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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Summer of Lulz Weekend Full of Regional Scientology Raids

July has seemingly become a non-stop trip of glorious global dancing around the scilon rabbit hole for Anonymous protesters taking a stand against the destructive cult of organized scientology. It's rather fascinating to watch from afar considering the numbers attending the global monthly protests are down, yet with the number of events and venues growing in leaps and bounds we're actually greatly expanding both the reach of our message and the amount of public support openly embracing it.

The following local and regional events all took place this weekend, primarily on Saturday, July 26, and with much success. Each of these phenomenal raids are of their own special significance and really do deserve their own separate post. However, all these bigger-than-usual efforts going on addition to the usual hot spot flash raids in places such as LA, NYC, Saint Hill and even Narconon Georgia made for alot of stuff to report on in a single day. Hopefully these short summaries will fill the void till other sites and media outlets start picking up some moar media coverage slack.

Marcab Invasion of San Diego Comic-con 2008

San Diego is home to one of the largest gatherings in the United States, known as San Diego Comic-Con. Patrons come from all over the globe to attend this four day event, and it typically boasts attendance of more than one hundred thousand people, with expected attendance in 2008 of 125,000 people or more.

Operation Marcab Invasion was Anonymous' plan to reach as many people as possible by exploiting this ingenius local venue. Regular raid activities were happening outside with the usual spreading of fliers and cards while a few anons in masks roamed around inside the convention. One moment of truly precious irony was that V masks were being sold a mere 2 booths down from the Galaxy Press booth that was promoting the scilon pulp fiction trash. Such an epic win was had in so many ways it's hard to summarize. But not to be overlooked is that plans are well underway for launching our own anon comic book to commemorate this grand occasion!

Here are a few of the highlights from this local event, plus check out the kindred references listed at the end of this post for related discussion threads.

XenuBarb Interview on StreetFreaks.tv

Operation Anonville, Sydney Australia

Anonville Sydney was a major win, great atmosphere and lots of enturbulation was had for this national gathering of aussie anon. In the days before the raid, a new chief of police tried to restrict our efforts severely based on the usual false accusations made by scientology in regards to our ongoing efforts ever being anything but peaceful protests.

Fortunately, after some negotiation things were sorted out. The truth prevailed such that the new chief of police eventually seen the light and it all went smoothly. In fact, the overall police presence was fairly light. Therefore, a special shout out of thanks goes to the crime syndicate representatives in Sydney who did us such a fantastic favor by showing the police chief their true colors! Once again, scilons do our offensive work for us by setting such a fine example for future reference that their accusations are not to be taken seriously, unless of course your looking for lulz.

Anons from various cities joined together with Sydfags and visited both the Castlereagh St org and the Glebe org. They had two epic PAs plus boomboxes, caek, thousands of fliers handed out and apparently even got a thumbs up from a Scilon looking out through the window of the org. The Scilons were up to their usual black PR fliering as shown in the following video clips. There was also a few trouble spots with non-scilons, but nothing that wasn't handled such that no significant interuption of the raid derailed their well laid plans. Additional highlights are included below with links to related discussion threads & media coverage is indexed at the end of this post.

Enturbulating at Pitt St

Anonville Sydney Australia- Clam caught out

For additional photos on Flickr see Anonville: July 26 set and sydanon's photostream.

Epic Midwest Regional Raid in Chicago, USA

Amerifags gathered in chi-town from at least six different states for extending the summer of lulz festivities in an escapade on Saturday that began in Millenium Park and then continue on downtown. The following excerpt from a raid report on Enturbulation.org sums up the day nicely.

As usual, Millenium Park protesting was win, win, and more win. Flower-giving was win. Acapella Rick Rolls while Segway'd park security facepalmed at the chalk on the walkway was win. (Even Rick Astley couldn't soften his his heart, as he was pretty grumpy about that.) "Why Can't We Be Friends" singing and Minneapolis group shouts were epic. Chicago's very own Epic Photo Guy is always win. Crazy flexible guy entertained the masses, got a ton of people to listen to our message, and contributed to a real party atmosphere.

At one point, this older gentleman with an accent came up to me while I was talking to a woman and said, "I want to help out." I asked him if he wanted to join in and hold a sign or anything like that. Nope, turns out he wanted to donate money to us! So then I explained that, unlike Scientology, we weren't really interested in his money and that the best way he could help out was just to spread the word for us.

Someone from out of town was just insanely good at playing Shout Anon, getting people's attention and handing out the trifolds. I saw him milking the crosswalk's passing group of people every 2 minutes (captive audience, lole), and it was a beautiful thing. Not sure who that was, but take a bow, good sir.

Speaking of the out-of-towners, you guys in general had a TON of energy. Seriously, you guys are hardkore with a K. It was great fun and a great honor to protest alongside you guys. When things were wrapping up at the end, one Anon said something like, "We'll always be with you guys. Not necessarily in the same place, but out -- protesting -- with you." Ain't that the truth?! (Sappy 90's sitcom fake-audience "awww" goes here.)

SAYING HELLO TO THE ORG: After time ran out for us at the park, we thought about what to do next. After a good example of why the interwebz and group train trips should never marry, it was definitely crappletime as we took a visit to the local Sci org. (Walking a few blocks towards the org from the train station, we saw a sign that said "CRAPPLETIME." Just... that, yeah. Random.) The place was deserted as usual, with the windows all papered up, and our pet Chicago Sci-Guy waiting for us outside.

Below are a few of the highlights from this regional event, plus check out the kindred references listed at the end of this post for related discussion threads and major media coverage. Additionally, Chicago Anonymous will be featured on radio airwaves to recap the event on the July 28th broadcast of The ManCow Show.


Fox News Chicago - Anonymous Coverage

For more photos see Anonymous Chicago Flickr Pool.

Texas Megaraid in Austin

Operation Austin MegarAIDS was an unofficial regional raid of the Church of Scientology in Austin on Saturday. The idea here was for all of Texas' Anonymous to descend upon Austin for a weekend of fun and enturbulation. Unfortunately, due to being so absorbed in the latest bout of enturb OG drama, one carload of out-of-town anons missed a crucial time-change announcement and showed up to enturbulate in the afternoon hours rather than early evening, but ultimately that just extended the win range into an all-day affair!

The real festivities got started after 5pm, and had about 13-15 demonstrators out in front of the org with Hubbard lecture blaring from an ipod with speakers when anon antics were at their peak. The scilons used their "tech" to block the front doors with a big pot with ballons coming out of it. Apparently, it was costume party night at the org. Some of their signs didn't quite block the sides so the ever diligent protesters put up Xenu.net signs to nicely fill in the gaps of their blockage wherever possible.

Reports indicate that foot traffic was awesome and fliers were handed out to many of the passerbys. But more importantly, many people stopped to ask questions and several enlightening discussions ensued for more than 20 minutes right there on the street!!!

The late night foot traffic got quite interesting as the infectious nature of anon lulz charmed many a character from the public to join in the unfolding spectacles. At one point the texfags pretended to leave and waited in a parking lot near the org for about 5-10 minutes. They snuck back to the org just as the scientology party was letting out. Once the stealth brigade was back out front, they all yelled "JUST KIDDING!!!!"

For more megaraid pics see nardkicker megarAIDS saturday photobucket ; nardkicker megarAIDS sunday photobucket

Halifax Gay Pride Parade in Nova Scotia, Canada

A local group of Canadafags originally planned a flash raid of sorts for their local pride parade. They were fully intending just to work the crowd with fliering and customary lulz infection. But when anon discovered that groups of five and under didn't need to acutally register to participate in the parade and could just jump in they all thought "WELL HELLS YEAH" and joined in the fun!

Many people recognized the local protesters and shouted "GO ANONYMOUS!", "SCIENTOLOGY SUCKS!", "TOM CRUISE SUCKS!" and whatnot. They handed out a thousand fliers (most of which were about Scientology's hatred of the LGBTs) and that number wasn't near enough to cover the whole route. From what they heard on the streets, this was the largest turnout at the Halifax Pride EVAR.

A few folks approached the small group anons who participated afterwards, and asked about the next monthly protest and location. So the local cell ultimately scored a double win with fantastic lulz shared with the crowd while securing an increase in their numbers for the next global protest on August 16th.

For more photos, check out anonhubbard Halifax Pride 2008 photobucket.

Sinking the Maiden Voyage in Los Vegas

This super seekrit Maiden Voyage Raid turned out so deliciously epic! Local sin-city anons gathered for a day of enturbulating the scilons (of course) and detouring as many people as possible from attending the traveling road show event on Saturday.

Spais watched the local org carefully until the last little scilon locked up and left the building. Then they loaded up the partyvan and headed the happy band of enturbulators over to the "Ideal" org and sure enough, the closely guarded intel received prior proved true there was a crowd beginning to gather! Oh Thank Xenu, and let the Maiden Raidage adventures begin!

The culties were even kind enough to call Metro police AGAIN. But what was truly hilarious, when Metro arrived, the lady cop was smiling and laughing and was so nice and friendly you couldn't help but love the cops! No doubt the $cilons were shitting bricks AND pissing their panties at this unexpected showing of the community embracing the summer of lulz! One officer asked a protester to take off their V-Mask and anon gladly did so as he/she was all too ready for this one.... Anon was also wearing a surgical mask underneath! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Both officers grinned from ear-to-ear! These wonderful cops just reminded us of the usual spiel and drove off waving to us as they left. Once things wrapped up outside the ideal org, a few Anons hit the Strip to continue passing out fliers!

For moar photos, check out cameranonymous Vegas Doubleshot Raid.


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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Scientology's Library Donation Service… Scam or Fundraiser?

If you have ever heard the saying “it is better to give than to receive” you may also know that receiving is not always what it is cracked up to be. People with a gentler nature will often worry about saying that a gift is the wrong size, or even hide the fact they already have the same item that was given. When most people give to a worthy humanitarian charity, it makes them feel good. However, if money is unknowingly given to expert pan-handler, who may or may not be using the gift in the same spirit it was given, the initial act of generosity becomes a form of victimization rather than instance of charity.

This type of human behavior that is behind deceptive donation ploys is commonly referred to as "boiler room scams”. These con artist schemes are named after the conditions of the office that are typical to back-room or ‘under wraps’ type of questionable business falsely claiming to be a charity. A boiler room of a building (or the lowest rent office available), would often be used to house a number of shady telemarketers or sales staff. This task force will sit at their desk all day long working a canned sales pitch non-stop for what is seemingly a “good cause” and “tax deductible” while offering the extra benefit of “free gifts” or other perks when purchased in bulk quantities so how can you lose right?

Wrong. These shifty outfits are entirely sales-based and use a gigantic mailing list to sell product or service that is never quite what it seems. They solicit unsuspecting patrons to request a donation for such modern-day things as advertising to benefit the fire department retirees, or selling tickets for underprivileged children to go on a nice outing, or aiding handicapped workers to earn a desperately needed commission.

Organized scientology has been using a very similar model to con their parishioners into buying multiple sets of books for quite some time. A currently ongoing example of a global Co$ boiler room book scam that is becoming notorious on the internet is ‘Scientology’s Great Library Dumping Scandal ’.

In this fine exhibition of deceptive salesmanship at an all-time sneaky high, staff members from the cult send out fliers and leaflets galore as apart of their daily mass spam abuse to all of their members, former members, friends, enemies, and anyone whoever took a stress test in past 10 years and made the mistake of giving an address they still live at. The propaganda being distributed in this manner and throughout the local orgs or special events is a steady stream of aggressive donation campaigns for distributing a significant portion of their new 2007 releases of the organization’s Basics Set of Books & DVDs.

This fund raising effort falls under the wing of one of the many scientology front groups known as the "Library Donation Service". This savvy sales division of the crime syndicate has the ambitious goal of getting the non-staff members & wealthy supporters to sponsor the publishing costs and shipping expense of placing an entire set of the 18 Basic Books (along with at least one or more DVD’s) on the shelf of ALL public and private libraries around the world.

For a donation of a few thousand dollars, donors are encouraged to sponsor the sending of multiple sets of the Scientology beginner books to a varying range of library facilities. As the campaigns progressed throughout the past year or so, great stats of success and accomplishments were bragged about incessantly (as shown later), all the while encouraging more and more donations that have obviously been pouring in based on Anonymous’ research that is summarized below.

One example of these campaigns is included in the initial video clip below where a radio show disc jockey reads from the Library Donation Service brochure while USA distribution was still being sold hot & heavy. The high-end contribution was 15 sets of books for $6,000 (or $400 per set). Additional email-based marketing reported on Clambake Forums indicates the going rate in 2008 drives is $450, as with a specific campaign for tropical distribution that was reported on the Ex-Scientologist Message Board under the topic The Cuba connection as follows:

A friend of mine forwarded this comment from an email they recently received.

"AOLA is getting one set of LRH's Basic Books into every library in Cuba this week. We have the opportunity now that Castro has stepped down, and need to get Source on the shelves before the psychs move in. We are more than halfway there already. Your donation could complete it! It's $450 per library. ANY amount is accepted. It's tax deductable, and you will be commended in writing. Call me at the above number to do this."

Killing Trees… For The Sake of Fraud or Salvation?

What was truly being done with the massive book dumps being shipped out in geographical waves? Is the cult actually spreading the preliminary introduction to their entry-level doctrines in large scale unchecked? Entire shelves of scamatology books IN MY LIBRARY? WTF?!?!?!!

Anons of course wanted to know these answers and moar. So many info seekers around the world commenced to investigate if the books were truly making their way onto library shelves for mass consumption. As to be expected, we found that the books where indeed being SHIPPED out to the libraries, and often the same sets of books where being sent to the same USA libraries multiple times. But what happens to those books after they ARRIVE is an entirely different story as you shall see.

The following YouTube Playlist tells the tale of this fraudulent fiasco from there. This series features a library unpacking their 9th set of books and other related goodies. Also included with these vids is a brief glimpse back at a few other past & present scientology scam tactics, which reaped similarly unsavory results on a large scale but only scratches a tiny dent in the cult’s long history of unethical schemes that exploit their member’s ‘donations’ by any means possible.

Scientology's Great Library Book Dumping Scam

What do the librarians say about these book donation campaigns? If you pay attention to the beginning of the unpacking clip in the above series of videos, you hear them mention they have received NINE boxes and comment (with much lulz) on the fine quality of the box! Also seen in the vids above, the ever diligent Professor at a university buys a whole stack from the campus library to prevent anyone else from getting a hold of literature from a destructive cult. The hip Prof paid $16 for his stack of 16 unwanted books. This is the same material that the public scientologist being debated by Anon on the street in a subsequent clip states he donated $2000 Canadian dollars (approx. $1,984 USD) for an unknown number of sets (most likely 5 if he purchased them at the usual rate). Little does he know the sets of books he was conned into buying were rudely sent to a library that never asked for them in the first place… yet gets stuck with either getting rid of the books, or getting hassled and harassed by the obnoxious sales agents of Bridge Publications when they try to politely return them.

These same "Basics Set" hardcover books carry an average list price of $33.00 per book. Add to that a generous estimate of roughly $2 per book for shipping and handling in the bulk packaging shown in the videos above, and a full set of 18 books and 1 video is worth approximately $650 total street value in US currency.

Based on the examples of their advanced in-house “Print On Demand” (POD) publishing system shown in the promotional vid also included in the playlist above; books that list for $35-40 dollars typically cost approximately $10 to produce in this manner at standard labor rates. That would make for manufacturing costs on an entire 18 book set roughly under $200. Yet donors being suckered into the Library donation scam fork over $400-450 in US currency for the typical box of unwanted crap being dumped on unsuspecting libraries who the cult expects to place them on the shelves with no questions asked.

Waste Not, Want Not…. or maybe NOT!!

For those who have great faith in the Scientology techniques saving the world, a 225% markup over cost might be a justifiable donation they can be proud of, assuming the books are put to good use and reach a wider audience. However, we found that is not the case as told over on the "@theLibrary" blog who first referred to it as the Scientology Dump and kicked off the initial internet stir regarding this ubiquitous scam back in March of 2008:

Original Post: The Library keeps getting unsolicited texts and DVDs from the Church of Scientology. I can only imagine that this is the Church’s public relations response to Anonymous declaring war on them a couple of months ago. Have any other libraries out there received at least two large boxes packed with the “basic” works of Scientology? Who knew that there are at least 18 books and 3000 lectures that comprise their canon?

... Our Assistant Director called them up because we don’t have the room to shelve the 40 or so books and DVDs that we were given. I think we shipped most of them back and kept only a few titles like The Scientology Handbook, and The Fundamentals of Thought, and a couple of others including a DVD with a picture of L. Ron Hubbard on the cover.

Follow up Comment by the author on March 25, 2008 at 5:27 am: ...I have a feeling that the Friends of the Library ended up selling them for .50/ea. or something like that. As an aside other librarians are telling me that their libraries received these as well… All kinds of libraries, even the technical library at Three Mile Island has apparently received these sets.

Comment by herself on March 25, 2008 at 4:18 am: *lol* I worked for a public library once which experienced the same inundation. I sent back the “response card” (which only gave me the choice of requesting more books, or requesting more books) with a note saying, “Please do not send any more books.” I actually got a call from the Scientology publisher people asking (incredulously) why I wouldn’t want their books for my library. I decided to leave content out of the discussion and told them that every one of our 26 branches got 2 copies of every book they sent out, and that few of our little branches had room or demand for them. She said, “What happens to the books?” and I told her they end up in the book sale marked $1 each (and that’s on the high side). She was appalled. “That’s an expensive book!” My response: “Well, then quit sending so many.” I gave her the number for our countywide collection development head, then hung up and called the head to warn her. *eye roll*

Comment by Heidi on March 25, 2008 at 6:14 am: I work in a hospital library and received a box of Scientology books in December. Made my head hurt trying to figure out why they’d be sent there.

Response by the author on March 25, 2008 at 6:49 am: Hiya Heidi! It does provoke quite a bit of confusion doesn’t it? Did you order these? WHO ordered these things? Where is the PO? What the hell is happening here?

Comment by AmyH said this on March 25, 2008 at 9:19 am: ...Yes! My library got that dump, too! The Acquisitions Librarian put the materials into our school’s Book Sale which helps to fund scholarships. We already have “Dianetics” in our collection and that’s enough.

So it seems the libraries DO NOT WANT these texts, which typically cost public scientologists thousands of dollars in donations because their strongly encouraged to sponsor multiple sets of books with a single generous donation. We were unable to get our hands on a visual image of the actual donation propaganda drumming up this support at this time, but hope to include it as documentation in a follow up article in the coming months.

Let the Truth Be Told… on the Stacks!!!

As we began to look at this closer, Anonymous members on the WhyWeProtest.net reported the following findings from doing some local legwork sleuthing earlier this year:

"I talked to my friend’s mom who works at a library in town, and they got three boxes. They put all of them in the basement nickel book sale, and when none sold for a month, gave them out for free to anyone who wanted them. They only managed to give away two."

"In my local library they are still behind the counter wrapped as they came, no plans for placing them on the shelf"

"I picked up my basics package from my librarian friend today! 9 books, all hard-bound, I'm in heaven...Apparently I asked at just the right time; they were in a cardboard box with the word 'Trash' scrawled on the side."

"They're claiming the US is 100% done, yes. And there are *three* libraries I've checked local to Clearwater that don't have all of them."

"My friend works at a library. She said they received a box of scientology books.... they promptly threw them away. Ha!"

"I work at a library, and recently we and our branch library each received two sets of boxes of Scientology books from the Scientology publisher. Our director did not put them into our library like they wanted us to do. The books were tossed."

Thus, initial anon findings jive with comments on the @theLibrary blog and indicate further proof that the vast majority of the donated books are "gotten rid of" in one of four ways. The libraries either sell them off for fund raising along with the old and out dated books for a dollar or two a piece, the entire set is given away for free, or thrown out with the trash. Otherwise, the libraries attempt to ship them back to where they came from and deal with the duress of being hassled over not placing them on the shelves by the disgruntled donation service sales force.

Dirty Deeds Redone Dirt Cheap… An Online Bookseller Free-for-All!

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the internet another recent example of this book dumping fiasco of FAIL can be found on the “Jasmine’s Blog” site, posted on June 4, 2008 under the entry Can I interest anyone one in Scientology books?

They’re brand new, still wrapped, unread. I had come across a box labeled “Free Books” at the public health library. Usually it’s filled with books that look gross- that if you’d place them under a black light, they’d glow from fecal, blood, etc. stains – like hotel comforters.

But this time, the books looked clean. While I have zero interest in reading about Scientology/Dianetics, I had a vague idea that I would use them as emergency firewood or to level an uneven table. So I grabbed like 6 or 7.

Unfortunately, it seems this discovery is nothing new. Ebay.com has become saturated with dozens of brand new books still in the wrapper offered for a fraction of the cost and often posted in bulk quantities. Google checkout currently features 5 pages of new editions for $1 or less. Meanwhile, over on Amazon.com there is more than a dozen online book sellers who are selling the brand new hardcover editions for under a dollar and sometimes as low as a penny a piece!

So it’s readily apparent that organized scientology’s great book dumping donation scam has been going strong for well over a year. This is proven by “The Invisible Library” blog entry from January 2007 under The World of the Day Before Yesterday– Now With Fedoras:

At the library yesterday we received a donation of DVDs from Bridge Publications Inc. the publishing arm of the Church of Scientology. We regularly receive unsolicited donations from publishers but as these DVDs were lectures by L. Ron Hubbard on Scientology, I was intrigued. [Ha! Intrigued enough the author continues on as very knowledgeable critic of the subject matter after reviewing the extended DVD lecture set.]

Now with all this massive output and distribution of their public doctrines to so many libraries, one would think that public access to scientology books would by now be readily available in vast quantities. Anonymous thinks NOT.

The Real Deal Exposed… Factual Library Catalog Statistics are just a mouse-click away!!

Using informative online library index sites such as WorldCat.org Search to drill down into other online catalogs such as the Los Angeles Public Library, and the NYC Public Library systems; the actual on-the-shelf statistics were easily gathered for tabulating a rough estimate on the number of the new editions made available to the public in various venues compliments of the cult’s Library Donation Service.

Scientology’s claims of completion status for these library dumping campaigns as of May 2008 that are used for comparison on each region below were taken from My Scientology Blog: Scientology in Libraries and shown in the image below. An additional email-based report on oversees distribution to various islands was leaked on the Clambake Forums in May 2008.

Using a WordCat.org Library Catalog List for the full set 2007 Basics books and introductory video, a detailed search was made for a variety of interconnected online library catalogs and systems. Specific stats were gathered for the quantity of scientology materials actually found on the stacks around the world. From this information, we compiled findings that indicate a small trickle of new editions have been recently made freely available in the United States, but nowhere near a “100%” success rate can legitimately be claimed.

The following link outlines these findings in detail for four major corners of the world with summary highlights from each region as of July 2008 noted below.

Anonymous Presents: Scientology 2007-08 Library Dump Actual On-the-shelf Library Book Stats

We aim to revisit these stats and provide another update for a time range comparison in 3-6 months or when the scilons publish another round of updated completion stats that are ripe for the dis-proving!

USA Trends found as of July 2008: 57 independent libraries or regional library systems checked for recent editions of scientology basics in 35 major US cities. This region of the world was reported as 100% complete as of May 09, 2008.

Major Universities have little-to-none new editions w/ a few exceptions. They also typically have a small number of copies of a few older editions ranging from 1986-92 already on the shelf in all but Los Angeles & Clearwater where the past versions are typically 1998-99.

City/County Public libraries mostly have a limited number of copies of the new edition books along with a few DVD’s. Small number of extreme scilon infiltration exceptions found with > 1/3 of the set of books.

With the exception of Southern & Central areas of Florida near the scilon mecca, the other southern states & midwest regions of the US have more occurrences of "none" than elsewhere.

The obvious conclusion to be made from these easily-verified findings is pretty clear. From well over 1,000 total facilities tabulated in our stats, 205 have NO RECENT EDITIONS or DVD's!!!

So an educated guestimate can be made that at least 20% of 123,000+ libraries in the United States DO NOT have the most recent editions of the Scientology Basics Books in the stacks. Therefore, if the US is 100% complete, that’s a helluva lot of books thrown out, given away, or sold for $1 or less. Never fear though, anon is near… many a studious protester has been sure to scoop up their own full set of new editions For FREE! These of course are being quoted profusely and exploited often in the ongoing crusade to rape the destructive cult with their very own “truths” that testify to unlimited bounds of snake oil quackery.

In additional to the USA on the shelf stats, we also gathered a sampling for the following regions that were only reported as being partially complete as of this round of data collection.

Canada Trends as of July 2008: 26 independent libraries or regional library systems in Canada checked for recent editions of scientology basics. This region of the world was reported as 55% complete as of May 09, 2008.

UK Trends as of July 2008: 27 independent libraries or regional library systems in England & Ireland checked for recent editions of scientology basics. This region of the world was reported as 22% complete as of May 09, 2008.

Australia Trends as of July 2008: This region of the world was reported as 18% complete as of May 09, 2008.

All things considered, it becomes quit clear when combining the input from all these different sources along with the online library catalog statistics used to produce the regional findings shown above; the libraries have definitely been throwing books away or contacting the Church of Scientology asking them NOT to send more boxes of books. Sometimes the books are shipped back to C.o.S. and other times they are sold off for pennies on the dollar of their retail price. Yet they tout this outcome of such a huge amount of donations, as such great success of their Keep Scientology Working program. Large sums of monies not being spent on humanitarian efforts like normal "churches", but pissed away on distributing unwanted materials where very little if any is making it onto the actual library shelf. Where's the success in that? Oh that's right, at 225% markup over cost, the success is in putting more profit into the crime syndicate's pocket.

Global Boiler Room Scam… Not Your Average-sized “Basement” Operation.

The official scientology front group responsible for this fine effort is known as the Library Donation Service and is set up as part of the larger International Library Campaign in order to place scientology books and materials into the public libraries around the world. Their actions are explained on an official Co$ FAQ as follows:

The Church encourages the widest possible dissemination of Scientology publications containing all the Scientology scriptures other than its confidential, unpublished materials, which comprise a small fraction of the scriptures of the religion. In addition to the many public information actions described later, we have donated thousands of copies of Scientology books and materials to public libraries. This has been done to make it possible for individuals with limited financial means to learn and apply Scientology principles to their lives without having to pay anything. Our library donation program has proved extremely successful. In fact, it has been calculated that every 29.5 seconds, somewhere in the world, a person checks out a Scientology book from a library.

With all the many lies, exaggerations, and hyped up sales propaganda within the convoluted hierarchy of the crime syndicate of organized scientology... who would of thought there would still be enough room leftover for such a broad boiler room scam to run unchecked for well over a year. But never fear - Anon have been here and collected many a free or cheaply gotten new edition to educate ourselves for the ongoing battle because knowledge is power afterall. Nonetheless, here's hoping the cult soon finds a new secondary book-selling pitch to compliment their annual book-a-thon drives since it seems pretty clear to us this one has done more than enough wasteful damage to their donors wallets.

Now considering how totally downstat their book-a-thon was this year, combined with huge amounts of books wasted by the donation service campaigns, I'd suspect next year's new scheme to sell excess books by the quantity will involve some freshly crafted tactic that doesn't give them away for free and ripe for the trashing or reselling.

GTFO of My Library... What Can Been Done?

Lookup the main WorldCat Entry for the Dianetics Book, then under the "Libraries" tab use the "Enter Location Information" box to find the libraries nearest you. Follow the links to the libraries in your area that you easily recognize, and search for books by L. Ron Hubbard published in 2007.

In you find any public libraries infiltrated with the new editions of Scientology books, stop by and confirm they are indeed on the shelf. Ask the librarian who the proper channel is to complain to if you have concerns about the recruiting tools of a destructive cult being distributed for public access, outside of a higher education environment, with disregard to the serious harm that has been well documented by former members in regard to what happens to the unknowing bystanders that get sucked in as the next victims. If given the opportunity, provide fliers and other material stating the facts regarding the crimes committed by organized scientology. If this gets you nowhere, consider inserting flyers or cards into the books on the shelf as explained in the related "Operation" and "Project Andromeda" links listed in the references below.

Special Thanks for this article goes to YouTuber MrFyde who helped coauthor certain sections and analyze the collected stats, as well as all the anon who personally checked their local libraries!!


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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hive Archivist Log Entry 000.005

Dear sirs;

The encoded affirmation of my previous progress report submitted to intragalactic operation headquarters is hereby acknowledged. The questions posed for clarification are covered in the attached media enclosure communique as per standard long distance stealth ops procedures.

The current state of affairs with the occupying Thetan forces is exactly as all recent commanding officer reports indicate - scared shitless scilons all over the world are either: A) quaking in their cheap ass shoes while hiding behind their baricades; B) outright running from flash raid ground troops for fear of pre-OTIII virgin ears hearing their own sweet demise; or C) showing signs of extremely enturbulated duress at the near-melting point. No further clarification needed on this matter.

However, the current state of affairs within the Chanology ranks themselves may or may not be another matter. In this regard, I respectfully submit the enclosed KR intel without formal request such that your ongoing monitoring of our comm lines is not lead to unnecessary alarm due to a state of unknowing-ness. Recommended transliteration methodology for this report is the memes cultural awareness policies /TD/101-125.

My slightly confused take on this situation brewing amongst the different faggotry factions is not completely stable datum yet. But if pressed to make a pre-ejaculatory temperature assessment, I'd reckon a loose opinion as such... Chanology grew a new set of legs on the underboss king of the internet and the headless dragon found new ways to roam the world at large. Initial culture shock ensued and the normal balance of chaos vs. haphazard organization became off kilter. The true underbelly of the beast decided it needed to rollover and remind everybody just who wears the titanium jockstrap and why. The new legs must be made to slither abit, when the timing is right, for reinvention of the whole such that we all return to our roots to some extent. That being said, the first order of bizness is recruitment to bring back those we supposedly lost due to squirreled lulz tech.

The Marcab Confederacy Promo 1

As far I can tell from this fringe outpost, there's a storm a coming but looks like a good thing to me as I whole heartedly support fighting IRL cultist trolls with real life internet hate machine trolls for the ultimate karma reaping of what the scilons have sown all these years. This fight was once fought with the good fight, and the mass manipulation tactics of the crime syndicate made a mockery of those efforts. Then it was fought again with a fistful of dollars and the best resources money could buy, and it still failed due to the cult's ability to sink lower than the lowest forms of humanity for utilizing unspeakable horrors of guerilla lawfare ops. Now the fight is being fought on new ground, ground soon to be pwnd by those who know how to do it best. Prior to claiming one's newest conquest, it seems only fitting the underbelly of the beast marks it's territory in whatever way it sees fit. Along as it doesn't divide the whole, it can only make our reach stronger methinks & hopes.

NOTE - this preliminary summation is subject to change at a moment's notice depending on whether or not my voluntary submission of being willingly culled protects my beloved archivist outpost from imminent dome raping or other forms of moralfaggotry troll baited self-destruction. I keep reminding myself that the strongest internal comm messages are often times NOT for literal translation, but rather it's the actions that follow behind that speak for themselves. Therefore, thou shalt trust that the king of the interwebs is king for a dam good reason even if you doesn't exactly know why. The wow-factor inspiration & potential impact of the embedded media enclosures in the above playlist seem to indicate this is the proper perspective for the time being.

Thus, my current mindset is "this too will pass, change is good, brace for impact". And it's that mindset which keeps certain things currently happening on the front lines from scaring the bejeesus out me in a strictly newfag-oh-shi!!wut? sense. So I Hereby Pray to Xenu this all turns of for the best, and ultimately makes our ongoing crusade all the moar stronger in the long run.

Respectfully Yours,

Anonymous Legion, Marcab Confederacy
Project Chanology Archivist #2008.00.001


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Monday, July 21, 2008

Midwest Regional Raid Coming July 26th in Chicago, USA

Protesting our brains out and enturbulating en masse for the greater part of July, yes we are! The Operation Anonville effort to hold even moar regional protests during the summer of lulz has morphed into yet an another event on the global calendar for next weekend in Chicago. This regional raid will be held in intercontinental tag-team style effort with the Anonville Sydney halfway across the world while the Austin Mega Raid takes place down in Texas.

These rallies are intended to commemorate the 7 month anniversary of the original Message to Scientology video, and follow up the 9000 Man March in DC held last weekend in a consecutive win-win style of gathering forces in key cities for a super-sized rounds of anon festivity. Everybody deserves atleast one lulzy summer roadtrip so hey why not?

Anonville, IL will become homebase for a Midwest Regional Protest held this coming Saturday and hosted by Chicago Chanology at Millenium park. Thus while the ausfags combine their numbers for national down-under showing of solidarity, the amerifags of the central states variety will be gathering from Milwaukee, Columbus, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, Champaign, and Wisconsin to converge on chi-town.

The Millennium Park location is in downtown Chicago and is made of sheer win!! There are tons of visitors during the summer since it's right on Michigan Avenue and smack dab in the middle of a huge tourist draw. The police there know how to handle a protest without handling the protesters so group revelery can have it's fill of good safe fun. In additional to great location, this venue also has an unusual amount of awesome sculptures that will make for epic photos.

For additional details see the links below, or tune in to this blog next weekend for raid report highlights once the midwest masses make it back home after rocking some more regional corners of the world with random acts of cake eating collaboration.


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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Anonymous Marches in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade

As Gay Pride week and other related activities have happened around the world in past few weeks, Anons have been finding a welcomed place amongst fellow activists of a different nature. However, yesterday's epic win in San Diego was met with huge support from attendees.

Why Gay Rights? Because the Dianetics book and other written works by L. Ron Hubbard unfairly preaches discrimination and classifies all homosexuals as perverts and deviants.

"The sexual pervert (and by this term Dianetics, to be brief, includes any and all forms of deviation in Dynamic II [i.e. sexuality] such as homosexuality, lesbianism, sexual sadism, etc., and all down the catalog of Ellis and Krafft-Ebing) is actually quite ill physically... he is very far from culpable for his condition, but he is also far from normal and extremely dangerous to society..." -L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics

As reported on Enturbulation.org under Anonymous MARCHES in San Diego Pride PARADE, 25 Anons from Socal and San Diego chapters along with one very looooooong cat marched in the parade while showered with love and adoration from the spectators. The following videos & pics feature the festivities that were had on the west coast simultaneously while east coast amerifags gathered for the 9000 Man March in Washington DC.

One of the participants summarizes the day nicely on Enturbulation.org as follows.
Epic win. Seeing people's faces light up and yell "oh my god, it's Anonymous!" was pretty awesome, and AGP's cry of "most of these people are straight, but they're here to support us!" got rounds of applause and cheers. Lots of photo taking and fem-on-femanon action, breakdancing and lulz.

XenuBarb, Diehard OG turn Diehard Anon, was of course there on her bike to partake in this grand event! She reported the following along with other fun bits of related flash raiding from before & after the actual parade.

It was Epic Win! Fliers were gone before the parade was over! I missed out on a lot of the event, as the bike contingent rode in the first wave and ended in Balboa Park, a mile away from the main parade route. I found a comfortable sign along the street that warned "no parking," put my flags in it and proceeded to power-lounge, waiting for the rest of anonymous to finish the parade. Kicked back there with my GF mask on, many people took pix of anonymous at rest.


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The Anonymous Legion Descends on Washington DC

As per previous announcements, the Anonymous Protesters who are speaking out against the corruption of the lies of the cult of scientology executed a national raid in the form of yet another peaceful protest in the USA at the Lincoln Memorial on July 19th.

Some of the media posted after the event by early bird anons is showcased below. Initial headcount estimates indicate roughly 500-600 demonstrators from around the country and abroad were in attendance with EPIC lulz had by all. I'll leave the more noteworthy highlights for the newsfag sites to properly exploit better than I can and add links to the other sources of coverage at the end of this post later. Likely sites to watch for more details include AnonymousDC.com, THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV, Glosslip.com and Chanology News.

But there's one juicy tidbit of scilon footbullet counter tactics that is just to deliciously funny in terms of monumental FAIL that I just can't resist the urge to run my fingers over it just a wee bit!! At 7:30am yesterday, Anonymous Intelligence Services released an All Points Bulletin Security Alert relaying the instructions verbatim that scilon counter-protesters were given to make yet another lame attempt of trying to counter strike the inevitable fall of their organization under the weight of their own lies being used against them.

Oh Hai OSA Fail Lady!

The OSA operatives assigned to join our event supposedly attempted to derail protesters en route with a fake change of plans notice but no reports of being led astray have been reported. So this effort of course was FAIL in both concept and execution, but it was so encouraging to see their own efforts wasted on useless endeavors rather than have them out selling books or suckering the innocent public into bogus stress test that blatantly violates FDA restrictions.

A nice sampling of the raid reports trickling in include the following tidbits compliments of Hubbard-Telescope:

We handed out about a billion fliers, drank over 9000 gallons of water, and had lovely tastee freezepops. Mmmm. There was a cake eating contest face first with a bit of a food fight afterwards (Congrats Rochfag), a trap pagent where we found out Jesus should NOT walk on water, and a lovely swatiget (someone post pics plzzzzz, lol). Many people rested in the shade and nomm'd sammiches, exchanged pins / t-shirts / buttons / patches / bandannas and other creative Anonymous gear from city to city. There were speeches from OG, Anonymous, and lots of lulz. Not to mention Catnarok. I hope people enjoyed themselves.

One confirmed OSA woman came to enturbulate and was rickrolled. :3 She's someone we saw at Spy vs Sci so I don't know if she's new.

Dinner after the protest was awesome. Gregg got a slice of marblecake with whipped cream shoved into his face and there was much loling. Cake with a "Push button, receive Kevin Bacon" theme was consumed and then an afterparty with musics and dancing kept people entertained into the night.

A flashraid scheduled right after the mall raid was win. For the first time, our Org shut down in panic when Anonymous arrived, evacuating people including one guy who had a garbage bag over his head. (WTF?!) They even left their raw public scios stranded without telling them the org had been abandoned. Flash raid today noticed yellow Dianetics tents popping up on the National Mall. Anonymous zerg rushed to the location with Tory, Graham Berry, and Tommy Gorman to enturbulate. There is no chance for escape, make your time Scientology.

We have NEVER seen our local scios act like this. They're freaking out and paranoid, lashing out all last week with suspected break into outed anon's cars (stole fliers and posters and a binder on OSA, left the IPOD. Will update if the police find anything) and ramping up C&D letters. I smell desperation, this cult in particular. The media might not have responded, but the org is freaking out and we've reports that OSA handlers from as far away as Clearwater were sent to DC this weekend. We made them panic and we proved Anonymous isn't going anywhere...while engaging in our lulz and hate machining. You guys win. Thank you, Anonymous.

The SP Club WBM, ToryMagoo44 & Boris Korczak Meet

Over 9000 Anon March July 19, 2008 Picture Slideshow

Boris Korczak, Tory Christman, Mark Bunker Speeches

Boris Camp Brings You Epic Win Epic Fun

SomeOldGuy Opening Speech at Over 9000 Man March

The Over 9000 Anon March's Cake Eating Contest

Longcat comes to life - Over 9000 Man March

"Without Me" Anonymous Rap


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