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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ahoy Mateys!! All Hands on Deck for the Anonymous Operation Sea Arrrgh, coming June 14th, 2008

Sea Arrrgh = Stop The Sea Org Abuses!

Free the Children, Stop the Neglect, Oppose the RPF.

FSO = Modern Day Slavery

Flag Service Organization is hereby Exposed! When will the abuses be stopped?

Anonymous, the movement dedicated to exposing the truth and eliminating the abuses within organized scientology, will stage its fifth protest this 14th of June. The theme for this protest, "Sea Arrrgh" will see hordes of swarthy Anon pirates from around the world donning sea-faring garb as a send up of Scientology's paramilitary organization, the Sea Org.

Scientology's Sea Org can legitimately be described as the paramilitary heart of the cult. This elite wing operates with a genuine militaristic chain of command, complete with naval styled uniforms and insignia of rank. Scientology maintains an armed compound surrounded by razor wire and CCTV cameras at its "Gold Base" (aka "Int Base") in Hemet and Gilman Hot Springs area of California.

What's so wrong with the Sea Org?

Sea Org members sign a billion year contract when they sign up that's been in place since L. Ron Hubbard first established his own personal navy in 1968. They are not paid a livable wage. OH&S breaches have in the past been responsible for deaths that might have been easily avoided. They are not permitted to have children. Pregnant women will be pressured to have abortions under threat of disciplinary proceedings should they refuse.

Ex-scientologists and Critics believe that the Sea Organization is one of the most abusive groups in the world. The child abuse alone that happens on a daily basis in the Sea Org are all the more egregious because, due to Scientology's religious status in the USA and other countries, law enforcement is reticent to investigate.

Why does Anonymous oppose the Sea Org?

Many common aspects of Sea Org life that Anonymous feels is unacceptable are outlined below. We consider these points to be the facts since they were compiled from dozens of personal testimonials of ex-Sea Org members whom all attest to the same crimes against humanity. A few of these experiences are included in the YouTube Playlist embedded below, and can also be reviewed farther from the kindred references listed at the end of this article.

Sea Org members are not permitted to have children while working for the organization. Couples who get pregnant are either pressured to abort the baby, or they must leave. Often, these people have been in the Sea Org so long, they have nowhere to go, no resume outside of Scientology, no job experience, no finances, no property, and no non-Scientology friends.

Anyone who leaves the Sea Org without permission is declared a Suppressive Person by the Church of Scientology, and is ostracized from family, friends, and loved ones. It is very difficult to get permission to leave the Sea Org, and one cannot simply quit and then walk out the door. The "approved" leaving process involves up to 3 years of hard physical labor, E-metered confessionals, social isolation and group pressure.

Sea Org members live in horrible conditions and typically live in small rooms with 3-12 other members unless married. Members are often denied proper sleep and are often forced to skip meals because of the pressures of the job. Many children who join the Sea Org marry very young - sometimes at 15 or 16 years of age - just so that they can have a room to themselves.

Sea Org members are denied proper medical care. They are not provided health insurance, are not given sick days, and the Sea Org will not purchase their medicine for them. If a free clinic won't provide the medicine someone needs, the Sea Org management won't shoulder the costs. There are numerous cases of people who have become very ill in the Sea Org, or who had pre-existing medical conditions, and were not allowed to seek medical treatment.

Sickness is also treated as the fault of the sick person, because Scientologists believe that the only reason someone gets sick is that they are connected to a Suppressive Person. They believe that you can decide not to get sick. So when someone becomes ill, they are treated as though they have done something wrong by not "handling" the situation.

Because Scientology has religious status in many countries, labor laws do not apply to the Sea Org. Therefore, Sea Org members have no protection from long and abusive work hours. Many work 17-20 hours days because of the pressures of the job. Anyone who complains is treated as though they are either "not getting with the program" or "unethical" and "not on board". There are thousands of minors working under these conditions.

Sea Org members rarely have more than a few hours off a week. Even during this off-time, they are not permitted to go far from the compound where they live and work. If managements decides that they have not worked hard enough, they are not allowed time off for Christmas, New Years, birthdays or national holidays.

Sea Org members do not have their own phone numbers (unless they are allowed a cell phone), may not watch TV, are not allowed to own a personal computer with internet connections, and are only infrequently allowed to watch pre-approved movies.

Spouses and family members in the Sea Org rarely see each other. The Sea Org management reserves the right to ship different family members off to work in other countries or areas without any approval from the spouse. Husbands may be sent away from their wives, mothers may be sent away from their children, etc. If the family complains, they are punished.

Families who have members in the Sea Org and other members who are not in the Sea Org rarely see each other. Mothers and fathers with children in the Sea Org may not call them directly, but must call the organization and ask to speak with them.

Letters that Sea Org members write to their families, and letters that they receive from the outside, are screened by Sea Org censors for "entheta" (unhappiness, negativity) before they are passed on. Anyone complaining of unhappiness in the Sea Org in their letters is disciplined, and the letter is not delivered. If a family member sends a letter to someone inside expressing concern about the conditions there, the censor pressures the intended letter recipient to "handle" the sender, often with a monitored phone call in which they are made to say how happy they are, and that everything is going fine.

If a Sea Org member commits a punishable offense, they are sent to the RPF, or Rehabilitation Project Force, which is a sort of boot camp for "bad" Sea Org members. People on the RPF may only eat the food left over after the other SO members have eaten, may not speak to a Sea Org member unless spoken to, are not allowed to walk (they must run everywhere), are not allowed holidays, receive even less pay than SO members, and are required to do hard manual labor for long hours. People can be assigned to the RPF for up to 10 years and the effect of brainwashing and confinement has sometimes been deadly.

Recruited members are put under tremendous psychological pressure. They are expected work as hard as need be without complaint, sacrificing food, sleep, family, and off hours. Often the things they are asked to do are beyond the realm of human possibility, and yet they are criticized for not getting these things done, even when they've tried as hard as they possibly can. Many Sea Org members who leave cite this as one of the most debilitating aspects of the Sea Org - they work and work and work, and yet their boss tells them it is never good enough. Their bosses, of course, are under exactly the same kind of pressure from their bosses, who are under the same from theirs, and so forth.

The Sea Org: Co$ Elite Task Force or Shameful Trap?

Click the title link above the player to read a transcript of these clips.

Why would anyone put up with those conditions?

What most people don't understand is that most of the people in the Sea Org either grew up in Scientology, or have been in Scientology for many, many years. They are trapped in a situation where they really believe they are saving the planet. Many of them put up with these conditions because they have been told that this is the only way they can help mankind, and they honestly believe this is so. They may feel that they are enduring hard slave labor conditions, but management tells them that the earth is in peril, and that they endure this hardship for the good of humanity. How is sacrificing one's own human rights good for humanity?!?!

Since anyone expressing doubt or unhappiness is disciplined, no one is willing to outwardly show discontent. Though a person may be unhappy in the SO, he looks around and sees everyone else wearing dedicated faces and doing their jobs, and thinks that something must be wrong with him for wanting to leave. The seldom see any hope for escape from the totalitarianism regime.

Inside this dark branch of organized scientology upper management also paints the world outside of Scientology like an evil place, awash in drugs, sex, and misery. They are told they cannot trust the "real world" law - only Scientology law is good and just, while the legal system outside is corrupt and untrustworthy. While Sea Org members may not be happy, they are constantly told that outside it is much worse. Anyone who leaves is painted as a criminal, a coward, and a traitor. The organizational delusions or so unbelievable, it's only been in recent years the growing numbers of escapees speaking out is finally loud enough (thanks to Anonymous) to be taking seriously.

Since most of the Sea Org members are denied access to the outside world, they have no opportunity to interact with those who are leading healthy, productive lives outside; and moreover, they are encouraged to think that people on the outside aren't dedicated enough. Combine all these factors with lack of sleep, lack of food, and lack of time to think, and you might understand why that many people would "willingly" shoulder that kind of abuse.

The internets & intertubes have now joined forces with the old guard critics, concerned citizens, former cult members, separated family members, local police and other human rights groups. It is now safe to come out and show your support in LARGE numbers. The Project Chanalogy segment of Anonymous has decided thats it's time for the outside world to have a closer look at organized scientology's Sea Org and ask one singular question of our lawmakers & polical leaders - WTF is wrong the picture above?!?!? We Anons think the answer to that all important question is said best with the picture below. And until something is done about it - We Do Not Forgive & We Do Not Forget.

Come Join Us for the worldwide protest in June and write the necessary congressman - demand an investigation be sought for answers to the crimes & abuses in the Sea Org that desparately need to be STOPPED!


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