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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Go To Change.gov & Vote To Tax the Cult of Scientology

Now is the time the right some wrongs in regards to The Church of Scientology's Unfair Tax Exemptions, and raises our voices in outrage over the the Sklar Tax Case Issue: Ninth Circuit Court Rejects Arguments That Children's Religious School Tuition Should Be Tax Deductible.

Go to Change.gov and vote in Obama's Citizen's Briefing Book to Revoke the Tax Exempt Status of the Church of Scientology

As described on the Social Entrepreneurship Change.org blog:

"The Obama Administration's latest awesome step for a more open and citizen engaged administration is the launching of the Citizen's Briefing Book. The Citizen's Briefing Book gives anyone the ability to post an idea and then vote and comment on others. Pretty simply, the ideas with the most votes and comments will become the core of the Citizen's Briefing Book, which will be delivered to President-elect Obama after he is sworn in."

At the time of this posting, Anons had driven the vote count up by a few thousand points in a few hours with the current total at 2150. Take a few minutes to lend a hand to this fine online effort for great justice and let your vote count too!

UPDATE I: One day later, the vote count is up over 5200. Unfortunately, we almost missed our opportunity for manning this harpoon because the voting closes TODAY at 2pm Pacific Time, 5pm Eastern. So if you read this before the deadline -- hurry hurry and Vote Nao!

UPDATE II: Seems anon's assumption that the 5pm cut-off on Jan 15th for the Change.org related inagural efforts would cut off online voting in the Citizens Briefing Book was wrong. Voting is still open, gogogogooo!

And fwiw - 10 minutes prior to the alledged 5pm cut-off we had > 9000 votes!


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