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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Epic Speeches & Interviews from August 16th Anonymous Protest

Here's a video showcase from the 7th Global Protest on August 16th. This month's Anonymous Picket featured a variety of themes ranging from Cult Fiction to Party Harder, and the following clips highlight the epic speeches and interviews captured by protesters from around the world.

Washington, DC - Some Old Guy & Heidi

Vancouver, Canada - Moronymous Interviews Exscn

Hollywood, CA - Zorro's Speech

Toronto, Canada - Old Guard SP Debates Pre-clear

San Jose, CA - Anon Testimonial

Sydney, Australia - Scientologist debates Anons about OTIII

Sydney, Australia - Anonville (July 26) Opening Speech

Munich, Germany - Speakin de Deutsch Speeches

Manchester, UK - Disconnected Families Seek Answers

Manchester, UK - Opening March & Closing Remarks

Worldwide Recap by Anonanagi

For More Coverage of this protest, see Anonymous vs. Scientology, 7th Global Protest a Grand Success!

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