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Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Next Anonymous Mission is Coming July 12th: Spy vs Sci!

The global, monthly pickets by the group called Anonymous protesting the many abuses by organized scientology will continue to rally forth in July. The monthly demonstrations started in February 2008 and will continue for the foreseeable future. Anons from around the world are already gearing up to play their part in the next round of the ongoing battle affectionately dubbed...

Operation: Spy vs. Sci - LicenseToLulz.com

The July 12th protest will focus on The Church of Scientology's Office of Special Affairs (OSA) the church's covert police force responsible for intimidating its critics. OSA's documented history of aggressive harassment is called "Fair Game".

It is this church policy that has driven many protesters to protect their identities by wearing a mask and using the group name Anonymous. Under Fair Game, OSA as directed by Church leadership, can harass all critics, including ex-members, journalists and the public, using inappropriate legal and physical intimidation.

Spy vs. Sci Playlist Promo 1

Although Scientology claims that its aggressive response to Anonymous is justified by alleged criminal activities, the FBI recently told national media that it has no evidence that Anonymous is engaged in illegal activities.

Anonymous' membership is in the tens of thousands, with monthly protests drawing an average 10,000 protesters in over 130 cities worldwide. The public is always welcome and encouraged to hear our message for yourself or join us in the fight against this cult.

Also in July, Washington DC will host Anonymous' first international protest on the National Mall on July 19. Attendance for the Ovar 9000 Man March is confirmed from as far away as Australia and Germany. The public is welcome to attend and learn more; Anonymous combines its protests with a joyful celebration of free speech.


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