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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Anonymous Legion Descends on Washington DC

As per previous announcements, the Anonymous Protesters who are speaking out against the corruption of the lies of the cult of scientology executed a national raid in the form of yet another peaceful protest in the USA at the Lincoln Memorial on July 19th.

Some of the media posted after the event by early bird anons is showcased below. Initial headcount estimates indicate roughly 500-600 demonstrators from around the country and abroad were in attendance with EPIC lulz had by all. I'll leave the more noteworthy highlights for the newsfag sites to properly exploit better than I can and add links to the other sources of coverage at the end of this post later. Likely sites to watch for more details include AnonymousDC.com, THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV, Glosslip.com and Chanology News.

But there's one juicy tidbit of scilon footbullet counter tactics that is just to deliciously funny in terms of monumental FAIL that I just can't resist the urge to run my fingers over it just a wee bit!! At 7:30am yesterday, Anonymous Intelligence Services released an All Points Bulletin Security Alert relaying the instructions verbatim that scilon counter-protesters were given to make yet another lame attempt of trying to counter strike the inevitable fall of their organization under the weight of their own lies being used against them.

Oh Hai OSA Fail Lady!

The OSA operatives assigned to join our event supposedly attempted to derail protesters en route with a fake change of plans notice but no reports of being led astray have been reported. So this effort of course was FAIL in both concept and execution, but it was so encouraging to see their own efforts wasted on useless endeavors rather than have them out selling books or suckering the innocent public into bogus stress test that blatantly violates FDA restrictions.

A nice sampling of the raid reports trickling in include the following tidbits compliments of Hubbard-Telescope:

We handed out about a billion fliers, drank over 9000 gallons of water, and had lovely tastee freezepops. Mmmm. There was a cake eating contest face first with a bit of a food fight afterwards (Congrats Rochfag), a trap pagent where we found out Jesus should NOT walk on water, and a lovely swatiget (someone post pics plzzzzz, lol). Many people rested in the shade and nomm'd sammiches, exchanged pins / t-shirts / buttons / patches / bandannas and other creative Anonymous gear from city to city. There were speeches from OG, Anonymous, and lots of lulz. Not to mention Catnarok. I hope people enjoyed themselves.

One confirmed OSA woman came to enturbulate and was rickrolled. :3 She's someone we saw at Spy vs Sci so I don't know if she's new.

Dinner after the protest was awesome. Gregg got a slice of marblecake with whipped cream shoved into his face and there was much loling. Cake with a "Push button, receive Kevin Bacon" theme was consumed and then an afterparty with musics and dancing kept people entertained into the night.

A flashraid scheduled right after the mall raid was win. For the first time, our Org shut down in panic when Anonymous arrived, evacuating people including one guy who had a garbage bag over his head. (WTF?!) They even left their raw public scios stranded without telling them the org had been abandoned. Flash raid today noticed yellow Dianetics tents popping up on the National Mall. Anonymous zerg rushed to the location with Tory, Graham Berry, and Tommy Gorman to enturbulate. There is no chance for escape, make your time Scientology.

We have NEVER seen our local scios act like this. They're freaking out and paranoid, lashing out all last week with suspected break into outed anon's cars (stole fliers and posters and a binder on OSA, left the IPOD. Will update if the police find anything) and ramping up C&D letters. I smell desperation, this cult in particular. The media might not have responded, but the org is freaking out and we've reports that OSA handlers from as far away as Clearwater were sent to DC this weekend. We made them panic and we proved Anonymous isn't going anywhere...while engaging in our lulz and hate machining. You guys win. Thank you, Anonymous.

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