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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Anonymous Protest & Questionable Police Behavior - Chapter 0

The ranks of the Anonymous Legion suffered a blow in these final days before the June 14th protest. Commander Stu Wyatt of the Marcabian Killdozer Fleet operating out of the Plymouth UK cell was Fair Game’d and Arrested under the false accusation of his peaceful protest activities being something other than just that- peaceful. He was later charged with separate offenses based on what the police found and confiscated from his home during the arrest. After spending the night in jail where he was treated like animal, Stu was brought court and then released.

As dire as the situation may seem, there was an interesting series of events leading up to this that proves what the anons have being seeing in general: an escalation of force and heightened level of vindictiveness in protester retaliation from the scilon brigades of organized scientology.

Due to this escalation I felt it was time to take a step back and look at all the whole history thus far of questionable police behavior and local authority manipulation toward Anonymous. The following extended playlist includes all of the noteworthy incidents of unsavory cop vs. anon moments in the past 5 months. The latest attack on Stu and the highlights leading up to it are showcased at the end of series with an additional tracklist summary of the most unsettling events listed below.

Please keep in mind these incidents are (so far) the exception to the norm - globally we've had far more positive police support and friendly coordination with anons. But it's not all good and were reaching a large enough quota of incidents this compilation of clips prove beyond any doubt the bad cop moments are not just rare occurrences any more and should hereby be deemed for what it is - corrupt cult retaliation tactics.

Protest Retaliation: Questionable Police Behavior Chapter 0

Nice Anon vs. Mean Cop Tracklist

Any events with an ongoing investigation or pending litigation are listed in bold.

  • February 10th - Boston, MA USA: The anon who filed the protest permit (Gregg Housh) was falsely accused of personally stepping foot on scilon property and eventually charged with harassment for his role in Church of Scientology demonstrations. His ongoing litigation is being unethically delayed and prolonged at great expense as per classic fair game techniques.

  • February 10th - Dekalb County Police in Atlanta, GA USA: Full riot squad called in to protect the scientology compound. The protesters were bullied and traffic passing by that honkedwere chased down and ticketed.

  • March 15th - Dekalb County Police in Atlanta, GA USA: Two protesters was randomly singled out the crowd for no apparent reason. The young man was then taken inside of the scientology building and arrested, charged with a permit violation and creating hazardous or offensive condition and releaded on bail. The charges were dropped as soon as it came before a judge.

  • May 10th - London, UK: London police served a 16 year-old GCSE school-boy known to fellow anons as "Epic Nose Guy" with a warrant for displaying a sign that read, "Scientology is not a religion, it is a dangerous cult". A few days later, however, the Crown Prosecution Service dropped all charges against the boy and gave the City of London police new guidelines for signs protesting the policies of the Church of Scientology.

  • May 10th - Orlando, FL USA: Protesters were bullied and hounded for just being there, until the police instigated enough tension to spin the situation out of control they flat out threaten the anon who stepped forward as a spokeperson. This was after the initial round of harsh verbal lashing and harrassment showered on the same anon with drive by gangsta style intimidation tactics.

  • May 10th - Manchester, UK: More inappropriate & heavy handed police behavior with an excessively large force of cops. Lisa McPherson pictures were banned and confiscated because "it might cause distress to the scientologists". Then all photographic placards were similarly confiscated. When one of the participants whose sign was taken stepped foreward as spokesperson and politely complained this was abuse, he was told if he continued his argument he would be handcuffed and arrested. Over 100 protesters where then moved away from the nearby vicinity of the org and herded into a side street and treated so harshly their morale was nearly decimated by the antagonistic brutality. One anon who was assaulted and threatened with violence by the GM police has now made a formal complaint in light of the CPS ruling on Epic Nose Guy in London. He also asked Liberty to investigate further, appointed a senior solicitor to review the matter that includes photographic evidence of sinister treatment he endured. The police and major media we recently notified and more details will be featured on this blog once things progress.

  • June 3rd - Seattle, WA USA: A protester is harassed then assaulted and has his camera smashed by a scilon during a flash raid then calls the police. The police show extreme bias to the protesters and fail to even talk to the victims who placed the call aside from chastise them for being in the wrong for recording footage on a public street amongst other things.

  • June 12th - Plymouth, UK: Stu Wyatt arrested at his home on alleged assault charges towards Sandra from the local org but was officially charged the following day with offenses arises from the search and seizure of his property.


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