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Friday, August 1, 2008

Cult Watch & Flash Raid Fun - Chapter 2

Alas mateys, the time is a tad bit overdue for the next installment of the Cult Watch Mini Raid Series on this here blog. I try to do these once a month but I'm pushing two months this time. Things are spontaneously combusting on so many fronts this past month it's getting harder to keep up.

However, this next segment of flash raid WINS are so deliciously rich surely they were fated to be savored abit in order to take their proper place amongst the marcabian assault tracklist of legendary landmarks in the ongoing crusade of Anonymous vs. organized scientology.

Cult Watch - Flash Raids Are Such Fun! (Chapter 2)

For Full Screen Stream of these vids, Click Here.

The YouTube Playlist featured above showcases what is dam well likely to be some of the greatest flash raids & cult watch moments of the campaign to end the cult so far! We pick up where I left off at the end of May on the last episode, and cover the following sampling of memorable occaisions after opening with an introspective look at how things are going in the bigger picture from the Toronto Citadel.

  • On of the PlymouthScientology Cult Watch raids before Stu Wyatt was unjustly persecuted by local police under the influence of scientology dead agenting practices. Fortunately though, the latest news on Stu is that his actions to press criminal charges have commenced to proceed in what looks to be a positive direction despite the oddity of his damage footage of scilon tactics being mysteriously yanked from youtube the day before he meant with the local authorities.

  • Jason Beghe joins NYC anons to personally call out Carmichael's now infamous "I Smell Puthy" fail remark.

  • Epic East Grinstead Raid with spontaneous lulz & infinite WIN compliments of OG who inpired a grand walk around the war memorial and on to Saint Hill.

  • At look at one of the many ThetanAss legendary nights on the town with socal crew, a compratriot who has gracefully bowed out of the fight in recent days due to unfortunate drama and other things and remembered here with full marcabian honors.

  • DC Anons encounter a "clear" on the street and get the poor misguided soul to admit she's not so clear after all.

  • Paying a visit to Stress Test Tent in DC the day after the 9000 Man March national event.

There is just so many special downstat moments constantly happening in major cities around the world that include the momental occaisons above as well asschalk-tastic adventures, closing down events, heckling the stress testers, bullbaiting OSA, and dancing in the steets.

Let there be no doubt that despite a few minor bumps in the road Anonymous is working hard these days! We're starving the bases from outside on the street by circumventing their daily commercial enterprise profits, as well as paving the way for unhappy members to realize freedom can be had on the outside such that the outflux of ex-members continually grows everyday.


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