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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hive Archivist Log Entry 000.005

Dear sirs;

The encoded affirmation of my previous progress report submitted to intragalactic operation headquarters is hereby acknowledged. The questions posed for clarification are covered in the attached media enclosure communique as per standard long distance stealth ops procedures.

The current state of affairs with the occupying Thetan forces is exactly as all recent commanding officer reports indicate - scared shitless scilons all over the world are either: A) quaking in their cheap ass shoes while hiding behind their baricades; B) outright running from flash raid ground troops for fear of pre-OTIII virgin ears hearing their own sweet demise; or C) showing signs of extremely enturbulated duress at the near-melting point. No further clarification needed on this matter.

However, the current state of affairs within the Chanology ranks themselves may or may not be another matter. In this regard, I respectfully submit the enclosed KR intel without formal request such that your ongoing monitoring of our comm lines is not lead to unnecessary alarm due to a state of unknowing-ness. Recommended transliteration methodology for this report is the memes cultural awareness policies /TD/101-125.

My slightly confused take on this situation brewing amongst the different faggotry factions is not completely stable datum yet. But if pressed to make a pre-ejaculatory temperature assessment, I'd reckon a loose opinion as such... Chanology grew a new set of legs on the underboss king of the internet and the headless dragon found new ways to roam the world at large. Initial culture shock ensued and the normal balance of chaos vs. haphazard organization became off kilter. The true underbelly of the beast decided it needed to rollover and remind everybody just who wears the titanium jockstrap and why. The new legs must be made to slither abit, when the timing is right, for reinvention of the whole such that we all return to our roots to some extent. That being said, the first order of bizness is recruitment to bring back those we supposedly lost due to squirreled lulz tech.

The Marcab Confederacy Promo 1

As far I can tell from this fringe outpost, there's a storm a coming but looks like a good thing to me as I whole heartedly support fighting IRL cultist trolls with real life internet hate machine trolls for the ultimate karma reaping of what the scilons have sown all these years. This fight was once fought with the good fight, and the mass manipulation tactics of the crime syndicate made a mockery of those efforts. Then it was fought again with a fistful of dollars and the best resources money could buy, and it still failed due to the cult's ability to sink lower than the lowest forms of humanity for utilizing unspeakable horrors of guerilla lawfare ops. Now the fight is being fought on new ground, ground soon to be pwnd by those who know how to do it best. Prior to claiming one's newest conquest, it seems only fitting the underbelly of the beast marks it's territory in whatever way it sees fit. Along as it doesn't divide the whole, it can only make our reach stronger methinks & hopes.

NOTE - this preliminary summation is subject to change at a moment's notice depending on whether or not my voluntary submission of being willingly culled protects my beloved archivist outpost from imminent dome raping or other forms of moralfaggotry troll baited self-destruction. I keep reminding myself that the strongest internal comm messages are often times NOT for literal translation, but rather it's the actions that follow behind that speak for themselves. Therefore, thou shalt trust that the king of the interwebs is king for a dam good reason even if you doesn't exactly know why. The wow-factor inspiration & potential impact of the embedded media enclosures in the above playlist seem to indicate this is the proper perspective for the time being.

Thus, my current mindset is "this too will pass, change is good, brace for impact". And it's that mindset which keeps certain things currently happening on the front lines from scaring the bejeesus out me in a strictly newfag-oh-shi!!wut? sense. So I Hereby Pray to Xenu this all turns of for the best, and ultimately makes our ongoing crusade all the moar stronger in the long run.

Respectfully Yours,

Anonymous Legion, Marcab Confederacy
Project Chanology Archivist #2008.00.001


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