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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wise Beard Man Returns to YouTube

Mark Bunker, the television Journalist from XenuTV.com and author of the THE WOG BLOG, has finally returned to his rightful place on YouTube after a fair use dispute with Viacom allegedly over some Stephen Colbert clips. Mark is an Emmy winning old guard critic of organized scientology whose words inspired the evolution of the initial Anonymous outrage into the reformulated Chanology-based worldwide activist movement it is today.

That's Right; XenuTV is back as well as Mark's secondary YouTube channel XenuTV1 that was suspended right before the Jason Beghe interview was fully released. However, WBM notes that from this point forward his original XenuTV channel will feature all his new material in the ongoing fight against the organized crime syndicate of scientology.

Wise Beard Man Returns to YouTube

Bunker's legendary video that reached out to the Anons encouraging them to stop the initial DDoS attacks and other chan-like retaliation actions against the cult's websites and take up the peaceful protest we see today earned him the title of "Wise Beard Man" or WBM for short. The Anonymous protesters then absorbed his large collection of footage exposing the crimes and warped mentality of the Co$ as their own "source" of learning. From Mark's contributions along with other OG sources we found our way to the path paved by all of the past critics over the decades, and massively upgraded that path to the information superhighway standards of modern day technology.

Thus the hivemind came to know the right way of how to fight the cult, exactly what to expect, and how to win. Thanks to Mark and all the other old guard who had an open mind to give us a chance to prove ourselves despite having a completely different mindset than those before us, then readily joined the Anons as equal comrades. The torch to stop the abuses of organized scientology was passed, greatly expanded into a state-of-the-art marcabian beacon, then multiplied exponentially and mass produced for continued growth that is still going strong and getting bigger each and every day.

Welcome back Wise Beard Man! Your presence on the intertubes has been dearly missed. Additionally, many thanks going out to Viacom from all the Anonymous supporters around the globe for coming to a reasonable understanding about the whole matter.

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