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Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Road to March 15, 2008

Anonymous Picketing Scrapbook Entry 001.001:

A Look Back at March 15, 2008 when Operation PartyHard hit the streets to celebrate the birthday of L. Ron Hubbard in the proper Ides of March fashion that such a memorable occaision deserved. This was the second worldwide Anonymous Protest against the Church of Scientology and much cake was had by all.

Anonymous Presents
ONWARD - Road To March 15, 2008
from Pelvidar on Vimeo.

Pay Attention Non-staff Scilons. The upper echelons of your organize is our real target, not you personally nor your chosen path to self improvement, spiritual belief, religion and/or enlightenment. All we ask is that you open your mind for a moment, consider what it is we have to gain - nothing. What do we have to loose - alot. Now consider what it is you wish to gain from Scientology - is it by chance reasons more personally self serving than ours?

Then consider why you are being guided to respond in the manner your organization is asking you too when we show up to picket. And finally ask yourself the pivotal question: just exactly how much do you really known about your church's doctrines beyond clear? If the answer is "not much" then we beg you to please read up on OT III and beyond for yourself including the copies of material in Hubbard's own handwriting. Then take another fraction of a moment to ponder if there is a chance that things may not be exactly as it all seemed when you first enrolled for courses?


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