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Monday, May 5, 2008

Exploring the LRH Insanity at the Heart of Scientology

There is one last piece of important back-story that needs covered before this blogosphere chronicle can continue in regards to why the Anonymous Protests against the Church of Scientology is so justified. That missing link is of course the founder of the cult L. Ron Hubbard. The original madman who viciously preached against psychiatry yet had Vistaril® (hydroxyzine hydrochloride) in his bloodstream when he died according to the official autopsy report and seemingly suffered from multiple forms of mental illness in his later years. He who instigated Scientology's History of Criminality that the anons are fighting so valiantly to make the unsuspecting public aware of.

The Following YouTube Playlist features full footage from "The Secret Life of L. Ron Hubbard", which is an interesting yet bizarre biographical documentary broadcast by Channel 4 in England on November 19, 1997. Also included in this extended collection is other key LRH interview excerpts as well as critical information that summarizes a few of the secrets of scientology that made this pseudo-antichrist that the cult worships as a messiah such an abomination.

As always, we invite you to investigate these issues for yourself and decide on your own - was LRH an enlightened prophet or a psychotic sociopath who set out to con the world? This series of clips along with the sampling of other materials (both critical and supportive) that is listed at the end of this article should hopefully make it an easy decision. Unless, of course, you've already been brain-washed to believe Ron had superhuman powers.

"The Secret Life of L. Ron Hubbard" and beyond

Click the title link above the player to read a transcript of these clips. Use the buttons and side-arrows on the player to navigate past stuff you've already seen.

Pay Attention pre OTIII scientologists. Your journey across the bridge has not yet gone beyond the wall of fire, so there's still hope for salvaging your own checkbook before they hit you with one of the biggest hook-n-crook schemes ever... that clever little line at the end of OTIII tech that says: if you don't see or have any BODY THETANS, you must re-do all your previous levels at YOUR EXPENSE. (see for yourself on page 281 here - next to last paragraph)

So Please Know This: we are not attacking your choice of religious beliefs nor do we mean to impede your spiritual growth in any way. We are only trying to get you to take an objective look at what you are getting into before the corrupt practices of the executive-level organizations (whom we specifically are against) drains you of all your personal finances while leading you down a path to disappointment. Ignore the harsh criticisms and anti-scientology rhetoric all you want, after all - some of the initial processes of Ron's truly do work and can be amazing. We don't deny that. We just ask that you don't totally close off your mind to basic common sense in regards to looking out for your own best interests first and foremost. Listen to what the ex-scientologists from the highest OT levels have to say about their own personal experiences & incentives for leaving the Church. There are many very good reasons why Arnie Lerma, Tory "Magoo" Christman, Jason Beghe along with many other ex-parishioners who speak out passionately the way they do and with such conviction. Unlike any other religious belief or spiritual practice; you are prevented from knowing the higher levels of doctrine in your religion until you've bought your way far enough up the pyramid with your hard earned cash or sweat equity. Isn't it about time you begin wondering exactly what you are getting yourselves into?

Nowadays, you can get your tech for free and be in control of your ethics. All of Ron's wisdom (for those who deem it as such) can still be pursued as a system of beliefs but free-of-charge like any other religion. This material has been made widely available thanks to all the upper level defectors that are leaving the sinking ship like rats these days. They are risking their life to make LRH's secret "tech" open to the public for two reasons: to truly help people like you whom they feel need it the most, and to make up for all they have lost and/or done while they were still unaware of the bigger truth. If you don't even bother look at these resource or at least investigate some of the many shocking ex-member testimonies and at least consider it... then surely you can't blame the rest of the world for seeing you as being yet another sock puppet or soon-to-be-victim of the cult's fraudulent behavior.

Oh and btw - the next time you encounter Anonymous on the street protesting peacefully, and your naturalized indoctrination kicks in to "attack mode" ask yourself this... just what exactly is it that Ron had to hide with such a destructive vengeance and no remorse that he even went so far as put fair game practices against its critics into policy? That in and of itself proves the man was inhuman, which means he was either alien or evil - neither of which we find a very comforting thought. Unlike you, we are not under contract to adhere to the regime's party line, therefore we have the right to speak out about things that make us uncomfortable in a peaceful manner no matter how many footbullets you shoot yourself with. But don't worry - we'll still have plenty of free hugs waiting for you when you finally come to see the light.


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