spending the night in jail where he was treated like animal, Stu was brought court and then released.

As dire as the situation may seem, there was an interesting series of events leading up to this that proves what the anons have being seeing in general: an escalation of force and heightened level of vindictiveness in protester retaliation from the scilon brigades of organized scientology.

Due to this escalation I felt it was time to take a step back and look at all the whole history thus far of questionable police behavior and local authority manipulation toward Anonymous. The following extended playlist includes all of the noteworthy incidents of unsavory cop vs. anon moments in the past 5 months. The latest attack on Stu and the highlights leading up to it are showcased at the end of series with an additional tracklist summary of the most unsettling events listed below.

Please keep in mind these incidents are (so far) the exception to the norm - globally we've had far more positive police support and friendly coordination with anons. But it's not all good and were reaching a large enough quota of incidents this compilation of clips prove beyond any doubt the bad cop moments are not just rare occurrences any more and should hereby be deemed for what it is - corrupt cult retaliation tactics.

Protest Retaliation: Questionable Police Behavior Chapter 0

Nice Anon vs. Mean Cop Tracklist

Any events with an ongoing investigation or pending litigation are listed in bold.

  • February 10th - Boston, MA USA: The anon who filed the protest permit (Gregg Housh) was falsely accused of personally stepping foot on scilon property and eventually charged with harassment for his role in Church of Scientology demonstrations. His ongoing litigation is being unethically delayed and prolonged at great expense as per classic fair game techniques.

  • February 10th - Dekalb County Police in Atlanta, GA USA: Full riot squad called in to protect the scientology compound. The protesters were bullied and traffic passing by that honkedwere chased down and ticketed.

  • March 15th - Dekalb County Police in Atlanta, GA USA: Two protesters was randomly singled out the crowd for no apparent reason. The young man was then taken inside of the scientology building and arrested, charged with a permit violation and creating hazardous or offensive condition and releaded on bail. The charges were dropped as soon as it came before a judge.

  • May 10th - London, UK: London police served a 16 year-old GCSE school-boy known to fellow anons as "Epic Nose Guy" with a warrant for displaying a sign that read, "Scientology is not a religion, it is a dangerous cult". A few days later, however, the Crown Prosecution Service dropped all charges against the boy and gave the City of London police new guidelines for signs protesting the policies of the Church of Scientology.

  • May 10th - Orlando, FL USA: Protesters were bullied and hounded for just being there, until the police instigated enough tension to spin the situation out of control they flat out threaten the anon who stepped forward as a spokeperson. This was after the initial round of harsh verbal lashing and harrassment showered on the same anon with drive by gangsta style intimidation tactics.

  • May 10th - Manchester, UK: More inappropriate & heavy handed police behavior with an excessively large force of cops. Lisa McPherson pictures were banned and confiscated because "it might cause distress to the scientologists". Then all photographic placards were similarly confiscated. When one of the participants whose sign was taken stepped foreward as spokesperson and politely complained this was abuse, he was told if he continued his argument he would be handcuffed and arrested. Over 100 protesters where then moved away from the nearby vicinity of the org and herded into a side street and treated so harshly their morale was nearly decimated by the antagonistic brutality. One anon who was assaulted and threatened with violence by the GM police has now made a formal complaint in light of the CPS ruling on Epic Nose Guy in London. He also asked Liberty to investigate further, appointed a senior solicitor to review the matter that includes photographic evidence of sinister treatment he endured. The police and major media we recently notified and more details will be featured on this blog once things progress.

  • June 3rd - Seattle, WA USA: A protester is harassed then assaulted and has his camera smashed by a scilon during a flash raid then calls the police. The police show extreme bias to the protesters and fail to even talk to the victims who placed the call aside from chastise them for being in the wrong for recording footage on a public street amongst other things.

  • June 12th - Plymouth, UK: Stu Wyatt arrested at his home on alleged assault charges towards Sandra from the local org but was officially charged the following day with offenses arises from the search and seizure of his property.


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Friday, June 13, 2008

Sea Org vs. Sea ARRGH!! Coming Ashore Worldwide on June 14, 2008

Aye aye mateys, methinks we are all ready to rumble! Only one day left until Operation Fleet Week: The Sea Org vs. The Sea Arrrgh is GAME ON!

Old Guard and ex-scientologist alike have all agreed, this operation is The Most Important of all Protests. As relayed by Dawn Olsen from Glosslip shortly after the last protest:

"The overall feeling was that Anonymous' target shouldn't really be the Church Org, the tech, or even Scientology as a "religion" because for many people,the tech really works, and for those who are still "in" like your average rank and file members, attacking something which still works for them would be a moot point.

These exes indicated it's the SEA ORG which needs to be protested (I know you all already know this) but what they meant is that there needs to be a protest at INT BASE, where so many of the abuses are happening and the majority of those being abused can be reached."

The consensus is, a focused effort on Int Base in Hemet, CA USA will be handled best at a later date. But for now, the Sea Org is soon to be ours and we're about to be all over it. Thus the following YouTube Playlist includes a few parting words of wisdom from Boris Korczak and Mark Bunker ye old e Wisebeard himself!! Along with a good healthy dose of final hype. Land Ho Mateys the wog world awaits, and the time is soon nigh to let the Sea Arrrgh raids begin!

June 14th Sea Arrrgh Promo 2

Our momentum is building to those 'next levels', the truth about the cult are now readily available and public opinion is beginning to sway. Add to this school exams are now out of the way, therefore our ranks are sure to swell on Saturday with the greater numbers we've been aiming for. It's only matter of time now. Be safe all, be smart and stay alert when returning home. Epic caek and lulz for all!

For those looking to join us for the first time, stop by the Enturbulation.org Activism Forum for June 14th to find a protest location near you!

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Freewinds - Sea Org Cruise Ship or Floating Footbullet?

The flag ship of organized scientology’s paramilitary group the Sea Organization is known as the MV Freewinds. The ship described by Jason Beghe as a "rust bucket" was first sealed off in April of 2008 for traces of the deadly cancer-causing blue asbestos that can lead to mesothelioma. Refurbishment work was suspended on the ship used as a spiritual retreat and training center for the highest degrees of OT Level courses that members of the Church of Scientology are encouraged to pursue at great expense once they get beyond the infamous Dianetics entry-level state of "clear".

Six weeks after public health authorities on the Caribbean island of Curacao (Netherlands Antilles) impounded the 440-foot luxury liner built in 1968, the ship still remains locked down after the subcontractors brought in from the USA walked off the job due to unsafe working conditions. Experts had advised that decontaminating the ship would cost millions of dollars and may not even be possible.

Scientology then sent in a team of its own Sea Org members that were forced to cleanup the ship themselves. Amidst unconfirmed claims that the cleanup effort is nearly completed, these untrained captive cult members are likely made to work day and night as grossly underpaid labor gangs with little regard for their health since Scientology beliefs preach that their advanced auditing techniques combined with the superhuman powers OTs are capable of can completely cure cancer. Locals have stated that these billion-year contract members are bringing the blue asbestos by the truckload to dump at the island's Selikor landfill site at Malpais.

Meanwhile, the church continues to solicit for cruises that will not happen as shown in the marketing flyers below sent out with massive spam negligence to members, ex-members, declared SPs and sworn enemies alike during May of 2008. Click on these thumbnails to view the full size flyers.

Hmmm... Is the cash cow in need of emergency funds compliments of false-sale credits left on duped members accounts? Sure seems that way to us.

The current situation is no surprise in light of the long sordid history behind this vessel of contamination being allowed to go unchecked against known environmental disgraces for over twenty years. Included in the following YouTube Playlist is partial footage from a must-see Xenu TV interview where Stacy Brooks sits down with former Scientology member, architect Lawrence Woodcraft, to discuss the Freewinds and his discovery of blue asbestos during some earlier renovations in 1987. In 2001 Mr. Woodcraft had submitted a sworn affidavit stating that he was exposed to blue asbestos while working on the Freewinds and had reported the seriousness of the problem in full detail to Bitty Miscavige (wife of Ronnie Miscavige, DM's brother) explaining that the vessel was unsafe to continue operation and should be retired immediately as with other ships of the same era that were similarly filled with blue asbestos before properly legislated. Lawrence managed to escape from the cult shortly thereafter (albeit without his family) and the problem was covered up and ignored.

Additionally, environmentalists previously raised a concern about the Freewinds polluting Bonaire in the Netherlands Antilles in May of 2007. Footage is also included below showing maintenance trucks many times every hour dumping mass amounts of toxic sewage and other liquid waste from the Freewinds onto the tiny island of Bonaire. This putrid runoff was polluting their ground water which is detrimental to human health and can easily lead to an eco-disaster if allowed to resume. The activists making these videos in Bonaire were intimidated and eventually threatened with legal action by the Director of Selibon. It is unknown to Anonymous whatever became of this situation, but we sure would be interested in finding out moar!!

The Freewinds Pollution & Contamination Scandals

Somebody really ought to put a Stop to the Abuses of Scientology’s Sea Org! Good thing the scurvy bilge rats will be chased down and exposed by a herd of cats in snazzy pirate garb on June 14th!!


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Final proof that South Park was right about Scientology

THIS!!! The following vid speaks for itself and needs no insightful introduction :) The OTIII transcripts and LRH Lectures on the existence of Xenu has been leaked and secured in the hallowed halls of www.WikiLeaks.org!!!

Ode to WikiLeaks

Oh How Great the mighty walls of thy impenetrable vault,
Safe abode and web passage for whistle blowers of all kinds.
Protecting the truth and free speech from any assault.
Making available thy golden knowledge for inquiring minds.

We work NOT in direct cahoots of promoting your profit or gains,
Nor are we tied to some deep pocket except in our wildest dreams.
Rather, our cause is significantly aided by feeding off your veins.
And our potential for greater impact can now explode at the seams!

So to WikiLeaks We humbly bow, we THANK YOU & Salute You!
With Full Marcab Honors to thy wonderful resources - All Hail!
Long Live the King of All Virtual Justice for proving our Xenu!
And may safe passage to dox of all who need it forever prevail.

With much Luv,

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hive Archivist Log Entry 000.004

Dear sirs;

The encoded affirmation of my previous progress report submitted to intragalactic operation headquarters is hereby acknowledged. The questions posed for clarification are covered in the attached media enclosure communique as per standard long distance stealth ops procedures.

The current state of affairs with the occupying Thetan forces is truly an exhilarating mix of uber-readiness and total leakgasm amongst all ranks of Anonymous as of star date 034.1891.

The Marcab Confederacy ground force troops here on Teegeeack are reveling in there pirate garb and picketing sound bite transmission kits for Operation Sea Arrrgh, which is the next worldwide protest against organized scientology on June 14th.

Meanwhile, the internets tactical squadrons have quadrupled their throughput stats in the venues of mass media integration, Wikileaks vault expansion, and three dimensional information dissemination.

The small-to-medium sized WINS climax in such a rapid procession as of late, our german psych sponsors have begun supplying wholesale quantities of cyber lube to all major cells and urban outposts on a bi-weekly basis. Upon your review of the following Station Commander reports and requested intel communiques, I'm sure you'll agree the onslaught of our ongoing campaigns is beginning to reach beyond EPIC!!! We are absolutely certain that Xenu is surely beaming with devilish delight at our recent endeavors!

June 14th Sea Arrrgh Promo 1

We also respectfully submit the new ensign patch officiated on this earth date for all Project Chanology tactical divisions. The outdated confederacy attire hasn't been updated in over a millenia, so we forthwith retire all equally antiquated dress code policies being that dressing as pirates and suitfags for the duration of the Summer of Lulz (and possibly longer) is now the given norm.

Respectfully Yours,

Anonymous Legion, Marcab Confederacy Project Chanology Archivist #2008.00.001


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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Auditing the Anons: Anonymous Interviews - Chapter 0

As the Anonymous protests round the bend towards their fifth global protest on June 14th, I thought it was time to take a moment to appreciate what Anons have to say for themselves in regards to their own personal reasons for why we protest and what motivated them personally to show up at their local raids & pickets to take a stand against the many controversies of organized scientology.

The following YouTube Playlist includes the first installment in a new ongoing series of Anonymous interviewing other Anons and fellow supporters. It is important to note that there is a vast range of issues that we find fault with in general as it all falls under the wide reach of abuses and corruption the organized crime syndicate of scientology is becoming notorious for. So it's important to understand that any one Anon may strike a particular chord with one or several of these reasons to protest this cult that they may latch onto for the motivation to keep going. Yet any one person's reason, words, or incentives is their own personal opinion and not necessary the mutual opinion of the collective as a whole.

Thus, the key thing to recognize here is that the diversity of opinions combined with a multitude of reasons, that has a lead to such a general consensus in a loosely knit group with murky roots and no leaders, speaks volumes. If thousands of people around the world can become informed and come to the same conclusion albeit by different paths, isn't it time you investigate the issues for yourself?

Auditing the Anons: Interviews with Anonymous - Chapter 0

For those who sit through the above series of clips, you'll notice the third video features what you may initially take to be a non-anonymous participant due to the lack of his mask. However, not all Project Chanology supporters take up the anonymous identity cloaking. Our ranks also include a mixture of Ex-scientologists, relatives who have lost track of family members still in the cult, former long-standing critics or "Old Guard", and concerned citizens. So whether or not you care to don a mask, as well as what form of participation you choose, has little-to-no impact on your support being able to help our ongoing efforts. Every little bit counts; global awareness needs to spread so that a deafening outcry of public opinion demanding answers can be raised, and there is a countless number of ways for any given person to lend a hand and help us spread the word.

As relayed in the letter below from an ex-scilon-anon seeking to aide the collective's understanding of what it takes to get somebody to start snapping out of the cult's influences, despite the variance in individual reasons for motivation and the different types of support that can be volunteered... All that truly matters when deciding whether or not to take some part in the ongoing efforts is that you have to have enough concern for the health & welfare of your fellow mankind to either take a stand or do something else to aide in the rally against the criminal activities and other atrocities of organized scientology.

Topic: ex-scilon-anon

(This thread [somewhat] depends on having read the on brainwashing (long) thread.)

The idea is this. You can't change someone's mind if they aren't willing to listen to you. CoS depends on its members remaining convinced that they need to continue covering their ears while yelling LALALALALALALA.

Anon protests would be orders of magnitude more effective (to borrow the little Nazi's phrase) if they were able to connect with the "membership".

I propose that ex-scientologists, like myself, write up what it took for them to sit up and take notice that something was grossly amiss, and they were both ignoring and justifying it to themselves.Here's what it took to "snap me out of it".

I was as gung ho a supporter of LRH and all things standard tech as anyone in the church. I left the CoS, and joined the Freezone without that having changed. I still completely supported LRH and the tech, but simply accepted that "It wasn't LRH or the tech at fault....it was that nasty, perverted church and that SP Miscavige".

I even hit all those anti-scientology/anti-LRH sites, but had the mental shit so thoroughly in place that I was able to disregard anything anti-LRH and Anti-tech, and focus on all the anti-church stuff. Bizarre shit, this brainwashing.

Here's what it took for me to break it.

I found a place where scientologists could hang around with ex-scientologists, and critics, and discuss anything related to SCN, LRH, Tech, CoS, etc.

That was Beliefnet. I went there thinking I could maybe convince a few scientologists that the church was fucked up and turned criminally SP, and that they should leave it and carry on supporting LRH and the Tech in the Freezone/independent field.

Well, to my complete shock, it was I that ended up getting handled. (chuckle)

I got chatting with some critics of scientology (including LRH, the tech, policy, etc.) and thought it might be a fun game to straighten them out on some of THEIR misconceptions about their criticisms. Like that it was really all the CoS and Miscavige, and not LRH and his tech that was responsible for all the shit they were seeing.

Man these guys came prepared with their facts straight!!! They would simply repeat succinct statements and questions inviting explanation. They would ask questions which simply could not be answered without concluding that an illogically justified premise was being held to, despite the facts of the matter being considered.

They had many examples of direct quotes from LRH where he contradicted himself completely 180 degrees, and asked how I could account for that. "Was LRH lying in the first statement, or was he lying in the second statement?" Man, they had me squirming. "Well...uh...that's not important in the overall scheme of things....uh....THE TECH WORKS.....I know it does..." And they'd just quietly take that apart at the seams until there was nothing left but the realization that there was a lot of contradictory bullshit that came straight out of LRH's mouth and from his typewriter. Left no room for doubt.

It was from one of those critics, where I first learned about cognitive dissonance. He just kept TR3ing (repeating) that I needed to go to wikipedia and look that up. Until I finally did, (so I could refute him), and my jaw dropped, because that was exactly what I had going on, and most others I knew as well. Wow. Here's some non LRH tech that precisely describes and explains a phenomenon I could see all around me. This was the truth and there was no denying it.

Questions just kept coming from the critics. "LRH said a clear would have a perfect memory and no aberrations. Have you ever met a Clear with a perfect memory, and no aberrations? Well have you? Seriously. If you've met one, I'd like to know about it. SHOW ME A FUCKING CLEAR!!!

It's not comfortable or easy, but eventually, you have to come to the conclusion that LRH just lied his ass off all the fucking time, and his thousands of statements that he was the only one who ever had an original thought and who could ever come up with anything available for sale that a person could use to improve themselves was just pure bullshit.

The key for me to break the brainwashing/indoctrination was simply a matter of some critics caring enough to keep rubbing my nose in the shit I'd accepted without examining it thoroughly. I took his word for it, and that's where it started. He talks a great game, that man.

So in looking at my example, what would be needed, are opportunities for the indoctrinated to come to the table with the unindoctrinated for discussion. There aren't many opportunities to do that, but perhaps some could be created?

Maybe by offering to be disabused of our false impressions? (disabused means simply "freed from deception or error".) If we offer to scientology members that we're willing to be corrected on our misapprehensions about them and their beliefs, they'd be willing to chat a bit, and then it's "game on".

Any other Ex-scilons have some insights into this? Or other ways in which their indoctrination was broken?

Simply "taking down" the church would leave a lot of damaged people with complete confusion in its wake. Besides the current management, starting with Miscavige and his cronies, the real enemy is the brainwashing, and provision for choosing to remain isolated from sources of the truth. In other words, Scilons willingly keep away from sources of "enturbulation" because they've been convinced that they must. If we can't find opportunities to talk to them, and have them become willing to listen somehow, then this could take some real time, and leave hundreds of thousands of confused individuals in the wake.

- goldenrodanon (continued...)


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