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Friday, June 13, 2008

Sea Org vs. Sea ARRGH!! Coming Ashore Worldwide on June 14, 2008

Aye aye mateys, methinks we are all ready to rumble! Only one day left until Operation Fleet Week: The Sea Org vs. The Sea Arrrgh is GAME ON!

Old Guard and ex-scientologist alike have all agreed, this operation is The Most Important of all Protests. As relayed by Dawn Olsen from Glosslip shortly after the last protest:

"The overall feeling was that Anonymous' target shouldn't really be the Church Org, the tech, or even Scientology as a "religion" because for many people,the tech really works, and for those who are still "in" like your average rank and file members, attacking something which still works for them would be a moot point.

These exes indicated it's the SEA ORG which needs to be protested (I know you all already know this) but what they meant is that there needs to be a protest at INT BASE, where so many of the abuses are happening and the majority of those being abused can be reached."

The consensus is, a focused effort on Int Base in Hemet, CA USA will be handled best at a later date. But for now, the Sea Org is soon to be ours and we're about to be all over it. Thus the following YouTube Playlist includes a few parting words of wisdom from Boris Korczak and Mark Bunker ye old e Wisebeard himself!! Along with a good healthy dose of final hype. Land Ho Mateys the wog world awaits, and the time is soon nigh to let the Sea Arrrgh raids begin!

June 14th Sea Arrrgh Promo 2

Our momentum is building to those 'next levels', the truth about the cult are now readily available and public opinion is beginning to sway. Add to this school exams are now out of the way, therefore our ranks are sure to swell on Saturday with the greater numbers we've been aiming for. It's only matter of time now. Be safe all, be smart and stay alert when returning home. Epic caek and lulz for all!

For those looking to join us for the first time, stop by the Enturbulation.org Activism Forum for June 14th to find a protest location near you!

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