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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Scientology is No Friend to Mankind

After taking what I thought would be a short break from harpooning L. Ron Hubbard's one true legacy (the scientology cult) in the blogosphere, in order to take aim at other tasty targets in a variety of backchannel ops... methinks its high time to resume my post as marcabian scribe. So fasten your seat belts, grab the popcorn and assume the position - the resurrection of HG2Anon begins NAO.

A year ago, Project Chanology Anons were busy regrouping after purging the cancer in our midst and decentralizing. Despite all that drama and the decline in our numbers that followed, the fight against the abuses of scientology corruption has persevered. However, the fallout from our campaign has not waned and worldwide awareness is at an all time high. Thus it seems that 2009 is measuring up to be a year of catalysts in regards to the conviction in France, the pending litigation in Belgium moving forward, and yet another criminal investigation launched in Italy.

These events plus the ongoing exodus of members leaving organized scientology to join the ranks of ex-scientologists and independent scientologists is culminating in former high ranking Sea Org members speaking out like never before.

What's next? Hopefully the imminent implosion of the cult's USA bases that has recently had the rug pulled out from underneath of it with Marc Headley's Blown for Good book while Nancy Many's My Billion Year Contract memoirs is forcing the ranks of ex-members to reevaluate just how deadly the cult's inhuman practices can be to both their mental health and spiritual welfare.

Where do we go from here? The never ending deluge of media attention that is focusing on one heinous aspect of Scientology after another needs channeled into the proper context: All these terrible things about Scientology is NOTHING NEW. In fact, most of the issues causing the greatest amount of public outrage have been happening for decades. The dark underbelly of the scientology cult is a vast labyrinth that reaches back to the days when L. Ron Hubbard was still manning the helm.

For those who venture upon this blog that might not be aware of just how deep the rabbit hole of Scientology's nefarious actions actually reach, the following 30 minute video montage should bring you up to speed without spending a week of endless of googling.

As the video above clearly demonstrates,
Scientology Is Worse Than You Think!

Pay Attention David Miscavige. Time is proving itself to be on our side. As we round the bend to completing our second year of protesting the failings of your evil dictatorship, we constantly underscore the weakness of your stranglehold on the victims who still drink the LRH kool-aid. The lies being used to handle the flap of Anonymous no longer holds any weight, and the avalanche we started has taken on a life of its own. Your power base now matches your tiny stature, and the shit has gotten so deep that painting a shiny new veneer to hide the inner rot no longer works. The end game will begin soon, the only question that remains is whether or not you'll run and hide from your crimes like L. Ron did; or destroy your empire of delusions on your way out to ensure that nobody else can enjoy the ill gotten gains of the tech once your no longer in control. Personally, I'm betting on the latter but either one works for the greater good of the world at large.


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