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Monday, July 21, 2008

Midwest Regional Raid Coming July 26th in Chicago, USA

Protesting our brains out and enturbulating en masse for the greater part of July, yes we are! The Operation Anonville effort to hold even moar regional protests during the summer of lulz has morphed into yet an another event on the global calendar for next weekend in Chicago. This regional raid will be held in intercontinental tag-team style effort with the Anonville Sydney halfway across the world while the Austin Mega Raid takes place down in Texas.

These rallies are intended to commemorate the 7 month anniversary of the original Message to Scientology video, and follow up the 9000 Man March in DC held last weekend in a consecutive win-win style of gathering forces in key cities for a super-sized rounds of anon festivity. Everybody deserves atleast one lulzy summer roadtrip so hey why not?

Anonville, IL will become homebase for a Midwest Regional Protest held this coming Saturday and hosted by Chicago Chanology at Millenium park. Thus while the ausfags combine their numbers for national down-under showing of solidarity, the amerifags of the central states variety will be gathering from Milwaukee, Columbus, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, Champaign, and Wisconsin to converge on chi-town.

The Millennium Park location is in downtown Chicago and is made of sheer win!! There are tons of visitors during the summer since it's right on Michigan Avenue and smack dab in the middle of a huge tourist draw. The police there know how to handle a protest without handling the protesters so group revelery can have it's fill of good safe fun. In additional to great location, this venue also has an unusual amount of awesome sculptures that will make for epic photos.

For additional details see the links below, or tune in to this blog next weekend for raid report highlights once the midwest masses make it back home after rocking some more regional corners of the world with random acts of cake eating collaboration.


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