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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chanology Research Portal Launched on Wikileaks

Anonymous proudly announced a new frontier in the battle to disseminate the truth about the Scientology enterprise last week. A small team of writers and researchers from the ranks of anon and outspoken former members have been working closely with the whistle blower website staff in order to launch a dedicated project area under the new Chanology Research Portal subcategory on Wikileaks.

The homepage for this project can be found at top of the Wikileaks Category:Scientology page, and came about as result of proposal floated by the editorial board after receiving some encouraging remarks for anon due diligence documentation done for aiding the flow of information on other fronts.

The Chanology Research Portal - Project Overview states the general background and various standards being upheld by the fledgling team of collaborators who aim to meet the following Mission Statement:

"Our mission is to make the teachings of Scientology accessible.

The sheer number of words produced by L Ron Hubbard makes tackling the subject of Scientology a daunting prospect. This project will make the mountain of available information about Scientology more accessible - to journalists, lawyers, government regulators, scholars and others.

We will do this by highlighting links between the otherwise disparate writings and spoken words of L Ron Hubbard, thereby creating keys to unlock the mysterious language and practices of Scientology and illuminating aspects of the sect's world view.

In short, Scientology's teachings and practices are now becoming available. This project will make them accessible. With accessibility comes transparency; transparency is a prerequisite for accountability."

To kick off efforts of putting the space granted on Wikileaks for the Chanology Research Portal to good use, the team currently has two basic projects underway that are described below. Additional details regarding these efforts and the team's ongoing progress are explained further under the Project Initiatives summary.

Team Project #1 - Catalog Leaks via wiki talk pages

The flood of damaging leaks released by Wikileaks in 2008 was gloriously abundant, albeit not always properly explained. We've set about to rectify that lack of details given on lots of juicy leaks by essential dox'ing the dox with written material posted to the talk page on given document.

This information is being cultivated and outlined into a semi-formal article explaining the leaked material in such a manner that the Wikileaks editorial staff may eventually promote it up into a 'community analysis' article and listed as a standalone resource on the main article page for a given leak.

A few examples of these works include the following pages.

Team Project #2 - Catalog Key References into Indexes

This project is an ongoing effort of building a topical road map to Scientology research materials by outlining key references and related works.

The "Index" articles cover all subject matter of relevance to independent study review, regardless of whether or not it directly overlaps with the list of leaked documents. This online reference tool is still in it's infancy at this time, but currently includes the following pages.

The goals of these two starter projects is to satisfy some of the Wikileaks stipulations that our team members build up a contributor history before submitting larger scale written works to be archived in the research portal. In addition to attempting to build a solid platform for own investigative findings, we also hope to further more independent research and study of Scientology materials by broader circles of academia and journalism. Ultimately, we are striving to build an effective tool hosted in neutral territory for aiding our efforts in the raising global awareness about the many controversies we speak out against in our ongoing demonstrations against this destructive cult.

The vast bulk of Scientology's voluminous sacred texts and records were secret, until Wikileaks. Without those documents, revealed only gradually to adherents over the course of many years, it was previously impossible to discern between the competing assertions and stories and to identify the truth. Given time to blossom, the Chanology Research Portal hopes to lay down an easier means of navigating the deep chasms of materials while simplifying one of the key tenets the Anonymous protesters preach to the masses in our ongoing PR crusade that was no easy task in the past - the task of becoming informed about the many crimes and abuses being perpetuated by the Scientology corporate empire.

Anonymous would also like to thank Wikileaks for their generous hospitality in allowing space on their resources for this effort, as always -- we salute you with full marcabian honors!


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