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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In The Beginning, there once was a leak

For the unsuspecting wayfarer who has stumbled upon the Anonymous crusade against the Church of Scientology by chance, you may be wondering how it all started and where Tom Cruise fits into the picture. No doubt the significance of this will only become more important as time goes on, so the next couple of posts will take a flashback to the spark that ignited the fire that in turn ignited a war and ultimately cover the road we traveled along the way.

Ex-scientologists have been coming forward more and more, whle many of the expensive training materials (aka "secret doctrines") the Co$ sells to its members at outrageous fees (aka "donations") have increasingly become widely available to the public. These leaks laid down a puddle of toxic fuel that was slowly festering until finally many prayers were answered when The Cruise Indoctrination Video Scientology Tried to Suppress hit the world. Needless to say - Things blew, grew, and something new evolved. The next thing you know we had two leaked Cruise clips and a triple collision of Anonymous rising, Ex-scientologists coming forward with their horror stories, and whack job secret teachings being exposed. KA POW!

This avalanche of combined forces was embraced by the long standing critics and old school activists who have been viciously prosecuted for over 30 years. The ignored picket lines of the past became strategic Operations of Protest. The Anons commenced to execute a reverse-psych-ops Black PR war of fighting fire with fire using mock Co$ style of tactics along with exploiting their own corrupt practices against the so-called "enemy". Much Win. Yes, we did essentially employ mental mind f*ck (Oooops). Many of the Co$ victims had thought it was impossible, but history has finally begun to change. Literally speaking, a mask-wearing volcano erupted. One has to wonder, was this change a massively bad karma incarnation of the volcano symbolized on the cover of LRH's Dianetics? Perhaps the old loon was a prophet after all and just had his timeline completely ass backwards.

Now let's not forget, good old Tommy boy had already done a short-lived string of outrageous stunts professing his support of the scientology rhetoric before all this started. This of course made the puddle of fuel waiting to burn into a radioactive swamp. The initial video leak was timely placed, as Andrew Morton's bestseller Tom Cruise, an Unauthorized Biography was released two days later. Some celestial being somewhere seemingly snapped their fingers, the scilons sealed their own fate and a collective conscious woke up. Then we smiled and said "owwww.... yes.... the time for the Scientology Controversies to come to a STOP is NOW! Hive activate."

The following YouTube Playlist tells the rest of the TC puppet story as we see it. As always, we invite you to investigate the issues and decide for yourself.

an ongoing saga... Click the title link above the player to see a transcript including a helpful scilon translation of the alien terminology Tom uses.

Pay Attention Tom Cruise. The poster-boy sir who is leading the parade AND beating the band wagon the loudest, is very likely to be the first easy-target collateral damage to fall. Which would likely put you in a position to be run over by the massively powerful organization that supposedly has your back. There's still plenty of time to disconnect, disassociate, and cut the puppet strings. If you choose to do otherwise then my condolences in advance if this all plays out such that you end up being one of the biggest victims of it all. So Know This: We Are Waiting Ever So Patiently for the release of Valkyrie, and it's gonna be oh sooo much fun!


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