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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Spy vs. Sci: Operation License to Lulz Rocks the World on July 12th

Another fantastic global Anonymous Protest against the destructive cult practices of the Church of Scientology was successfully executed on Saturday July 12.

This month's theme focused on the unethical practices of the Office of Special Affairs regarding their harassment of critics, and questioned why a so-called "Church" needs its own intelligence agency.


As seems to be the summer trend what with students not being on campus in the larger cities, vacation schedules, summer jobs, etc... overall numbers we're slightly down from a similar drop last month. However, interestingly enough - overall exploitable WIN was at an all-time high!!

Anonymous Black PR counter flyering was significantly higher, hired security forces at many of the larger orgs was increased, cult members stalking or harassing the general public who showed their support for our cause was more prevalent, and completely shut down totally closed-up org reports we're about the same as last month. Major lesson learned - our overall momentum is strong enough nowadays it takes a lot less effort on our part to effectively get our message across. This is further verified by the vast number of positive public responses protesters working the street get regularly along the lines of "oh I already know just how bad those people are. Keep up the good work!".

It's the rise of comments like those that make our job of "doing it for the lulz" so much easier, especially in the summer heat where Anons get baked and fried yet still show up to get the job done. So special shout out of thanks for your support goes out to the many passerbys who stopped to express these sentiments or blew the horn at protesters to show their own sign of solidarity for our efforts.

Additionally, when factoring the last couple weeks leading up to the protest it seems the pre-raid major media interest is growing in leaps and bounds! As well as the meaningless fair game threat letters from scilon attorneys is on the rise, physical attacks from enraged OT's freak out by the randon anon siting is becoming all too common. Plus overall enturbulation from cult members who still can't grasp the concept that when Anonymous says "We Do not Forget. We Do Not Forgive. Expect Us" we mean permanently, as in we're not going to stop anytime soon.

You would think it would be clear by now that our efforts so far are representative of the fact this is still the infancy of our public awareness movement. We're are essentially - only just getting started, and yet the outrageous reactions of the cult are starting to bring on their own end alot quicker than originally anticipated when we first started fight the good fight. Yet this protest has definitely proven that the worsening reactions on the part of scilons not be able to deal with the frustration we bring is beginning to crack many a false facade.

So all toll: The Project Chanology official License To Lulz was granted to over 100 cities around the world according to the July Global Protest Directory on Enturbulation.org. Afterwards... as of the timestamp of this post, Spy vs. Sci Post-Raid Reports that are still trickling in so far confirm successful picketing efforts did indeed take place in 82 cities. Although because of the greater site decentralization of anons maintaining their own separate local or regional sites, I'm not sure how accurate I can count cities by tabulating on the Enturbulation Forums alone. For the many armchair support at home looking for results on the interwebs, please be patient with anon this time around - a day in the extreme heat really wipes a protester out, and it's likely many need a day or two in order to recoup before they get their pics & videos fully uploaded.

The following photos features highlights of our grand adventure from around the world, and the scilon footbullet footage from the Battlecreek Michigan attack is offered for feeding the general public shock-factor at the end. As usual, this blog will be featuring the protest speech footage as it becomes available over the next day or so. And my apologies to my readers I didn't do my usual pre-protest run up of prolific blogging hype this past week... sometimes IRL work gets a turn to take precedence. However, please stay tuned in the near future as I've been working on something BIG during my slight absence ;)

Munich, Germany

UK Birmingham

UK Scotland

Calgary, Alberta Canada

Sydney, Australia

Christchurch, New Zealand

Clearwater, Florida USA

Chicago, IL USA

Los Angeles, CA USA

Perth, Australia

Battlecreek, MI USA - Violent Scientologist Attacks Protester then LIES

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