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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Scientology Desperately Seeks to Suppress the Truth... AGAIN!!

The world's most successful scam religion is attempting - yet again - to suppress the truth about their many human rights abuses.

On Oct. 31, Irish publisher Merlin released “The Complex,” in which John Duignan, identified as “a former high-ranking member” of the church in Britain, describes his “dramatic escape” from its “elite para-military group,” the Sea Organization. Five days later, Cruise dropped by Amazon’s Seattle headquarters to glad-hand staffers and host a sneak peek at his new movie, “Valkyrie.” -- NY Daily News

A book critical of the so-called "most ethical group on the planet" has been released you say? Heh... here we go again this anon and many others say.

The usual rounds of vindictive attacks and revenge litigation has already begun. Such is the norm for the scilons when their crimes come to light. Now that the media has begun paying attention to this story, it's a certainty that the next step on behalf of the crime syndicate will be unleashing the typical mountains of false accusations as per other sacred doctrine of a group who belligerently calls themselves a 'church'.

If the nasty culties stay true to form, as prescribed in the boatload of arcane policy letters that is likewise sacred if it was written by LRH... This phase will be closely followed up with outright threats leveraged against an outspoken victim by exploiting whatever pyscho-babble dirt they can scrape from the poor man's dianetics counseling files. And they call us anons trolls?? Hmmmm.

Sadly enough, this despicable behavior is all too familiar: The Scandal of Scientology by Paulette Cooper, A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack, Messiah or Madman by Brent Corydon, and many more. Been there, done that... and in the end the cult still FAILED to suppress the truth.

Anybody who speaks out against the scientology organization is automatically an enemy is another one of their basic principles of faith that dictates that they must stop at nothing to destroy all perceived enemies through whatever delusional means they deem necessary. Funny how they never bother to defend their positions or views when this happens; despite their so-called expertise in Communication courses.

However, unlike the many persecuted authors and ex-scientologists of the past who revealed the atrocities they encountered while being a member of Scientology - this time is different. This time, John has a legion behind him and an ever-growing number of similarly abused former members speaking out as well.

It has been over a month now since John Duignan's book was first released. So let there be no doubt, despite John's tenacity to wisely keep his cards close to the chest, Fair Game 101 has definitely commenced by now. The cult's goon squad should be fully lubed and loaded for dirty lawfare tricks and targeted harrassment. Everybody stand back while the dementia brigades from the Office of Special Affairs (aka "OSA") storm onto the scene and make their usual attempts to "handle the flap".

The following vid expresses how Anonymous feels about the whole situation.

In this particular case, the flap at hand for the scientology cult is that John's book exposes the horrors he experienced first hand as a high-level scientologist. This non-fictional account details how badly John suffered (on many different levels) from the cult's inhuman policies and never-ending human rights abuses.

The release of this damning expose means the inevitable smear campaign full of false accusations will surely be launched towards John in the imminent future. I recommend all lurkers & sympathizers of the anti-scientology movement keep lots of popcorn handy because this time around should be quite entertaining to watch considering that the world-at-large no longer sees Scientology in the same light it used too. Thus, the brave publishers continue to defy Scientology’s attempts to bully them.

The following letter is from John to Anonymous, expressing his thanks for the fervent current of electrified activism that is speaking out against this evil organization from all corners, and helping him to do his part to fight back against these abuses.

To you Anonymous

Thank you to the individuals and the collective that created the newest video on the banning of my book.

I consider myself part of your movement and I care deeply about your commitment to achieving the end of that cult.

'The Complex' is my testimony, it says what it says and of course it could have been said better, but it is out there and it is creating a stir.

Let me be quite clear, it would not have happened without Anonymous being there and it would not have gotten the attention it is receiving without your efforts and backing.

Let me restate a fundamental point:

Scientology is engaged in the daily violation of fundamental human rights.

It is a parasite living off of our free democratic and open society, its sole intention is to suck as much finance and power as it can from these societies before subverting them to its own totalitarian regime.

Scientology perverts human rights, you may have heard of YHRI the Youth For Human Rights front group? It gets regular hearings from the UN, it promotes the human rights activist, L. Ron Hubbard.

Free democracies such as England, Australia, Denmark and the US host Sea Org bases, where the cult operates illegal prison camps.

I witnessed the incarceration and subsequent attempted suicide of Alice. This lovely 19 year found that she could not escape the RPF, at least her body couldn't, but she figured that her spirit could. She swallowed a bottle of paint thinner and jumped off a roof.

The Scientology PR office successfully covered up the event.

Stacy Moxon was 19 when she died on the Sea Organisation base in California.

There has been no investigation into the deaths, no cult officers have been prosecuted for failure in matters of duty of care.

The cult carries on.

I love my new found freedom, I love learning and growing, but each day I remain acutely aware of the manipulative hold the cult maintains on its members and its ongoing and incessant attempts to gain political and legislative power through the corruption of MPs, Senators and police.

We can't fight that, but we can make known what we know, we can shine light on the cult and one day great justice will be done.

Don't give up, your kids will thank you.

Let us not ever be silenced.

John Duignan,
Author of 'The Complex'
"They stole my freedom, now I am stealing it back"

Thanks Anonymous.

While sale of “The Complex” has been blocked in the UK, it is locally available in Ireland and can be ordered online via Easons.ie Books for international delivery. Amazon.com US currently has an un-stocked listing that will supposedly be available at some point in the near future, despite the listing being temporarily removed prior to the press widely reporting the suspicious timing of a Tom Cruise visit to Amazon headquarters.

If you wish to help make sure Amazon realizes the significant demand for this publication, make sure you add the unavailable book to your shopping cart to help secure enough pre-orders to guarantee future availability. Another extremely helpful action to take a stand against the suppression of truth is to go to your local franchise bookstores with the author's name, title, and ISBN 1903582849 and inquire if they can order it for you in the hopes of getting additional stock on the shelves.

If all of the above tactics fail or you lack the patience to wait for a backorder, the book can be ordered directly from its publisher Merlin Publishing. Merlin Publishing can be contacted by phone (+35 314 535866) or through their website: http://www.merlinwolfhound.com.

Pay Attention Amazon.com Customers. The Cult of Greed has a pervasive nature when it comes to leveraging the interests of their commercial enterprise to be aligned with the interests of other commercial enterprises. Don't let their fake Hollywood image fool you, pay attention to where you buy your reading material and judge for yourself whether your bookseller cares about their customers interests or do they bend over for an oppressive cult just to protect their profits?


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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Germany Convenes International Meeting to Discuss Scientology Threat

As reported in a recent indybay.org article and elsewhere:

Germany’s Department of Interior Affairs convened a 3 hour seminar on September 4th regardng Scientology. The meeting, called "This is Scientology! Reports from the USA" was held in Hamburg. Unlike the situation in the US where it has "religion" status, Scientology in Germany is considered to be a "Threat to Democracy" and ranked alongside Islamic extremism.

read more | digg story

This indybay article listed above by Dr. Lily features a nice summary of the event, for more details and extended raid reports check out the Enturb.org discussion thread under Anonymous invited to anti-Co$ event "THIS IS SCIENTOLOGY!" in Hamburg

Some early video highlights include the following two short clips with Anons commandering the podium afterward for lulz, and a member of the general public bitch slapping a creepy OSA agent that was stalking the protesters out on the street

English Transcript of Germad News Clip

Photo Slideshows are featured below. Dutchfags professionally recorded the proceedings and once the footage and will featured in a later post on this blog once it becomes available.

Find more photos like this on Anonymous Project Chanology Hamburg

Anti Co$ Event on September 4 in Hamburg, Germany

04.09.2008 - Das ist Scientology!

Anonymous protesters were represented from near and far, and there was also a series of epic flash raids in the days following the event as featured in the following slideshow.


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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Behold the Victims of Scientology Beliefs

Scientologists desperately try to claim the internet protesters speaking out against their corrupt practices and manipulative schemes are religious bigots and make false accusations that we terrorize them as well as other religions. As with most of their claims of any significance, this is a BOLD FACED LIE TWICE OVER.

The first half of the lie is that we are not bigots. The Anonymous activists are merely unconventional devotees of truth and justice, who care deeply about basic human rights while refusing to tolerate a commercial enterprise selling a twisted charade that ultimately hurts people in more ways than one.

The second half of the lie is that we actually protest NO religions whatsoever because once you strip away all the lies and false promises that the Church of Scientology hides behind, the only thing left is few simple self-improvement techniques that are used as weapons of mass manipulation instead of being applied as mechanisms of self-help.

A religion is defined as "a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, usually involving devotional and ritual observances." Scientology was originally marketed as "the study of advanced dianetics: the science of mental health" albeit that didn't fly very well in the public eye since they purposely avoid scientific techniques, established clinical standards, and open forms academic study. Nowadays, the meaning of the word "scientology" is defined as meaning "the science of knowing how to know" which implies a methodology of learning how to think rather than a system of beliefs based on principles of faith.

"Scientology has opened the gates to a better World. It is not a psycho-therapy nor a religion. It is a body of knowledge which, when properly used, gives freedom and truth to the individual."
- L. Ron Hubbard, Original 1953 publication of "THE CREATION of HUMAN ABILITY", before it was edited out in the 1971 edition.

A real religion does not discriminate against non-believers or lesser abled people, nor manipulate support with a overly zealous commercial enterprise that employs dubious tactics. However, organized scientology promotes itself as "Making the Able More Able" and structures its entire organization into massive profit centers that hide behind an litigious corporation that has mastered the art of religious cloaking.

A truly humanitarian cause does not ignore the sentiments of charity and humility as a normal human emotion. Similarly, an honorable church does not rank the state of having no sympathy as one that carries a higher emotional value than truly heartfelt states of having pity for those less fortunate. A respectable system of beliefs does not belittle grief and fatal illness, nor discourage wanting to make amends for your past wrongs. Yet one of the core beliefs of scientology is the Tone Scale, which ranks ALL of these normal human emotions as less than desirable rather than as hallmarks of decency and goodness.

"There are only two answers for the handling of people from 2.0 down on the Tone Scale, neither one of which has anything to do with reasoning with them or listening to their justification of their acts. The first is to raise them on the Tone Scale by un-enturbulating some of their theta by any one of the three valid processes. The other is to dispose of them quietly and without sorrow."
- L. Ron Hubbard, SCIENCE OF SURVIVAL, p. 170

An honest path to spiritual enlightenment does not include reprogramming the language you use, or using meditation to the point of sensory deprivation. Positive self improvement is not fostered by performing repetitive exercises that replace normal human reaction with confrontational behaviors. Yet the cult of scientology replaces the acts of prayer and reflection that are held sacred by god-fearing religions, with acts of mind numbing Training Routines that drill all of these negative impacts into their members psyche while fracturing their conscience mind in order to suppress basic human emotions. How can one be enlightened while being conditioned into a mindset that is unfeeling and unresponsive?

"There is no more ethical group on this planet than ourselves."
- L. Ron Hubbard, KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING ("KSW"), February 1965, reissued August 1980

A ministry that caters to a message of personal salvation is typically built on a foundation of charity, compassion, and forgiveness. Scientology sells salvation for a fee, deems the less fortunate as unworthy, plus retaliates against all dissent with vengeful accusations and total severance. Religion should be a vessel for greater understanding and acceptance, and not used as an amphitheater for fostering conspiracy theories nor used as a tool for parishioner manipulation.

With this many contradictions, delusions, and coercive tactics built into the infrastructure of the organization's practices, the end result is that the cult's system of beliefs is nothing but a conduit for mass corruption. This corruption has reigned unchecked for too many years. This corruption has festered and rotted while destroying the lives of too many former members and ex-scientologists for far too long. The rapidly growing list of victim testimonials can not be ignored; the suffering and loss can no longer be hidden.

"Therefore we really do have the remedy before the assault weapon is produced. Did you ever read poor old George Orwell's uh.. 1984? Yes, yes, that's wonderful. That would be, could be, the palest imagined shadow of what a world would be like under the rule of the secret use of Scientology with no remedy in existence."
- L. Ron Hubbard, Philadelphia Doctorate Course Tape 20 (Course Transcript)

The ongoing Chanology Protests has built a platform for the victims' voices to be heard and the stories of real life horrifying experiences is being told. The time has come to vindicate the victimized and acknowledge the evil empire lurking in our midst. The voices of the ex-scientologists say it all, and the many victims like those featured in the following YouTube Playlist is ultimately why many Anonymous Protestfags say "We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget."

Never Forget The Victims of Scientology

An ethical practice of religious beliefs should aim for the betterment of the basic human condition for all people; be it in this lifetime, the afterlife, or a person's next lifetime. Whereas the practices of organized scientology vehemently aims to victimize their members for the sole betterment of the organization with complete disregard for the moral standards of decency for humanity as a whole.

A sincere religion offers charitable acts of compassion and aid for victims of circumstances beyond one's control. Scientology only offers a path of deceptive practices that leads to a bridge of falsehood with the ultimate goal of making its victims sacrifice their livelihoods and sanity for the sake of protecting the greater evil of the organization's true nature.

Religious doctrines that are worthy of making self sacrifes for should generate hope and caring amongst believers, and not leave a wide trail of victims in it's wake like scientology does with their practices of immoral manipulation and depraved indifference to the basic human condition that mankind is not meant to be a perfect being.

Therefore, the victims of scientology prove beyond a doubt that the only bigotry the Anonymous protesters are guilty of is that of loathing the practices of an EVIL CULT that advocates an inhuman means to an end by using well honed dark arts of deception and coercion.

These dark arts are the secret uses of scientology LRH bragged about, and are not in anyway shape or form the "ethical system of beliefs" this controversial church claims them to be.

The truth of the matter is that the cult's systematic indoctrination processes represent the corrupt practices of a ruthless crime syndicate. It is not our cross to bear if the virtual lobotomy of their reactive minds renders them emotionally incapable of sorting out the difference between tenets of religious belief and a insidious interpretation of totalitarian principles.


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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Epic Speeches & Interviews from August 16th Anonymous Protest

Here's a video showcase from the 7th Global Protest on August 16th. This month's Anonymous Picket featured a variety of themes ranging from Cult Fiction to Party Harder, and the following clips highlight the epic speeches and interviews captured by protesters from around the world.

Washington, DC - Some Old Guy & Heidi

Vancouver, Canada - Moronymous Interviews Exscn

Hollywood, CA - Zorro's Speech

Toronto, Canada - Old Guard SP Debates Pre-clear

San Jose, CA - Anon Testimonial

Sydney, Australia - Scientologist debates Anons about OTIII

Sydney, Australia - Anonville (July 26) Opening Speech

Munich, Germany - Speakin de Deutsch Speeches

Manchester, UK - Disconnected Families Seek Answers

Manchester, UK - Opening March & Closing Remarks

Worldwide Recap by Anonanagi

For More Coverage of this protest, see Anonymous vs. Scientology, 7th Global Protest a Grand Success!

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Anonymous vs. Scientology, 7th Global Protest a Grand Success!

The Summer of Lulz climaxed in all it's delicious glory yesterday with the latest global protest against the destructive cult practices of organized scientology. Hordes of masked and unmasked Anonymous protesters and concerned citizens once again joined forces with Ex-scientologists, Former members raised in the cult and Old Guard critics to raise worldwide public awareness.

The August 16th demonstrations were tentatively planned for over 130 cities around the globe, with post-game reports for 81 cities being recorded on the centralized forum at Enturbulation.org as of 24 hours after the close of typical protesting timeframe on the USA West coast.

This month's theme was a diversified grab bag of various concepts that was orchestrated differently in various locations. Many anons marched the pure lulz path of either a second installment of Operation Party Hard or under the guise of Chanology Reclamation Project for unifying moar with our roots and remembering the true spirit of where the movement started. Other anons embraced Operation Cult Fiction, which included a smorgasboard of smaller topics related to the ever growing list of scientology lies. While other regional cells winged it with Operation Push Button Receive Bacon, or embraced their own localized themes in tune with other local events. The diversity in topics targeted in different areas was rather refreshing and offered a little bit of everything for everybody, just like the diversity found within multitudes of scientology's crimes.

The biggest buzz following this month's global picket is by far the Tommy Gorman in San Francisco incident. Gorman was assaulted and a scilon was arrested, with the added twist of local police officer informing Tommy that there was an Assistant District Attorney inside the org seemingly offering legal counsel to the attacker on how best to counter the arrest with the inappropriate lawfare retailation that organized scientology is already infamous known for, and a nice dose of political corruption thown in on the side. The following vid tells the sordid tale of this event.

A random sampling of stunning photos from this latest chapter of the ongoing crusade against the many controversies of scientology are highlighted below. As usual, additional posts will be made on this blog over the next day or so featuring the Legendary Speeches & Interviews.

Berlin , Germany

Clearwater, FL - Never Forget Shaun Lonsdale

St. Louis, Missouri

Tustin, CA - Wise Beard Man on the Scene

Sydney, Australia

Toronto, Canada

London, UK

Amsterdam, The Netherlands - OG Karin Spaink dons a mask!

UPDATE: For More Coverage of this protest, see Epic Speeches & Interviews from August 16th Anonymous Protest


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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Scientology Mandates Attacks On Their Critics

One of the most unsettling aspects of the corrupt practices of organized scientology is their strictly enforced policies that foster an attack mentality. There has been a great deal written over the decades regarding the never ending list of lies and falsehoods perpetuated by L. Ron Hubbard that scientologist consider sacred because the person they worship as their "source" wrote them. These lies are blatantly apparent and extremely laughable to the average person (aka "raw meat") who has not become numb to normal common sense and human emotions due to being subjected to extensive brainwashing techniques.

Thus it is no surprise they continually avoid openly discussing their beliefs and vehemently insist that their upper level doctrines can not possibly be comprehended without thousands of hours of auditing, and tens of thousands of dollars of training. These facts alone practically scream "deception" while underscoring many other ominous concerns related to the long term effects of applying their pseudo-science and other arcane processes that are hailed as planet-saving dogma.

So it really shouldn't be a surprise that this devious crime syndicate also applies strict adherence to policies of always attacking their critics with whatever it takes to eliminate any scrutiny and avoid defending their own beliefs. However, it's still utterly shocking to me that an organization that calls itself a "religion" categorically defines any and all criticism as undeniable proof that the person leveling the criticism is a criminal. This creates one of the many contradictions within their belief system that doesn't make rational sense as shown in quoted sources below.

We of the Church believe:
[...]That all men have inalienable rights to their own defense;
[...]That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others;
[...]And that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly. (Hubbard, The Creed of the Church of Scientology, 1954)

"NEVER agree to an investigation of Scientology. ONLY agree to an investigation of the attackers. Start Investigating them promptly for FELONIES or worse using our own professionals. Start feeding lurid, blood, sex, crime actual evidence on the attacker to the press." (Hubbard, "Attacks on Scientology", HCO Policy Letter of 25 Feb 1966)

"The DEFENSE of anything is UNTENABLE. The only way to defend anything is to ATTACK. Whether it is in terms of personal conversation, public debate, or a court of law... The purpose of the suit is to harass and discourage rather than to win. The law can be used very easily to harass, and enough harassment on somebody who is simply on the thin edge anyway, will generally be sufficient to cause his professional decease. If possible, of course, ruin him utterly." (Hubbard, "The Scientologist: A Manual on Dissemination of Material" Ability, March 1955)

"Attackers are simply an anti-Scientology propaganda agency so far as we are concerned. They have proven they want no facts and will only lie no matter what they discover. So BANISH all ideas that any fair hearing is intended and start our attack with their first breath. Never wait. Never talk about us - only them. Use their blood, sex, crime to get headlines. Don't use us." (Hubbard, "Attacks on Scientology", HCO Policy Letter of 25 Feb 1966)

The following film from Anonymous highlights the cult's attack mentality against peaceful protesters that speak out about the many injustices of this criminal organization. This serves as a very small sampling of their extremely unethical behavior in regards to their obsession of covering up their deceptive practices while vehemently denying their own executive level corruption.

Handling Criticism: Scientology In Action volume 1
from HiveMind Films on Vimeo.

Any organization willing to go these to these extremes with a complete lack of conscience surely has a vast amount to hide. Is it no wonder there is global movement speaking out about their dangerously abusive policies and hiding behind masks to protect their identity?


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Friday, August 1, 2008

Cult Watch & Flash Raid Fun - Chapter 2

Alas mateys, the time is a tad bit overdue for the next installment of the Cult Watch Mini Raid Series on this here blog. I try to do these once a month but I'm pushing two months this time. Things are spontaneously combusting on so many fronts this past month it's getting harder to keep up.

However, this next segment of flash raid WINS are so deliciously rich surely they were fated to be savored abit in order to take their proper place amongst the marcabian assault tracklist of legendary landmarks in the ongoing crusade of Anonymous vs. organized scientology.

Cult Watch - Flash Raids Are Such Fun! (Chapter 2)

For Full Screen Stream of these vids, Click Here.

The YouTube Playlist featured above showcases what is dam well likely to be some of the greatest flash raids & cult watch moments of the campaign to end the cult so far! We pick up where I left off at the end of May on the last episode, and cover the following sampling of memorable occaisions after opening with an introspective look at how things are going in the bigger picture from the Toronto Citadel.

  • On of the PlymouthScientology Cult Watch raids before Stu Wyatt was unjustly persecuted by local police under the influence of scientology dead agenting practices. Fortunately though, the latest news on Stu is that his actions to press criminal charges have commenced to proceed in what looks to be a positive direction despite the oddity of his damage footage of scilon tactics being mysteriously yanked from youtube the day before he meant with the local authorities.

  • Jason Beghe joins NYC anons to personally call out Carmichael's now infamous "I Smell Puthy" fail remark.

  • Epic East Grinstead Raid with spontaneous lulz & infinite WIN compliments of OG who inpired a grand walk around the war memorial and on to Saint Hill.

  • At look at one of the many ThetanAss legendary nights on the town with socal crew, a compratriot who has gracefully bowed out of the fight in recent days due to unfortunate drama and other things and remembered here with full marcabian honors.

  • DC Anons encounter a "clear" on the street and get the poor misguided soul to admit she's not so clear after all.

  • Paying a visit to Stress Test Tent in DC the day after the 9000 Man March national event.

There is just so many special downstat moments constantly happening in major cities around the world that include the momental occaisons above as well asschalk-tastic adventures, closing down events, heckling the stress testers, bullbaiting OSA, and dancing in the steets.

Let there be no doubt that despite a few minor bumps in the road Anonymous is working hard these days! We're starving the bases from outside on the street by circumventing their daily commercial enterprise profits, as well as paving the way for unhappy members to realize freedom can be had on the outside such that the outflux of ex-members continually grows everyday.


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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Summer of Lulz Weekend Full of Regional Scientology Raids

July has seemingly become a non-stop trip of glorious global dancing around the scilon rabbit hole for Anonymous protesters taking a stand against the destructive cult of organized scientology. It's rather fascinating to watch from afar considering the numbers attending the global monthly protests are down, yet with the number of events and venues growing in leaps and bounds we're actually greatly expanding both the reach of our message and the amount of public support openly embracing it.

The following local and regional events all took place this weekend, primarily on Saturday, July 26, and with much success. Each of these phenomenal raids are of their own special significance and really do deserve their own separate post. However, all these bigger-than-usual efforts going on addition to the usual hot spot flash raids in places such as LA, NYC, Saint Hill and even Narconon Georgia made for alot of stuff to report on in a single day. Hopefully these short summaries will fill the void till other sites and media outlets start picking up some moar media coverage slack.

Marcab Invasion of San Diego Comic-con 2008

San Diego is home to one of the largest gatherings in the United States, known as San Diego Comic-Con. Patrons come from all over the globe to attend this four day event, and it typically boasts attendance of more than one hundred thousand people, with expected attendance in 2008 of 125,000 people or more.

Operation Marcab Invasion was Anonymous' plan to reach as many people as possible by exploiting this ingenius local venue. Regular raid activities were happening outside with the usual spreading of fliers and cards while a few anons in masks roamed around inside the convention. One moment of truly precious irony was that V masks were being sold a mere 2 booths down from the Galaxy Press booth that was promoting the scilon pulp fiction trash. Such an epic win was had in so many ways it's hard to summarize. But not to be overlooked is that plans are well underway for launching our own anon comic book to commemorate this grand occasion!

Here are a few of the highlights from this local event, plus check out the kindred references listed at the end of this post for related discussion threads.

XenuBarb Interview on StreetFreaks.tv

Operation Anonville, Sydney Australia

Anonville Sydney was a major win, great atmosphere and lots of enturbulation was had for this national gathering of aussie anon. In the days before the raid, a new chief of police tried to restrict our efforts severely based on the usual false accusations made by scientology in regards to our ongoing efforts ever being anything but peaceful protests.

Fortunately, after some negotiation things were sorted out. The truth prevailed such that the new chief of police eventually seen the light and it all went smoothly. In fact, the overall police presence was fairly light. Therefore, a special shout out of thanks goes to the crime syndicate representatives in Sydney who did us such a fantastic favor by showing the police chief their true colors! Once again, scilons do our offensive work for us by setting such a fine example for future reference that their accusations are not to be taken seriously, unless of course your looking for lulz.

Anons from various cities joined together with Sydfags and visited both the Castlereagh St org and the Glebe org. They had two epic PAs plus boomboxes, caek, thousands of fliers handed out and apparently even got a thumbs up from a Scilon looking out through the window of the org. The Scilons were up to their usual black PR fliering as shown in the following video clips. There was also a few trouble spots with non-scilons, but nothing that wasn't handled such that no significant interuption of the raid derailed their well laid plans. Additional highlights are included below with links to related discussion threads & media coverage is indexed at the end of this post.

Enturbulating at Pitt St

Anonville Sydney Australia- Clam caught out

For additional photos on Flickr see Anonville: July 26 set and sydanon's photostream.

Epic Midwest Regional Raid in Chicago, USA

Amerifags gathered in chi-town from at least six different states for extending the summer of lulz festivities in an escapade on Saturday that began in Millenium Park and then continue on downtown. The following excerpt from a raid report on Enturbulation.org sums up the day nicely.

As usual, Millenium Park protesting was win, win, and more win. Flower-giving was win. Acapella Rick Rolls while Segway'd park security facepalmed at the chalk on the walkway was win. (Even Rick Astley couldn't soften his his heart, as he was pretty grumpy about that.) "Why Can't We Be Friends" singing and Minneapolis group shouts were epic. Chicago's very own Epic Photo Guy is always win. Crazy flexible guy entertained the masses, got a ton of people to listen to our message, and contributed to a real party atmosphere.

At one point, this older gentleman with an accent came up to me while I was talking to a woman and said, "I want to help out." I asked him if he wanted to join in and hold a sign or anything like that. Nope, turns out he wanted to donate money to us! So then I explained that, unlike Scientology, we weren't really interested in his money and that the best way he could help out was just to spread the word for us.

Someone from out of town was just insanely good at playing Shout Anon, getting people's attention and handing out the trifolds. I saw him milking the crosswalk's passing group of people every 2 minutes (captive audience, lole), and it was a beautiful thing. Not sure who that was, but take a bow, good sir.

Speaking of the out-of-towners, you guys in general had a TON of energy. Seriously, you guys are hardkore with a K. It was great fun and a great honor to protest alongside you guys. When things were wrapping up at the end, one Anon said something like, "We'll always be with you guys. Not necessarily in the same place, but out -- protesting -- with you." Ain't that the truth?! (Sappy 90's sitcom fake-audience "awww" goes here.)

SAYING HELLO TO THE ORG: After time ran out for us at the park, we thought about what to do next. After a good example of why the interwebz and group train trips should never marry, it was definitely crappletime as we took a visit to the local Sci org. (Walking a few blocks towards the org from the train station, we saw a sign that said "CRAPPLETIME." Just... that, yeah. Random.) The place was deserted as usual, with the windows all papered up, and our pet Chicago Sci-Guy waiting for us outside.

Below are a few of the highlights from this regional event, plus check out the kindred references listed at the end of this post for related discussion threads and major media coverage. Additionally, Chicago Anonymous will be featured on radio airwaves to recap the event on the July 28th broadcast of The ManCow Show.


Fox News Chicago - Anonymous Coverage

For more photos see Anonymous Chicago Flickr Pool.

Texas Megaraid in Austin

Operation Austin MegarAIDS was an unofficial regional raid of the Church of Scientology in Austin on Saturday. The idea here was for all of Texas' Anonymous to descend upon Austin for a weekend of fun and enturbulation. Unfortunately, due to being so absorbed in the latest bout of enturb OG drama, one carload of out-of-town anons missed a crucial time-change announcement and showed up to enturbulate in the afternoon hours rather than early evening, but ultimately that just extended the win range into an all-day affair!

The real festivities got started after 5pm, and had about 13-15 demonstrators out in front of the org with Hubbard lecture blaring from an ipod with speakers when anon antics were at their peak. The scilons used their "tech" to block the front doors with a big pot with ballons coming out of it. Apparently, it was costume party night at the org. Some of their signs didn't quite block the sides so the ever diligent protesters put up Xenu.net signs to nicely fill in the gaps of their blockage wherever possible.

Reports indicate that foot traffic was awesome and fliers were handed out to many of the passerbys. But more importantly, many people stopped to ask questions and several enlightening discussions ensued for more than 20 minutes right there on the street!!!

The late night foot traffic got quite interesting as the infectious nature of anon lulz charmed many a character from the public to join in the unfolding spectacles. At one point the texfags pretended to leave and waited in a parking lot near the org for about 5-10 minutes. They snuck back to the org just as the scientology party was letting out. Once the stealth brigade was back out front, they all yelled "JUST KIDDING!!!!"

For more megaraid pics see nardkicker megarAIDS saturday photobucket ; nardkicker megarAIDS sunday photobucket

Halifax Gay Pride Parade in Nova Scotia, Canada

A local group of Canadafags originally planned a flash raid of sorts for their local pride parade. They were fully intending just to work the crowd with fliering and customary lulz infection. But when anon discovered that groups of five and under didn't need to acutally register to participate in the parade and could just jump in they all thought "WELL HELLS YEAH" and joined in the fun!

Many people recognized the local protesters and shouted "GO ANONYMOUS!", "SCIENTOLOGY SUCKS!", "TOM CRUISE SUCKS!" and whatnot. They handed out a thousand fliers (most of which were about Scientology's hatred of the LGBTs) and that number wasn't near enough to cover the whole route. From what they heard on the streets, this was the largest turnout at the Halifax Pride EVAR.

A few folks approached the small group anons who participated afterwards, and asked about the next monthly protest and location. So the local cell ultimately scored a double win with fantastic lulz shared with the crowd while securing an increase in their numbers for the next global protest on August 16th.

For more photos, check out anonhubbard Halifax Pride 2008 photobucket.

Sinking the Maiden Voyage in Los Vegas

This super seekrit Maiden Voyage Raid turned out so deliciously epic! Local sin-city anons gathered for a day of enturbulating the scilons (of course) and detouring as many people as possible from attending the traveling road show event on Saturday.

Spais watched the local org carefully until the last little scilon locked up and left the building. Then they loaded up the partyvan and headed the happy band of enturbulators over to the "Ideal" org and sure enough, the closely guarded intel received prior proved true there was a crowd beginning to gather! Oh Thank Xenu, and let the Maiden Raidage adventures begin!

The culties were even kind enough to call Metro police AGAIN. But what was truly hilarious, when Metro arrived, the lady cop was smiling and laughing and was so nice and friendly you couldn't help but love the cops! No doubt the $cilons were shitting bricks AND pissing their panties at this unexpected showing of the community embracing the summer of lulz! One officer asked a protester to take off their V-Mask and anon gladly did so as he/she was all too ready for this one.... Anon was also wearing a surgical mask underneath! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Both officers grinned from ear-to-ear! These wonderful cops just reminded us of the usual spiel and drove off waving to us as they left. Once things wrapped up outside the ideal org, a few Anons hit the Strip to continue passing out fliers!

For moar photos, check out cameranonymous Vegas Doubleshot Raid.


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