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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Anonymous 2009: The Next Chapter of Chanology Charges On!

As a new year begins and the protestfags prepare for their anoniversary, two things are absolutely certain: the war is not over yet, and we're here to stay until it is. So as the one year mark of unrelenting protesting draws near, there has been a lot reflection done in recent weeks regarding what we've accomplished in our crusade against the destructive cult of scientology... and what still remains to be done during the upcoming year ahead.

Since Anonymous is ever changing and constantly evolving, it is the natural order of our existence to perpetually adapt to the world around us as we continue to ride the wave of pop culture fascination that surrounds our movement and milk it for all it's worth. The new year will bring new forms of media, new websites, heightened intellectual attacks of making the truth more widely known, and the extension of previously successful tactics into a new era of dismantling the cult.

Thus, the following collection of media expresses where we've been this past year, where we are currently at right now, and the new directions we're heading towards. Hip Hip Hooray -- May the anonymous brigade of Chanologists dance on, while the delicious leaks keep on flowing. Here's wishing a new year full of more lulz for all involved as we keep scoring the wins and achieve great justice for all the victims of the destructive practices of organized scientology.

(Excerpt quotes below are all taken from the video transcripts featured in this YouTube playlist.)

Anonymous 2009: The Next Chapter of Chanology Charges On!

"In the past year Anonymous has been in your base, converting your doods. Recently Tom has backed off completely from disseminating in the way you desire. Now he only says to go to the website. ..."

"Our determination grows stronger by the day, and our power is strengthened by the thousands of new minds joining the cause. Our operations for the new year include educating the government at the state and federal level with new findings on the Cult of Scientology, and completely opening the eyes of the public surrounding your orgs.

2008 has been a success for anonymous beyond anyones expectations. Our effect is seen everywhere you look. Your PTS/SP tech. has failed. Your OSA operations have failed. Your own KSW has failed. Your statistics have crashed. And now many of your members are backing off and speaking out with many orgs filled with just handfuls of staff members. ..."

"Your attempts at dead agenting have repeatedly failed. Your laughable black propaganda has fooled only the unwary, while Anonymous has been widely spreading the truth about your cult's evil, malicious, and suppressive policies. The tactics you refer to as "Fair Game" are now common knowledge within law enforcement agencies worldwide. The treatment of your Sea Organization staff has become infamous, and has earned you the scorn of the entire world. Your subversive fronts have been exposed. Your elite members continue to leak damning documents to the internet. Everyone knows who Xenu is. Scientology has become a joke, and 'David Miscavige' is the punchline. ..."

"Nothing that you have done has stopped Anonymous. We are inoculating the public - those you contemptuously refer to as "wogs" and "fresh meat" - against the lies of your cult. Your libel litigation is ineffective, for you cannot prove false what is true. Your attempts to censor the facts have failed repeatedly. This is a lesson you have refused to learn. Scientology is powerless in the presence of Anonymous. You fear us because you fear the ubiquity of the truth. You fear for an organization founded on peddling deceit to the uninformed. You fear those you have ensnared will desert you. You should, for knowledge is free. ..."

"Outside, the world has changed. The habits that once made Scientology a ruthlessly effective organization now condemn you. Your persistence with obsolete, ineffectual practices yields ridicule, not results. You cannot win. Your tech has failed you. Scientology is imploding at its core, and this is evidenced by the increasing levels of desperation seen in your attempts to handle us. It is only a matter of time before humanity is purged of your malign influence.

We are the people you pass on the street. We are your friends, family, sons, daughters, and siblings. We are the person right next to you."

"Scientology cannot win a war of information against the internet itself.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us... until you have lost the game."


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1 comment:

Fredric said...

It's been an absolutely amazing year for freedom of speech on the Internet thanks to the advent of Anonymous and, more focused, Project Chanology.

Thanks to Anonymous, the notoriously criminal Scientology Corporation has been stopped virtually in their tracks, their endless demands and racketeering designed to stop people from speaking freely about Scientology's crimes and abuses on the Internet have been virtually cut off compared to the level of RICO predicate act racketeering Scientology used to engage in to try to silence the ARSCC from speaking the truth.

This new year should see further cuts in Scientology's rvenues and of the 40,000 or so remaining Scientology customers world wide we should see many thousands of them get motivated in to stranding up and walking away because of Anonymous's and the ARSCC's efforts.

Of particular focus is the need to put an end to the Scientology Corporation's fake "drug treatment" frauds which the crooks sell to clueless politicians. http://www.crackpots.org/ covers the corporation's "NarCONon" a.k.a. "Second Chance" a.k.a. "Purification Rundown" frauds which apparently are part of the reason why Jett Travolta died two days ago if, in fact, in addition to subjecting Jett to the quack medical scam the Travoltas refused to allow Jett to have anti-seizure medication.

Anonymous has been and continues to be awesome. Anonymous applys wit, humor, creativity, fun, dancing, caek, and they do it lawfully and with dedication.

Anonymous will not stop until the last remaining Scientology customer is free.