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Friday, May 30, 2008

The Road To May 10, 2008

Anonymous Picketing Scrapbook Entry 001.004:

The Road To April 12, 2008 was supposed to be the last lengthy video Pelividar would make detailing the story of Anonymous and Scientology, but the issue of Fair Game, and in particular, the currentlitigation against Gregg Housh in Boston inspired him to put out one more. So here's a look back at the last worlwide Anonymous Protest against organized scientology in May 2008.

Anonymous Presents

Road To May 10th from Church0fScientology on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cult Watch & Flash Raid Fun - Chapter 1

Ahh yes, the time has come for another installment of the Cult Watch Mini Raid Series!

The large scale Anonymous protests against organized scientology that happen monthly serve three general purposes: Raising local public awareness, showing those who are still trapped inside the cult that there is a world out there that cares what is happening to them, and bringing global attention to the criminal behavior of the executive levels of the Church of Scientology that has been ignored for far too long. However, the impact of the larger protests is a tactic that pays off in the longer term rather than the short term.

Unfortunately, the need for an immediate change is far to pressing to leave it float until the once a month timeslot rolls around. Thus the era of smaller spontaneous pickets known by a variety of names (Cult Watch, Flash Raids, Mini Raids, Flyering brigades, etc.) is in full force. These impromptu forms of protest hit the cult where it hurts the most - their ability to rake in cash on a daily basis. A pyramid scheme such as organized scientology perpetrates is only as strong as the cash flow coming in at the bottom that is feeding the top. That's why these smaller picketing events have such a huge impact; they keep the unsuspecting public "in the know" and away from the stress tests, the book-a-thons, the personality tests, and all the other seemingly innocent ploys the cult has perfected for roping people in.

The following YouTube Playlist highlights some of the better mini raid moments that have occurred since Chapter 0 was compiled. The cities included in this installment cover: London, Melbourne, Montreal, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Toronto, Plymouth, Atlanta, Portland, Clearwater, Hollywood, Perth, and Brixton. Special features in this chapter highlight moar Stu, the now infamous Dutch Anon stress test, wise words from Spacko, and the laughed-out-of-court in Clearwater after-party. This is our ongoing proof, from all corners of the world, that a small unexpected group of protesters can make a big difference!!

Cult Watch - Flash Raids Are Such Fun! (Chapter 1)

The diehard Anons making a concerted effort to maintain these mini raids as a daily occurrence in the biggest cities are already seeing a difference in the reaction from both the public and the scilons. All signals indicate the weight of the pyramid is already stressing out the lower level staff such that they are quickly nearing a breaking point. Meanwhile, as a broader public awareness becomes more ubiquitous - more and more people are receptive to the Anonymous message and take the time to express interest or ask questions.

Now granted, there is downside. That downside is the neighboring businesses to the larger orgs are sometimes growing tired of the constant calamity of lulz for the greater good of mankind. And to those business owners, we offer both our respect and our sympathy, and if you're not a jerk about it - then we're sorry to inform you that all of our ongoing efforts need to continue until the job is done. If you still doubt the usefulness of our actions, consider the ever growing number of victim testimonies and ex-scientologist horror stories; then ask yourself if you would feel any different if a member of your family or one of your closest friends had a similar story.

Thus if the local businesses that are growing peeved at the ongoing escapades can at least understand the gist of why we protest, you will surely realize all you need to do is approach your local protesters with a level head to voice your concerns regarding any negative impact to your own livelihood. The Anons will be more than happy to discuss what they can do or change to coexist on your streets in fashion that doesn't do harm to anyone other than cult we are targeting. The solution may likely be a compromise on both sides, but a compromise that brings more support to our cause ultimately aides the greater good we aim to achieve. We don't expect everyone to take our side, all we ask is that you open your mind and become informed so that you can appreciate the risks we are taking to continue our peaceful protests rather than judge our actions based on "potential" impact to your wallet alone.

And for those who still cannot appreciated the greater good these adventures are geared towards, well then maybe you can at least appreciate that your city is not alone - the fight rages on, and even if it's not your battle you still have the choice to either acquiesce to the old standby reasoning of "if you can't beat them - join them" or just learn to ignore us cuz anon doesnt go away any time soon.


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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Scientology Proves Fair Game is Alive and Well!

The Anonymous protesters taking a stand against organized scientology are often asked why they wear masks. The answers to that are all but cliche now that the truth is out, despite the way hardcore scilons always bawl that the hateful policies of Fair Game and Dead Agent tactics are long in the past. But unfortunately, this is a million miles away from the truth just like all the rest of the cult's Black PR.

The following short YouTube Playlist relays a recent incident where the OSA stalkers prove without a doubt that they are still up to their old tricks. This particular trick has been used and abused for so many years that it has become a memorial of shame until itself: Scientology draws up a big pack of lies wrapped in vicious retaliation against any major critic known by name, publishes this crap to their own malicious PR website at ReligousFreedomWatch.org, and then spreads the printed version to all the neighbors, friends, etc. of said critic. Sound famiiar? Of course it does, it's been happening this same way for years and years.

This is totally unacceptable behavior coming from a tax exempt organization despite the irony that the only guilty party of their own accusations is the upper level staff scientologists pulling these childish stunts. Thus this trivial little series of incidents in Burbank, California is really nothing more than a prime example of how lame their always-attack mentality typically plays out when it's not deadly. Nonetheless, it proves all the reiterated points against scientology's criminal behavior, shows that they sink to unbelievable low levels of utter disgrace, yet wraps up nicely into an entertaining little package for watching epic FAIL in action from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy!

Scientology Stalks Anonymous and Magoo

Pay Attention All You OSA Freaks whom we have been successfully enturbulating into showing your true colors. Your sordid jig is up and your too closed-minded to see the fast approaching end to your organization's corruption that your own actions accelerate. We know how your hater game plays, and it's not going to work to discredit Anonymous nor the old guard we have rallied around. The world has stopped looking the other way, and your now under a microscope where every dirty trick you try to play is used to propel our cause further. Your overly complicated tech is failing to insulate you, and as Mahatma Gandhi simply stated and then proved long ago: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win." So go right ahead and keep up the creepy attacks, the raging insanity, and the violent outbursts - it's all good for us, sucks to be you, but that seems to be the way you want it.


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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This Is Why Anonymous Says "We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget."

This blog has made an attempt to help the public understand the issues behind Why Anonymous Protests the Church of Scientology. Some of those reasons are so ludicrous and so unbelievable - you can't help but mock it with satire and comedy.

But it is no joke. Anonymous is serious business despite the nature of that pun. So if the politicians, the governments and the US media won't do something to help speed up the end of the inhuman policies of this cult, then is it any wonder thousands of people from around the world are uniting in consensus to do something themselves? There is nothing whatsoever to wonder about in this regard if you open your mind and become informed.

However, the one thing this blog hasn't yet attempted to explain that you may rightfully be wondering about is why the Anons always say "We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget." The answer to that is simple; two words: THE CHILDREN

The following playlist tells a few of the stories from the children who are born into the cult and only know a life of abuse, neglect, and mind fuck until they escape. These are not pleasant stories, but they deserve to be heard. They deserve to be acted upon.

Ex-scientology Kids: Growing up in Scientology

It Only Takes One Good Man To Do Nothing for Evil to Prevail. What will you do?


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Monday, May 19, 2008

9,000+ Man March Rains Down on Washington, DC July 19th

DC Anonymous Presents:


Washington, DC USA National Mall Raid on Saturday, July 19th 11am - 5pm

Be There For MONUMENTAL EPIC LULZ when anons from all over the place converge in DC to rock on in the heart of the nation's capital!!

All are welcome to join Anonymous on the National Mall for an epic rally/protest/giant ass party against the crimes and human rights abuses of the Cult of Scientology. That's right, guys. The DC crew snagged the Reflecting Pool. How freaking awesome is that?

Planned Activities include:

  • Music and Dancing
  • Speeches by Tory, WBM, Arnie & others
  • Graham Berry & Glosslip's Dawn Olsen coming in from Cali!
  • Balloons
  • Om nom noms
  • Fair Games
  • Enturbulation
  • Public Outreach
  • Face Painting
  • Postcarding
  • Lulz
  • and even MOAR!!

Note - Props & Equipment within reason are welcome, just coordinate with DC Anons on the Enturb Planning Thread

Bus trips & group transit plans are being arranged for Philly, NYC, Boston, SFBay and maybe even abroad!! This is the ideal opportunity for the American contingent of Anonymous to stand up and be counted in mass numbers! So mark the date, clear your calendar & book your ticket or otherwise to come join in for monumental lulz.

We're still looking for more Old Guard/Ex-Scilon speakers to join us. Seriously, we have to keep over 9000 anons entertained for like 6 hours. So please speak up and let it be known you if you can make it. Hotel Harrington is within walking distance for overnighter anons that need an easy crash pad. Epic win is moar epic when it's done on a national raid scale! And THIS will definitely be the summer event that you don't wanna miss!

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Tribute: Anonymous akin to a New WHITE ROSE Blooming

This post is a two-way tribute felt by many who are in awe of what the Anonymous group is beginning to accomplish and remember a similar movement who dubbed themselves White Rose. The first White Rose was mowed down by the nazi's before they had a chance to truly bloom like we have. It's an honor to be linked with the symbolism of these legendary advocates of days gone by but not forgotten. Thus, a further purpose of this post is to say thanks to all those who show us the incredible respect by seeing the anon insurgency as the next white rose reblooming.

The first video in the following YouTube Playlist is a special tribute to Anonymous who, like their predecessors, oppose the totalitarian, murdering Scientology Corporation. This video was made using the poem, "A White Rose is Blooming", written by YouTuber WBMBacker and is also dedicated to Munich University students, who between 1942 and 1943, formed The White Rose. This heroic group was opposed to the Nazi Party. They were small number of students led by Sophie Scholl, her brother Hans, and their friend Christoph Probst, clandestinely distributed anti-Nazi fliers amongst the other students. They were caught, tried for treason, and executed. They released only six leaflets before they were beheaded by Adolf Hitler.

So the White Rose is a fitting tribute indeed, and thus became the symbol used on The Anonymous White Rose Flag touted by the SanFran Anon faction and featured in the middle video clips along with the pic below. At the San Francisco April 12 Operation Reconnect protest, the local Anon dedicated their White Rose Anonymous flag to Arnie Lerma, one of the great Critics of Scientology who suffered unimaginable persecution by organized scientology over the years. Arnie likewise likens Anonymous to the student-led White Rose movement of Munich, which inspired the effort earlier this year when the epic flag was dedicated in his honor. The later videos in the following playlist memorialized this epic SFraid event and the tribute that it stands for. Then it closes with a musical piece from Nana Mouskouri called "White Rose of Athens" that I dedicated in honor of the brave souls from Munich that lost their lives for the cause they believed in; along with a SanFran Anon tribute song from the flag dedication protest.


by WBMBacker

There was a white rose blooming,
It was planted long ago,
By just young, defiant children
Thrust against an angry flow.

The rose turned red like crimson
As an axe befell their fate
As their silence resonated clear
Their cries were heard too late.

Now, a new white rose is blooming,
Not unlike the one before.
Planted new, again, with young hands,
Once again, at evil's door.

This new rose has strength and power,
Grown from wisdom, knowledge strong,
From it springs a web of knowing,
That this evil sings dark songs.

They've heard resonating silence,
From the souls of those succumbed,
From the ones that went before them,
From the daughters and the sons.

And this white rose, blooming loudly,
Won't forgive, nor will forget,
Screaming wide, it's petals rising,
Spreading wide, its saving net.

See! There IS a white rose blooming,
Wiser still, with youthful roar,
As its brightness keeps is singing,
Till this evil is no more.

"... And the children shall lead them."

I am a teacher, a father and a grandfather. I have been a fireman, a mason and a carpenter. But today...

TODAY and always, I am MOST proud to be anonymous. ~ WBMBacker

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Hive Archivist Log Entry 000.003

Dear sirs;

The encoded affirmation of my previous progress report submitted to intragalactic operation headquarters is hereby acknowledged.

The most recent Anonymous land base demonstration, Operation FairGameStop, was successfully accomplished with much lulz despite having a limited number of foot soldiers available for IRL deployment due to school term final exam season being at hand. Nonetheless, another job well done and the hivemind is actively pursuing ops prep and planning for the next global event when Operation Sea Arrrgh will be activated on earth date June 14th, 2008.

Other smaller albeit pervasive minor ops are also in effect and running concurrent with major public demonstration schedule. Most noteworthy of these include Operation Postcards from Paradise reported in a previously log entry. As well as Operation Dollar Strike II to be covered further in a future entry.

Three imminent concerns lie on the near horizon:

  1. The pending court case in Boston Municipal Court previously reported.
  2. Exploitation of the target's limited reactive measures with a means to end the onslaught of attorney letters alleging false accusations and threatening unsubstantiated legal actions.
  3. A preemptive precedent or two set to establish a basis for eliminating questionable police tactics endured in the initial demonstrations.

The current actions being taken for each of these concerns is as follows:

  1. Prepare for Gregg's day in court and wait to see what happens.
  2. Assigned to special ops for coordinating large scale comm with media field contact teams. See also kindred addendums attached to this report. The Primary law firm drafting said notices has been identified and linked to known communist activity.
  3. Currently under review and advisement welcome.

In regards to the third issue that is still pending an active path of resolution, the intel folders from all relevant incidents has been summarized in the attached media enclosure communique below as per standard long distance stealth ops procedures.

Protest Retaliation: Questionable Police Behavior

In regards to the latest intel reports, sources have revealed organized scientology's next plan of covert fair game attack will be coming in the form of editing video and sound bite clips into more bogus evidence for falsely reporting ongoing Anon efforts as being something other than the peaceful demonstrations we uphold. Same old tricks, new medium and one we both own and already easily defeated early on so this will be such fun.

Additionally, we've been advised their internal media production team has been enlisted in this action of fabricating evidence that keep failing to find legitimate acceptance in the outside world. The same cloistered minions who have long done similar amateur work within the confines of the castle for manipulating press clips into their internal propaganda used to feed the brain washed inmates ongoing doses of DM's manufatured reality. Comm committees, documentation & legal advisors as well as advanced ops planners are all currently collaborating on several well aimed preemptive measures. Expectation is that we will likewise easily exploit this lame attempt at criminal libel to our advantage same as the others, and then have delicious caek! Civil and Federal authorities will all also be notified forthwith and as soon as the full situation briefing documentation is prepared for public disbursement to our rapidly expanding ally network.

In summary, things are hap hap happening all ways around. The hivemind hub has gained 2000 newly registered lurkers & supporters since the last protest alone. We grow, we adapt & evolve, we divide and conquer, reassemble as needed and then covertly annihilate all forms of resistance. Exactly as you advised with all things running according to plan. Furthermore, we are happy to report no major casualties suffered, no effective enemy infiltrations accomplished, and no collateral damage of any significance incurred as of this star date.

The earthbound Anons send eye patches, commodore hats, and toy ships for your ongoing amusements.

Respectfully Yours,

Anonymous Legion, Project Chanology Archivist #2008.00.001


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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Clearwater Businesses Blantantly Snub Crowds of Patrons, Then Bawl, Then FAIL!

Basking in the wake of four months of glorious Anonymous success, there has come an especially bright moment that's all to telling that times are in deed changing. Shawn Lonsdale would be so proud of us if he was still here to enjoy it because the Scilons in Clearwater, FL are more enturbulated than we could have ever imagined in our wildest dreams!!

A brief walk down recent memory lane is in order here, such that the fond memories of this righteous occasion can be preserved in the following uberclimatic pictorial timeline of events for all to know and enjoy whenever they wish.

February 10th Anonymous arrives on the scene for the first Project Chanology Protest on Lisa McPherson's birthday. Approximately 150-200 people show up to protest the Church of Scientology in the cult's own Mecca.

Shortly thereafter, Scientology accuses protesters of threats and cried fowl for a restraining order against repeat violence. This was despite the fact that the first demonstration being entirely peaceful and police took no action whatsoever to indicate otherwise. This bogus request for injunction was, of course, denied. Their petition was flat out rejected for lack of solid arguments. FLUNK. Try Again.

Just prior to the March 15th Raid, there was the fake Scientology bomb scare ends safely incident. Quite funny actually, except it was a damn shame to see the Scilon's waste so much of the city's tax dollars. FLUNK. Try Again.

The Ides of March rolled around and over 100 people showed up for a repeat performance. The ever growing list of alleged threats and false accusations continued, and still bore no merit thus fell on deaf ears with no "official investigation" ever being announced. LRH's Great Grandson even put in a special appearance to celebrate the C0$ prophet's birthday with the Anons during Operation Party Hard in the scilon holy land. Much caek was had by all at this second peaceful protest whose only aim was to bring about public awareness. Little did we know the Scilons would go to such great lengths to further that awareness with showing the world undeniable footbullet examples of just how incessant their ability to lie really is. Once again, local police dealt with no problems.

However, this is when the usual nazi-inspired discrimination started that they seem so fond of. A lame attempt at casting the town they think they own completely backwards in time more than 50 years to coincide with their aged tech in order to segregate free Americans taking advantage of their right to free speech by posting hateful messages on the Scientologist owned business in the downtown area. You would think the local business owners would welcome an extra 100+ people spending money in their facilities. Instead, they all but locked their doors based on the total bias of the cult's false allegations that had amounted to nothing but hot air that the City Council dismissed in minutes. Considering that the whole battle between Scientology vs. Internet is all about free speech, you would think they would start catching on by now that the more they try to suppress our first amendment rights the more dangerous they look to the world at large.

Next thing you know, its April and Operation Reconnection hits the streets once again with approximately 75 people. This time the Anons were speaking out against against the cult's disconnection policy that destroys families along with the other human rights abuses that have plagued the Clearwater base and elsewhere for decades.

As usual, the scilons were stalking the peaceful demonstrators and trying to uphold their "always attack" mentality to protect their totalitarian existence based entirely on falsehoods. But the Anons doesn't afraid of anything, especially not big evil money-making empires that have practically monopolized their own city-state in Clearwater. So what's a poor Scilon to do when they are unable to deny the constitutional rights of a group of free Americans that finds fault with their many crimes? More prejudice, more discrimination, and more Scientologist owned businesses falling on their own sword to sacrifice profit and revenue for the sake of banning the gathered crowds from spending their money in the scilon establishments. It would seem that maybe they need to start fabricating their own money since good old US$ aren't good enough for them.

The never-ending string of unrequited claims of terroristic threats and impending violence kept up all through April and on into May where the focus on their Fair Game practices made the entire situation an ipic irony of lulz. Locals report the no-anon signs weren't quite as prevalent as time went on, but a few still lingered here and there. Seems maybe the local scilon business were starting to miss the money they usually make on a Saturday, or perhaps the downstats at the org were adding up enough that some needed the extra foot traffic the protesters pull in to stay on course. We keep telling them to expect us and that we're not going to stop. But they must be out-comm and not hearing us because before you know out, their back in court to try again! This time the City Council spent two seconds on May 14th before throwing out the petition signed by local scilon businesses complaining that the protests were hurting sales and jeopardizing their livelihood. Gee, perhaps they shouldn't have been so hell bent on turning away crowds of paying customers away if they needed money.

In all fairness, we must admit it was mighty nice of those scilons to give us a list of all their names on that oh so fine petition of theirs! Based on the C0$ long dark history of Black PR, it's comforting to have a list of zealots actively supporting their practices for future reference. After all, intel is always a good thing - never know when it might come in handy.

So both the "no anon" signs AND the petition were lame ploys of the scientologists to try to STOP the anti-scientology protests. Both were based on more lies, no substance, and went nowhere.

FLUNK You Flinched. Followed right up with another FLUNK. Try Again.

Good thing we raised our flag early on and got that out of the way, because we now own Clearwater and the scilons haven't figured that out yet. But please by all means, keep putting up those segregation signs in order to help us easily identify your avid supporters AND enlist the ACLU on our side all the sooner.

Meanwhile, the local non-scilon community began to come together. A community that has long been outnumbered, outmaneuvered and outspent to the point where little hope remained prior to the protests that the occupying forces of hostile cultists would ever be put in their place. They surely had seen enough long ago to know all to well SOMEBODY had to do something. Anonymous has done that magic sumthin-something, so what if they wear masks and act like a roving carnival. Therefore, in response to the underhanded scilon business owners banning together to help withhold knowledge of the church's dirty little secrets, a new alliance is being formed at ScientologyInClearwater.com. This site aims to expose what Scientology is doing in Clearwater and highlight the negative impact it is having on the local community. All local residents, visitors, and businesses who are concerned with ending the takeover of their lovely town are invited to stop by and stay informed on the C0$ current plans, the properties they own, and the businesses that support their campaign to manipulate and control everything insight. Knowledge is a form of freedom, and we encourage the locals to take advantage of the free information featured on this new site until the worldwide anon forces have sufficient time to undo a few things down there that need addressed.

Pay Attention Clearwater Scilons. You are playing right into our hand oh so nicely, and showing your true colors for the entire world to see. THIS is setting a fine example for other communities to recognize all too clearly what happens when the Church of Scientology moves into a downtown area. So Know This: We appreciate your assistance with speeding up the process of exposing you, and can hardly wait to come celebrate operation Sea Arrrgh next month at your precious Land Base! See ya then Mateys!


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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Operation Over the Wall: Postcards from Paradise

In the days of L. Ron Hubbard running the Church of Scientology, members who had been declared a Suppressive Person (aka "SP") were simply thrown out of the cult and subjected to Fair Game if they spoke out too harshly. More often than not, Fair Game was reserved only for the worst critics while former members who left quietly would be punished with Disconnection letters from their friends and family as a last resort for not staying onboard with Church doctrines.

Nowadays, it is much different. David Miscavige has become so afraid of his own high level executives that he vehemently declares people SPs on suspicion alone for the least little infraction. Meanwhile, the lower ranking members this prejudice is inflicted upon are still simply routed out and disconnected in accordance with Scientology's Justice System. Unfortunately, this is not often the case for the organization's top level executives and board members. Miscavige instead locks up those higher risk individuals into a living hell known as the SP Hall when they either screw up badly or begin to show signs of "blowing". To make matters worse, most of these poor imprisoned souls are brainwashed to believe they belong there - that their current lifetime is a total lost cause and that they need the intense “rehabilitation” in order to have any hope of doing better in their next lifetime.

This rehabilitation often occurs at the SP Hall that is reserved only for upper-level executives and located at the "Int Base" or "Gold Base" (otherwise known as Golden Era Productions or the International Base) in Hemet, California. According to several high ranking ex-scientologist who managed to blow before being sentenced to this unlawful imprisonment that occasionally ends in death; David Miscavige does not want anyone to ever leave the Int Base. Seemingly, because they all know too much and could easily bring about the collapse of the organization if they were to come out their hypnotized daze of self-deprecation and speak out like Jesse Prince did in 1998. Thus, when Miscavige no longer wants to deal with a particular executive, or becomes paranoid that they will finally stand up to him, he has them declared an SP and locks them up at Int Base.

People like Heber Jentzsch who do have the legal authority to wrest control of the church away are thus locked up forever. Anonymous decided to make a BIG deal about this at the May 10th rallies since it is a form of internal Fair Game within the church. Tory/Magoo often wonders with great duress why no one who is not trapped in the SP Hall and fully aware of what is happening does anything to get these people out. Our guess is that most are so terrified that they too will end up incarcerated there that they don’t dare say anything. More importantly, it also seems from past incidents that everyone at the Int Base in Hemet has fallen into a kind of Stockholm Syndrome in which they completely identify with the values of their captors, and actually believe that they deserve the treatment they are being given.

Mike Rinder seems to have escaped this internal exile by the seat of his pants. However, his wife is still stuck in the cult and his actions on the outside could easily endanger his chances of ever seeing her again. So it's assumed situations such as this are the real reason behind why those who do break free are not coming forward to denounce the despicable imprisonment policy being enforced internally in the C0$. There is a clip included in the playlist below with Tory talking to an OSA guard about this situation at the April 10th protest in Los Angeles. If you watch the video carefully, it is clear that her information regarding the Cult's highest execs being locked away in a prison camp and trotted out only once in awhile for important events (like Tommy Davis for the recent CNN interview) definitely "got" to him. At the very least, he knew it was true that no one has laid eyes on any of the names Tory mentioned for a long time and he was extremely uncomfortable. Everything Magoo said in that confrontation was recorded on the Cult's security cameras and was hopefully watched by a number of the OSA execs. Obviously, Tory knew this and was trying to "wake them up" with this information. Many anons and former members feel very strongly that more of this "waking up" effort needs to happen with signs and flyers directed at the OSA operatives sent out to watch the protests. We figure if Anonymous can plant a seed of fear in these people that perhaps they too could end up in an "SP Gulag" then more may be encouraged to quietly blow.

Thus, Operation Over the Wall: Postcards From Paradise was born within the ranks of Anonymous to send positive messages on a simple postcard to those being held in the various detention centers. The first mass mailing of these messages coincided with the May 10th Operation Fair Game Stop protest against the Church of Scientology and is still ongoing. The people we are sending these postcards to are very demoralized and would probably claim they are willing there by their own choice when asked. However, it is alleged that if authorities were to see the deplorable conditions they are being held in, it would result in immediate action.

The initial stage of Operation Over The Wall is concentrated on sending short notes with a message of hope to the list of names we've identified as being interred in the SP Hall at Int Base. The idea being to basically flood Int/Gold base with very bright cheery postcards all addressed to the prisoners in the SP Hall, letting them know we're thinking of them, that we are fully aware of their plight and that there's a support group out here waiting for them. We’ve been assured by former OSA officers that if they receive heaps of postcards from around the world, it will cause some kind of reaction. It is possible they may deliver them, which will send a very clear message to those people imprisoned and get them thinking. Just as likely is that they won't deliver them, but will have meetings about the "PR flap". Either way, the rumor line will spread the news around the base that there are friends and support outside the compound that care. This will be BIG NEWS inside because even those not in the SP hall have been cut off from the outside world for years now. The gears will start ticking over with this piece of data and ideally help to bring about the change of mindset needed to want their freedom back. Another possible outcome is that the SP hall will become such an embarrassment that they will have to let the inmates out in fear of the government taking an interest and catching them red handed at their horrific crimes.

Ex-scientologists concerned about the unethical imprisonment of their family and friends have encouraged this effort with an outpouring of sentiments all similar to the following quote from BTs2Free:

Operation "Over The Wall" is going to be a HUGE flap on the base. Probably one of the biggest flaps ever. When David Miscavige finds out that hundreds if not thousands of postcards are coming in to the base from all over the world, to members of the SP Hall as well as to other staff at the base, he's going to go absolutely ape-shit. When he finds out that people are concerned for specific members who are being held prisoner, he's going to realize that the WORD IS OUT THERE. His little prison operation will be foiled.

A later stage of this Operation will focus on sending postcards to those who are locked up as apart of the Rehabilitation Project Force (aka "RPF") once a decent sized list of names is gathered. So far we have one list from an RPF center in California, but are hoping to expand that to include Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Saint Hill Manor and Copenhagen locations. A summary of background details, current operation activity and ongoing promotion for Over The Wall - Postcards From Paradise is shown in the YouTube Playlist below. For additional information on how you can help, follow the title link above the player for the transcript details or any of the "Forum" links at the end of this article.

Operation Over the Wall: Postcards from Paradise to SP Hall

For the anon fans and general public lurkers out there in the virtual world that are wondering what you can do to help support our cause without attending a protest, this is the perfect thing! So don't be shy - a handful of postcards with a note like shown in the videos signed "Anonymous" is small effort you can easily do to add to the thousands we have pouring in to hopefully cause a big impact at some point in the near future. As of the date of this entry, we've sent a Total of 2036 Postcards - and that's just for starters!


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Monday, May 12, 2008

All Hail Operation Fair Game Stop a Huge Success!

Operation Fair Game Stop, for the most part, was yet another stellar success. The Anons suffered a few minor indignities with a police hassle or two, a few of the usual hot-air cease and desist letters, and unexpected scaffolding. The legal wrangling tales will be covered in later entries as more details unwrap. And the scaffolding in Hollywood brought so much more attention as well as comfy shade the lulz there were priceless.

All toll - very good raid - well done Anonymous! The following short couple of clips sums up the conclusion of this operation as well as delivering the official response to all the latest intel. Click on a the title link for full transcript of said response.

May 10th FairGameStop Wrap Up

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Epic Fair Game Stop Speeches from the USA Factions of Anonymous

Let it be known our voices were heard around the global and backyesterday!!! Here's some of the best opening ceremony anon speakers spreading the world from the near side of the pond.

San Francisco, CA

Minneapolis, MN

Freezoner from New York City, NY

Lawrence Wollersheim from Factnet.org San Francisco, CA

Phoenix, AZ

Washington, DC

Want moar? See also: Epic Fair Game Stop Speeches from the Euro & Aussie Contingents of Anonymous as well as Ex-CIA Agent Boris Korczak

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Jason Beghe in San Francisco for Operation Fair Game Stop

During the May 10th Anonymous Protest in San Francisco, shortly after the march around downtown, Jason Beghe showed up for a quick chat and to show his support. The LA Anons had high hopes he was going to show up there, but hey san fran is way cooler!

Welcome to the Legion Mr. Beghe, your support means more than words could ever say. We've been admiring your courage from afar, and can only hope your example helps others to break free from the cult.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dancing Anons Over Here, Dancing Anons Over There. Dancing Anons Everywhere!!

Anonymous boogies down in all corners of the world!

Boston, MA USA


Columbus, OH USA

Washington, DC Longcat is LOOOOONNNNGG

Sydney, Australia

Philadelphia, PA USA

Göteborg, Sweden

San Diego, CA USA

Tottenham Court - London, UK

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One Big, Happy, Worldwide Rick Roll on May 10th

And epic lulz was had by Anonymous all along the way!

Toronto, Canada

St. Louis, MO USA

Sydney, Australia

And lil UK BelAir in the Tube along the way

Tottenham Court - London, UK

Boston, MA USA

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Epic Fair Game Stop Speeches from the Euro & Aussie Contingents of Anonymous

Let it be known our voices were heard around the global and back today!!! Here's some of the best opening ceremony anon speakers spreading the world from the far side of the pond.

Melbourne, Australia

London, UK

Sydney, Australia


Brisbane, Australia

Halifax, UK

Want moar? See also: Epic Fair Game Stop Speeches from the USA Factions of Anonymous

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Ex-CIA Agent Boris Korczak Attends the May 10, 2008 Protest

Wise Secret Agent Man was true to his word and showed up in Washington, DC today to lend his support to Anonymous in their 4th EPIC WIN Worldwide Protest. Boris is soooo coool. More great speeches & vids from today's festivities soon to follow.

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Parting Words Before Operation Fair Game Stop

In the final days before the Anonymous Protest on May 10th, Marc Bunker and Tory Magoo plus others offered a few words of inspiration included in the YouTube Playlist below. Forward March Troops, yet another day of epic win is on the horizon after a monumental week of major cracks opening up in Church of Scientology facade on multiple levels!!

May 10th Operation Fair Game Stop is HERE


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Friday, May 9, 2008

In Memory of Shawn Londsdale - The Founding Father of Cult Watch Raids

As the Anonymous protesters prepare for their fourth epic picket on May 10th that focuses on the long standing fair game practices that the Church of Scientology hides behind, it's only fitting we take a step back and reflect on a true hero of the cause - Shawn Lonsdale.

Shawn was a videographer and prominent critic of the Co$ who is now hailed as the undeniable poster child representing the true meaning of a 'one man crusade'. He took a bold and relentless stand, albeit a short-lived one, in the scilon mecca of Clearwater, FL beginning in mid 2006. Lonsdale had originally set out to film a documentary on homeless people, but in my own personal opinion, a divine fate stepped in and changed the course of his life. After a chance encounter at a City Council meeting, Shawn began researching the vast amount of online material made available by other critics and ex-members who had been persecuted by the cult's fair game policy for decades. Just like with the hordes of new-anons who are becoming aware of the facts, the crimes, and the suppression of human rights - Shawn became both outraged and inspired to do something about it. He began filming footage of Scientologists going about activities in Clearwater, established a web site, and aired edited footage on a local public access cable TV station.

As to be expected, the cult began trying to silence Shawn with their fair game practices, their terroristic attack methods, and the usual criminal acts their so widely known for. But Shawn didn't give up until the last months of his life. For more than a year he persevered the typical onslaught of private investigators stalking him, bogus litigation and the neighborhood flyer brigades spreading the usual hateful and malicious libel that distorted some questionable aspects of his past. He did indeed have a questionable past, but unlike the organization he was fighting that has an even more despicable past - he never lied about it, denied it, nor tried to hide his past. However, in the bigger scheme of all things wrong in this world; many rebelious rich kids get into a whole lot more trouble than Shawn ever did from the usual college campus shenanigans, yet still go on to lead long productive lives. Therefore, this was just another tragic example in the endless string of evil acts now spanning decades that proves the Co$ spares no expense when it comes to harming people who pose a threat to their revenue stream.

Needless to say, Shawn Lonsdale's fearless in-your-face campaign made him public enemy number one for the church. He was featured in an investigative report by John Sweeney of the BBC Panorama series in what is now known as the most infamous failure of the C0$ to hide their no-holds barred fair game policy. A policy that aims to destroy all who stand in the way of their scam to "clear the planet" and take control of the world by any means possible. Shawn was found dead in his home at the age of 39 in what was officially ruled as a suicide on May 8th, 2008. The date of his death was determined to have been three days prior to when he was found, February 16th, 2008. A mere six days after the first Anonymous protest. He had seemingly abandoned his quest to make the truth about this dangerous cult become widely known in his final days. The fair game campaign to destroy his life for speaking out against the many wrongs of the Co$ can be presumed (by the uninformed) to have possibly gotten the best of him. It is unknown by this humble Archivist whether or not he had even heard of the Anon uprising, but nonetheless we embrace his memory and recognize him as the one who initially laid down the path the chanology chapter of anons now follow.

Yes, the Tom Cruise leaked video ignited the fire that sparked the war. However, the death of Shawn Lonsdale and the history of the relentless fair game attacks against him and all the other outspoken critics such as Gerry Armstrong, Arnie Lerma, and many more now serves as an unending source of fuel that keeps that fire not only burning but growing larger and stronger every day. Meanwhile, the cult faithfully stays true to form with seeking the usual malignant vengence against the thousands of people stepping forward to take Shawn's place to continue on in his enlightened footsteps and in an ongoing testament to his most honorable actions. Except that this time around, there is too many of us to stop and too many ex-scientologists willing to speak out about how they've been fair gamed in the past, to ever let this new found global awareness fade into the past.

We know all too well that there is no deed or action being too low, too vile, or too evil when it comes to this so-called church enforcing it's fair game policy to silence the anti-scientology advocates. However, unlike Shawn - we do not stand alone. Our voices are not being silenced. Our message is not being isolated and eliminated. And even though we have no one single leader guiding our efforts, we do have our own psuedo-messiah that keeps our faith strong and keeps those seeking more than the glory of lulz on the path to rightousness. A messiah in name alone who leads us in spirit and remembrance known as Shawn Lonsdale and the undeniable truth of our real intentions lies in this unfailing source of inspiration left behind in the wake of his tragic death. We Will Nevar Forget! And many of us (not all) do not believe his death was suicide, but rather that it was murder plain and simple. Whether done in by the actual hands of the scientology goon squad as many believe, or otherwise, doesn't really matter... the cause of death is clear and simple: Fair Game Policy at its absolute worst.

Shawn Londsdale - The Founding Father of Cult Watch

When evil prevails good men pay the price to stop it.

Shawn may no longer be around in a physical sense and his website at scienotimes.com is gone. But his death was not in vain. His decency and morals led him to research the facts and investigate the issues, which in turned inspired him to act despite having no direct personal issue at stake. Anonymous inadvertently did likewise for a completely different reason, but found the same inspiration he did and continues to encourage others to do the same. Shawn brandished a camera and the internet as his weapons of choice. As of this date, a simple YouTube search for anonymous + scientology yields 14,300 videos publicly available and the growing list of websites indexed on the sidebar of this blog extends that small sliver of digital reality even further.

Shawn's most notorious technique was to stand across from the Clearwater center every day, weapons in hand, and a sandwich sign at his side that read "Cult Watch * Now Filming *". Random acts of anon now occur everyday around the world in the form of cult watches, flash raids, mini raids, and chalk raids in this same spirit utilized by the Legendary Master Mr. Lonsdale sir himself.

Lonsdale also assisted in the effort started by others before him to bring forth the secret documents of the church in order to expose their corrupt policies for all to see. Meanwhile, the Project Chanology Leaked Dox effort championed by Anonymous has a page count in the thousands.

So yes, the anons were deprived of embracing Shawn's past deeds of greatness IRL. We were denied the opportunity to shake his hand and congratulate him on his few but well placed solo wins. But we have absorbed the wisdom of his past acts into the hivemind, and we will continue on with his fight even though he was disallowed to see the big difference he truly made. So let there be no doubt Shawn is still with us in spirit and will forever hold an esteemed place in our ranks.

Where there once stood a lone warrior in a single place, now stands over 9,000 people encompassing the globe. A legion of activists who have all sworn to never forgive and never forget. You live on with us Shawn, and we will finish what you started so help us God.


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Ninemsn.au Features Indepth Look at Anonymous

Another great major media WIN was earned on May 8th, 2008 when the National Nine News in Australia featured a story entitled "The internet pranksters who started a war" along with additional material referenced at the end of this post. THIS is a must-read, must-digg, must-flock set of three articles for all those following along with the Project Chanology campaign because it's the first significant coverage that took the time to relay a good solid introduction to What Is Anonymous.

Excellent job is excellent ninemsn!! Even if you did somewhat miss covering the details regarding the more important moralfag issues (aside from lulz) that lies behind why we protest. But hey PR is PR. Thank you so much for this fine piece of journalism, it is so encouraging to see the world at large finally becoming interested!

The footage from the primary pranster article reposted on YouTube compliments of the ever diligent and oh-so-awesome vidwizard doyle6315 is featured below for your viewing pleasure. Follow the title link instead to view original HD version on MSN.

Seeking the Truth about Anonymous


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Thursday, May 8, 2008

CNN broadens awareness for the May 10th Picket against Fair Game

Yesterday morning, the Anon protesters and critics were treated to an enormous gift. Woohoo Major Media is finally beginning notice!!! CNN's John Roberts interviewed Scientologist Chief PR goon Tommy Davis and discussed the ongoing Anonymous Protests as well as their ubiquitous Disconnection practices we protested against last month. Tommy did a wonderful little tap dance all around the esteemed early morning anchorman's well prepared line of questioning while shooting himself with a goodly number of footbullets in between his many lies. This was prefaced by an additional report by Kareen Wynter specifically discussing the ongoing protests.

Thank you very much Mr. Roberts and Ms. Wynter for having the courage to ask the tough questions, you both did a damn fine job on this and have become honorary members of Anonymous' hall of fame & great respect. Plus, let's not forget proper recognition for the CNN brass allowing this to be aired - we know all to well how malicously the press has been persecuted by Scientology for the least little thing. So your 1o0 free internets and cake is on its way!! This is exactly what the US Anons needed to catch up with the euro anons who are way ahead on the media coverage front. We couldn't have asked for better exposure with one more day to go until the next worldwide protest against Scientology's Fair Game Policies.

The following short little YouTube Playlist covers the latest news on this next operational front scheduled for Saturday. Here's hoping the CNN interview on the American Morning show was only the start of what is yet to come from media coverage of this weekend's protest. The tides are turning. times are changing, and a catalyst is sure to come before this year is done. My prediction - Time Magazine nominates Anonymous as man of the year and it's all down hill from there for the Co$ tyranny that has reigned unchecked for far too long.

May 10th Operation Fair Game Stop


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