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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Messages to the Members & Victims of Scientology

As the Anonymous Protests that hit the streets once a month rally forth, the most prominent message coming across is the media releases promoting the overall monthly theme, the picket flyers, as well as the signs & banners carried by the anons that make their way into the endless number of photo albums and video channels. There is such a vast amount of issues that are just totally wrong about organized scientology, it's easy for the more personal and heartfelt messages to get lost in the noise of the mountain of negatives being exposed.

Thus I thought it was high time to take a step back from the myriad of messages relayed at the surface level that typically focuses on the most serious crimes and abuses, which cause the majority of public outrage, but do not constitute the entire picture. In the bigger scheme of things, the moralfag factions of Project Chanology are also bearing forth messages of hope and compassion to the scientologists who are still trapped within the clutches of the cult. These messages of outreach are meant to bring hope to those who thought things would never change. These messages of compassion are one of several things that helps form the bonds that have grown between the anon ranks and the 'Old Guard' critics as well as ex-scientologists.

Everybody has their own reasons for protesting, their own tickle list of the crimes of organized scientology that get under their skin the most. But we all stand unified in our own truth, which we feel is the bigger truth. Because unlike the crime syndicate we are taking a stand against -we form our opinions not by buying twisted PR statements handed down from above, but rather by using critical thinking, common sense, and evaluation of both sides of the issues so that our 'truths' are based on carefully scrutinized facts.

Many of us feel that the path to discovering the truth about this cult is lined with entirely too many victims on many different levels. And while the victims who loose their lives often get a greater share of attention, the victims who live and are left to deal with the damage done to their lives are just as worthy of notice.

Thus, the following YouTube Playlist takes a moment of reflection on the less recognized messages of outreach.These messages attempt to relay our understanding of the emotional trauma that members who leave often endure. As well our heartfelt support that even though we despise the executive level of the organization perpetrating the con on it's unsuspecting members, many of our actions are for the members sake - even if their awareness of what they have gotten involved in, has not yet awakened.

Messages to the Members & Victims of Scientology

Aside from not being able to get near many staff scilons, one of the hardest obstacles in relaying our messages of outreach is that the general public seldom understands the great differences between "staff scientologists" who work for the organization and often live within the organization's many compounds vs. the "public scientologists" that are not employed by the cult and simply work their way through the lower course levels thinking it's a humanitarian path to self-improvement.

The differences between these two groups are like night and day. Such that the common general public sentiment of "anybody foolish enough to get mixed up in that stuff deserves what they get" is not only a un-informed opinion, but a dangerously insensitive one. Being conned and manipulating to the point of brainwashing has essentially the same victimizing effect as intellectual rape. Add to this coercion tactics applied to members who try leave and either have to sit through months or years of extended security checks to complete a "routing out" process, or else flat out quit and go "blown" then be declared a suppressive person who's friends and family will be instructed to disconnect from. The staff scientologists are the victims of these injustices, whereas the public scientologists are both the prey and fodder, feeding cashflow into this crime syndicate that's hell bent on nothing but ensnaring others.

No matter which means are used when former members leave, the staff scientologists and children born into the cult always have an awakening process to go through. When the damage done to them is extensive enough, other ex-scientologists (exscn) often come forward to help them though a deprogramming experience. Then once the shock of how radically different the real world really IS starts to fade, the healing process begins. A big part of this healing process has been significantly aided by the internet, and there's practically a mass mental cleansing exercise going on all over the net as former parishioners network with other exscn and work through their pain and torment by revealing their personal experiences from inside the cult so that the healing process can begin.

Chuck Beatty's Int Base renos photos 2008

These stories are stacking up by the dozens on many different sites, and have been going on much longer than the anon activism movement has been on the scene enjoying lulz. Some of these stories are testimonials of horrible suffering, while others are just the unburdening of shame and emotional pain. No matter the nature of these stories, the purpose of having them recorded for others to see has begun change. Now that the anti-scientology movement has the strength in numbers combined with the public awareness catalyst of Anonymous making the Co$ tactic of hiding behind the unbelievable no longer an effective diversion from the truth, the number of ex-scientologist stories of life on the inside has become something not easily counted anymore. A few of these stories have emerged from within anon circles as a direct result of the protests, but many many more have come from the other circles of the global anti-scientology movement. Where the stories come from doesn't really matter, what truly matters is that they keep coming, the words keep flowing, and the healing continues in larger numbers with each passing month.

Unlike a few years ago, coming forth and speaking your peace is no longer strictly driven by an incentive for documenting the truth. Nowadays, it is more of a self-healing and self-realization effort. The general public or "wog world" might not understand what these ex-members have been through, but within their own ever-growing online communities they are understood all to well. Such that the vast amount of people helping people for the sake of not seeing another person endure the hardships of coming to terms with reality alone, is a beautiful thing to see in a world that is seemingly screwed up in more ways than one.

The following letter is from an active member on the Ex-Scientologist Message Board and expresses both how hard it can be for former members of the Church of Scientology to come forward with their story, and attempts to help others see ways of rationalizing what their going through in order to see the good that can come from sharing their experiences.

Topic: This Silence is Deafening!

To the Scientologists who are reading this message board and dare not speak out.

I can totally understand the many and varied reasons why you would be afraid to speak.

Maybe because you agree with the basic tenets of Scientology and wish to forward these aims. Maybe you think that actually speaking to SPs and squirrels would only enturbulate you, make you lose your gains, you might get sick or have horrible things happen to you. Maybe you think that anyone saying anything critical of Scientology is against people becoming stronger, more able and making spiritual progress, that critics of Scientology are deeply screwed up, insane, have withholds and crimes that they don’t want known or they simply don’t understand Scientology and have been listening to the ravings of the crazy psychiatrists.

If you speak to and stay in contact with anyone critical of the Church your Scientology family and friends would have to disconnect from you. This one is the biggest control factor that the Church uses to keep its members towing the party line.

You might get away with reading a few anti-scientology sites on the web and still stay in the Church. You’d probably get some sort of ethics handling and end up by saying that you learned more about the nature of SPs and PTSs, but that niggling feeling inside, that something isn’t right, that this isn’t what you signed up for will never go away.

Talking to other Scientologists in the Church, even an auditor (especially an auditor) about the craziness and injustices you see within the church will get you into serious trouble; sec checking, cramming, ethics, conditions, amends etc. None of the church handlings will resolve these things and if you persist in trying to get the ‘tech’ in, the way you think it should be applied, you know, with good ARC, genuine honesty, integrity, ethics and justice for all – you will very likely wind up getting declared. Yes, of course it’s wrong!

This is not my attempt to disseminate to you, I’m not trying to ‘handle’ your considerations about speaking out. I think your reasons for being silent on the subject are likely bloody good reasons and it takes courage and certain amount of balls to stand up for what you believe is right.

Staying silent on the subject, being quiet, putting up with it and thinking that maybe, somehow, the Church management knows how to get the tech in, that the truth in Scientology will somehow prevail. Maybe if I just work hard enough, train myself and others, get enough auditing done, maybe enough people will make it to clear and OT and then the Church will sort itself out. I’m sorry to say that this is simply not possible unless we are free to communicate.

You know, deep down, that you could never really be an OT without being truly honest and open, at least with yourself.

So for gawd sakes, speak up, talk to us, you don't have to tell anyone who you are. Tell us what you really think, all viewpoints welcome. We want to know and really do care about you.
- Mary

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