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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Operation Anonville Coming July 26th in Sydney, Australia

July 26, 2008 marks the 7 month anniversary since the release of the now infamous "Message to Scientology" video on youtube, the day that the majority of Anons consider to be the start of our campaign proper.

The protests so far have been going AMAZINGLY so far... but it's time to cause another 'stir'. 2/10 shook Scientology up because they didn't think we'd pull it off. March 15 shook them up again because they didn't think we'd follow through a second time... but we need to outdo ourselves again, we need to shake the very foundation of Scientology and the public.

The aussie contingents of anonymous have collectively decided that in order to better demonstrate our strength and numbers, as well as our dedication, a series of "super-scaled" rallies should be held instead of the traditional small turnout-lots of cities format they've been using so far this year.

Operation Anonville Sydney Australia July 26th

By super-scaled they mean that each city that holds a super-rally will have a goal for their protest: to reach several times their city's record for protesters, essentially turning the area of the city near the Scientology center into "Anonville" for the day.

Thus the idea of holding another national rally similar in nature to the 9000 Man March in DC being held in the US on July 19th took hold down under! Come July 26th the Aus Chanology Protesters from all across Australia will gather in the home turf of Sydney Anons for a grand time to be had by all!


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