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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Scientology Desperately Seeks to Suppress the Truth... AGAIN!!

The world's most successful scam religion is attempting - yet again - to suppress the truth about their many human rights abuses.

On Oct. 31, Irish publisher Merlin released “The Complex,” in which John Duignan, identified as “a former high-ranking member” of the church in Britain, describes his “dramatic escape” from its “elite para-military group,” the Sea Organization. Five days later, Cruise dropped by Amazon’s Seattle headquarters to glad-hand staffers and host a sneak peek at his new movie, “Valkyrie.” -- NY Daily News

A book critical of the so-called "most ethical group on the planet" has been released you say? Heh... here we go again this anon and many others say.

The usual rounds of vindictive attacks and revenge litigation has already begun. Such is the norm for the scilons when their crimes come to light. Now that the media has begun paying attention to this story, it's a certainty that the next step on behalf of the crime syndicate will be unleashing the typical mountains of false accusations as per other sacred doctrine of a group who belligerently calls themselves a 'church'.

If the nasty culties stay true to form, as prescribed in the boatload of arcane policy letters that is likewise sacred if it was written by LRH... This phase will be closely followed up with outright threats leveraged against an outspoken victim by exploiting whatever pyscho-babble dirt they can scrape from the poor man's dianetics counseling files. And they call us anons trolls?? Hmmmm.

Sadly enough, this despicable behavior is all too familiar: The Scandal of Scientology by Paulette Cooper, A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack, Messiah or Madman by Brent Corydon, and many more. Been there, done that... and in the end the cult still FAILED to suppress the truth.

Anybody who speaks out against the scientology organization is automatically an enemy is another one of their basic principles of faith that dictates that they must stop at nothing to destroy all perceived enemies through whatever delusional means they deem necessary. Funny how they never bother to defend their positions or views when this happens; despite their so-called expertise in Communication courses.

However, unlike the many persecuted authors and ex-scientologists of the past who revealed the atrocities they encountered while being a member of Scientology - this time is different. This time, John has a legion behind him and an ever-growing number of similarly abused former members speaking out as well.

It has been over a month now since John Duignan's book was first released. So let there be no doubt, despite John's tenacity to wisely keep his cards close to the chest, Fair Game 101 has definitely commenced by now. The cult's goon squad should be fully lubed and loaded for dirty lawfare tricks and targeted harrassment. Everybody stand back while the dementia brigades from the Office of Special Affairs (aka "OSA") storm onto the scene and make their usual attempts to "handle the flap".

The following vid expresses how Anonymous feels about the whole situation.

In this particular case, the flap at hand for the scientology cult is that John's book exposes the horrors he experienced first hand as a high-level scientologist. This non-fictional account details how badly John suffered (on many different levels) from the cult's inhuman policies and never-ending human rights abuses.

The release of this damning expose means the inevitable smear campaign full of false accusations will surely be launched towards John in the imminent future. I recommend all lurkers & sympathizers of the anti-scientology movement keep lots of popcorn handy because this time around should be quite entertaining to watch considering that the world-at-large no longer sees Scientology in the same light it used too. Thus, the brave publishers continue to defy Scientology’s attempts to bully them.

The following letter is from John to Anonymous, expressing his thanks for the fervent current of electrified activism that is speaking out against this evil organization from all corners, and helping him to do his part to fight back against these abuses.

To you Anonymous

Thank you to the individuals and the collective that created the newest video on the banning of my book.

I consider myself part of your movement and I care deeply about your commitment to achieving the end of that cult.

'The Complex' is my testimony, it says what it says and of course it could have been said better, but it is out there and it is creating a stir.

Let me be quite clear, it would not have happened without Anonymous being there and it would not have gotten the attention it is receiving without your efforts and backing.

Let me restate a fundamental point:

Scientology is engaged in the daily violation of fundamental human rights.

It is a parasite living off of our free democratic and open society, its sole intention is to suck as much finance and power as it can from these societies before subverting them to its own totalitarian regime.

Scientology perverts human rights, you may have heard of YHRI the Youth For Human Rights front group? It gets regular hearings from the UN, it promotes the human rights activist, L. Ron Hubbard.

Free democracies such as England, Australia, Denmark and the US host Sea Org bases, where the cult operates illegal prison camps.

I witnessed the incarceration and subsequent attempted suicide of Alice. This lovely 19 year found that she could not escape the RPF, at least her body couldn't, but she figured that her spirit could. She swallowed a bottle of paint thinner and jumped off a roof.

The Scientology PR office successfully covered up the event.

Stacy Moxon was 19 when she died on the Sea Organisation base in California.

There has been no investigation into the deaths, no cult officers have been prosecuted for failure in matters of duty of care.

The cult carries on.

I love my new found freedom, I love learning and growing, but each day I remain acutely aware of the manipulative hold the cult maintains on its members and its ongoing and incessant attempts to gain political and legislative power through the corruption of MPs, Senators and police.

We can't fight that, but we can make known what we know, we can shine light on the cult and one day great justice will be done.

Don't give up, your kids will thank you.

Let us not ever be silenced.

John Duignan,
Author of 'The Complex'
"They stole my freedom, now I am stealing it back"

Thanks Anonymous.

While sale of “The Complex” has been blocked in the UK, it is locally available in Ireland and can be ordered online via Easons.ie Books for international delivery. Amazon.com US currently has an un-stocked listing that will supposedly be available at some point in the near future, despite the listing being temporarily removed prior to the press widely reporting the suspicious timing of a Tom Cruise visit to Amazon headquarters.

If you wish to help make sure Amazon realizes the significant demand for this publication, make sure you add the unavailable book to your shopping cart to help secure enough pre-orders to guarantee future availability. Another extremely helpful action to take a stand against the suppression of truth is to go to your local franchise bookstores with the author's name, title, and ISBN 1903582849 and inquire if they can order it for you in the hopes of getting additional stock on the shelves.

If all of the above tactics fail or you lack the patience to wait for a backorder, the book can be ordered directly from its publisher Merlin Publishing. Merlin Publishing can be contacted by phone (+35 314 535866) or through their website: http://www.merlinwolfhound.com.

Pay Attention Amazon.com Customers. The Cult of Greed has a pervasive nature when it comes to leveraging the interests of their commercial enterprise to be aligned with the interests of other commercial enterprises. Don't let their fake Hollywood image fool you, pay attention to where you buy your reading material and judge for yourself whether your bookseller cares about their customers interests or do they bend over for an oppressive cult just to protect their profits?


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