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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cult Watch & Flash Raid Fun - Chapter 1

Ahh yes, the time has come for another installment of the Cult Watch Mini Raid Series!

The large scale Anonymous protests against organized scientology that happen monthly serve three general purposes: Raising local public awareness, showing those who are still trapped inside the cult that there is a world out there that cares what is happening to them, and bringing global attention to the criminal behavior of the executive levels of the Church of Scientology that has been ignored for far too long. However, the impact of the larger protests is a tactic that pays off in the longer term rather than the short term.

Unfortunately, the need for an immediate change is far to pressing to leave it float until the once a month timeslot rolls around. Thus the era of smaller spontaneous pickets known by a variety of names (Cult Watch, Flash Raids, Mini Raids, Flyering brigades, etc.) is in full force. These impromptu forms of protest hit the cult where it hurts the most - their ability to rake in cash on a daily basis. A pyramid scheme such as organized scientology perpetrates is only as strong as the cash flow coming in at the bottom that is feeding the top. That's why these smaller picketing events have such a huge impact; they keep the unsuspecting public "in the know" and away from the stress tests, the book-a-thons, the personality tests, and all the other seemingly innocent ploys the cult has perfected for roping people in.

The following YouTube Playlist highlights some of the better mini raid moments that have occurred since Chapter 0 was compiled. The cities included in this installment cover: London, Melbourne, Montreal, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Toronto, Plymouth, Atlanta, Portland, Clearwater, Hollywood, Perth, and Brixton. Special features in this chapter highlight moar Stu, the now infamous Dutch Anon stress test, wise words from Spacko, and the laughed-out-of-court in Clearwater after-party. This is our ongoing proof, from all corners of the world, that a small unexpected group of protesters can make a big difference!!

Cult Watch - Flash Raids Are Such Fun! (Chapter 1)

The diehard Anons making a concerted effort to maintain these mini raids as a daily occurrence in the biggest cities are already seeing a difference in the reaction from both the public and the scilons. All signals indicate the weight of the pyramid is already stressing out the lower level staff such that they are quickly nearing a breaking point. Meanwhile, as a broader public awareness becomes more ubiquitous - more and more people are receptive to the Anonymous message and take the time to express interest or ask questions.

Now granted, there is downside. That downside is the neighboring businesses to the larger orgs are sometimes growing tired of the constant calamity of lulz for the greater good of mankind. And to those business owners, we offer both our respect and our sympathy, and if you're not a jerk about it - then we're sorry to inform you that all of our ongoing efforts need to continue until the job is done. If you still doubt the usefulness of our actions, consider the ever growing number of victim testimonies and ex-scientologist horror stories; then ask yourself if you would feel any different if a member of your family or one of your closest friends had a similar story.

Thus if the local businesses that are growing peeved at the ongoing escapades can at least understand the gist of why we protest, you will surely realize all you need to do is approach your local protesters with a level head to voice your concerns regarding any negative impact to your own livelihood. The Anons will be more than happy to discuss what they can do or change to coexist on your streets in fashion that doesn't do harm to anyone other than cult we are targeting. The solution may likely be a compromise on both sides, but a compromise that brings more support to our cause ultimately aides the greater good we aim to achieve. We don't expect everyone to take our side, all we ask is that you open your mind and become informed so that you can appreciate the risks we are taking to continue our peaceful protests rather than judge our actions based on "potential" impact to your wallet alone.

And for those who still cannot appreciated the greater good these adventures are geared towards, well then maybe you can at least appreciate that your city is not alone - the fight rages on, and even if it's not your battle you still have the choice to either acquiesce to the old standby reasoning of "if you can't beat them - join them" or just learn to ignore us cuz anon doesnt go away any time soon.


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Anonymous said...

This is really nice. I like the short "digest" of thread/links at the end; I'm doing something similar: Enturbulation.org - Week in review, a weekly digest of Enturb postings for those who struggle to keep updated.

AnonLover said...

omg i love that Enturb week in review site!! picks up very nicely where my blog & the news protal sites are leaving off, good job there Anon!