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Monday, May 19, 2008

9,000+ Man March Rains Down on Washington, DC July 19th

DC Anonymous Presents:


Washington, DC USA National Mall Raid on Saturday, July 19th 11am - 5pm

Be There For MONUMENTAL EPIC LULZ when anons from all over the place converge in DC to rock on in the heart of the nation's capital!!

All are welcome to join Anonymous on the National Mall for an epic rally/protest/giant ass party against the crimes and human rights abuses of the Cult of Scientology. That's right, guys. The DC crew snagged the Reflecting Pool. How freaking awesome is that?

Planned Activities include:

  • Music and Dancing
  • Speeches by Tory, WBM, Arnie & others
  • Graham Berry & Glosslip's Dawn Olsen coming in from Cali!
  • Balloons
  • Om nom noms
  • Fair Games
  • Enturbulation
  • Public Outreach
  • Face Painting
  • Postcarding
  • Lulz
  • and even MOAR!!

Note - Props & Equipment within reason are welcome, just coordinate with DC Anons on the Enturb Planning Thread

Bus trips & group transit plans are being arranged for Philly, NYC, Boston, SFBay and maybe even abroad!! This is the ideal opportunity for the American contingent of Anonymous to stand up and be counted in mass numbers! So mark the date, clear your calendar & book your ticket or otherwise to come join in for monumental lulz.

We're still looking for more Old Guard/Ex-Scilon speakers to join us. Seriously, we have to keep over 9000 anons entertained for like 6 hours. So please speak up and let it be known you if you can make it. Hotel Harrington is within walking distance for overnighter anons that need an easy crash pad. Epic win is moar epic when it's done on a national raid scale! And THIS will definitely be the summer event that you don't wanna miss!

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