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Thursday, June 16, 2011

BUSTED: Jan Eastgate, Scientology Child Abuse Enabler

May dingos have fair go, but no babies harmed, may the rock of Ayres chime like the clock and the charmed.
And Vegemite cakes grown on trees shall be eaten, for this is the day scientology was beaten.
And there may be some who say Eastgate is guilty,
Protecting the faithful and shielding the filthy.
But look, it's Australia, fearless and proud, they'll take no more shit from the dumb culty crowd,
Try open an org, a mission or stress test, you're cause over MEST? They couldn't care less.

It's 2011 not 1953, lets face it your cult is a sick parody,
On the steps of the courtroom, your followers fail,
And little fat Jan, she weeps and she wails.
And Bryan seeks truth that no man can refute,
Behold! He's defiant, dauntless, resolute, no more will they dance to the dead Hubbard flute.

And if "tech" was a good thing, this post would be gone,
And everything I ever said would be wrong.
But as I am here, then all of this proves, beyond Kirstie Alley, Travolta and Cruise,
There are no OTs, no clears and no thetan,
Admit, Scientology, your "tech" has been beaten.

You would think that having a dozen Scientologists get into a physical confrontation with the media outside the court thereby making the news footage even more sensationalist than it would have been otherwise would be the last thing the CoS would want to do. Keep up the self-sabotage Sydney OSA, it's damn entertaining.

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Regina Coeli said...

Excellent post, AL! Moar pl0x!