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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Final proof that South Park was right about Scientology

THIS!!! The following vid speaks for itself and needs no insightful introduction :) The OTIII transcripts and LRH Lectures on the existence of Xenu has been leaked and secured in the hallowed halls of www.WikiLeaks.org!!!

Ode to WikiLeaks

Oh How Great the mighty walls of thy impenetrable vault,
Safe abode and web passage for whistle blowers of all kinds.
Protecting the truth and free speech from any assault.
Making available thy golden knowledge for inquiring minds.

We work NOT in direct cahoots of promoting your profit or gains,
Nor are we tied to some deep pocket except in our wildest dreams.
Rather, our cause is significantly aided by feeding off your veins.
And our potential for greater impact can now explode at the seams!

So to WikiLeaks We humbly bow, we THANK YOU & Salute You!
With Full Marcab Honors to thy wonderful resources - All Hail!
Long Live the King of All Virtual Justice for proving our Xenu!
And may safe passage to dox of all who need it forever prevail.

With much Luv,

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AnonLover said...

On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 09:45:21PM +0100, AnonLover wrote to WikiLeaks general info:

Subject: anonymous says thank you...

for the rapid turnover of submissions in Category:Church of Scientology.

With our upcoming protest two days away - words can not express how valuable your resources have become to our cause.


(see "Ode to WikiLeaks" part way down on the above link)

best regards,

Anonymous said...

From: [wikileaks]
Date: Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 4:51 PM
Subject: Re: anonymous says thank you...
To: AnonLover [XXXXXXXX]
Cc: [wikileaks]


If you can get the message out to anons. tell them to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE submit more detail and more accurate detail with scientology leaks. We sit on most of them for so long because 9/10 we get have

a) already publically available elsewhere
b) have inaccurate discriptions

People should be doing half an hours googling/research for every leak submitted to speed up turnover.