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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Epic Spy vs. Sci Highlights from USA & CAN Anonymous

Here's a video showcase from the United States and Canada of License To Lulz videos featuring awesome speeches, interviews, and other interesting commentary that the Anonymous Protesters encountered on the street during the July 12th Global Protests against the unethical practices of organized scientology.

Spy Harder - New York, NY

Fair Gamed Anon - Montreal, Quebec

Former Scientologist - Mountain View, CA

Boris Korczak - Washington, DC

Zoro - Los Angeles, CA

Fun w/ Angry Scientologist - Denver, CO

Not A Speech, More of a Pantomine. But OSA's long held practice of hiring private investigators stalk critics for further harassment is at the heart of this month's theme so it couldn't be more fitting!

Some Old Guy Anon - Washington, DC

Candelight Vigil July 11 - Atlanta, GA

We Do Not Forget.

Tommy Gorman Calls Out OSA Jeff - San Francisco, CA

George Carlin Global Tribute - From London to New York City

Lawrence Wollersheim - san Francisco

Want moar Spy v. Sci? See also: Spy vs. Sci: Operation License to Lulz Rocks the World on July 12th and Epic Spy vs. Sci Highlights from UK & Euro Anonymous

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