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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Freewinds - Sea Org Cruise Ship or Floating Footbullet?

The flag ship of organized scientology’s paramilitary group the Sea Organization is known as the MV Freewinds. The ship described by Jason Beghe as a "rust bucket" was first sealed off in April of 2008 for traces of the deadly cancer-causing blue asbestos that can lead to mesothelioma. Refurbishment work was suspended on the ship used as a spiritual retreat and training center for the highest degrees of OT Level courses that members of the Church of Scientology are encouraged to pursue at great expense once they get beyond the infamous Dianetics entry-level state of "clear".

Six weeks after public health authorities on the Caribbean island of Curacao (Netherlands Antilles) impounded the 440-foot luxury liner built in 1968, the ship still remains locked down after the subcontractors brought in from the USA walked off the job due to unsafe working conditions. Experts had advised that decontaminating the ship would cost millions of dollars and may not even be possible.

Scientology then sent in a team of its own Sea Org members that were forced to cleanup the ship themselves. Amidst unconfirmed claims that the cleanup effort is nearly completed, these untrained captive cult members are likely made to work day and night as grossly underpaid labor gangs with little regard for their health since Scientology beliefs preach that their advanced auditing techniques combined with the superhuman powers OTs are capable of can completely cure cancer. Locals have stated that these billion-year contract members are bringing the blue asbestos by the truckload to dump at the island's Selikor landfill site at Malpais.

Meanwhile, the church continues to solicit for cruises that will not happen as shown in the marketing flyers below sent out with massive spam negligence to members, ex-members, declared SPs and sworn enemies alike during May of 2008. Click on these thumbnails to view the full size flyers.

Hmmm... Is the cash cow in need of emergency funds compliments of false-sale credits left on duped members accounts? Sure seems that way to us.

The current situation is no surprise in light of the long sordid history behind this vessel of contamination being allowed to go unchecked against known environmental disgraces for over twenty years. Included in the following YouTube Playlist is partial footage from a must-see Xenu TV interview where Stacy Brooks sits down with former Scientology member, architect Lawrence Woodcraft, to discuss the Freewinds and his discovery of blue asbestos during some earlier renovations in 1987. In 2001 Mr. Woodcraft had submitted a sworn affidavit stating that he was exposed to blue asbestos while working on the Freewinds and had reported the seriousness of the problem in full detail to Bitty Miscavige (wife of Ronnie Miscavige, DM's brother) explaining that the vessel was unsafe to continue operation and should be retired immediately as with other ships of the same era that were similarly filled with blue asbestos before properly legislated. Lawrence managed to escape from the cult shortly thereafter (albeit without his family) and the problem was covered up and ignored.

Additionally, environmentalists previously raised a concern about the Freewinds polluting Bonaire in the Netherlands Antilles in May of 2007. Footage is also included below showing maintenance trucks many times every hour dumping mass amounts of toxic sewage and other liquid waste from the Freewinds onto the tiny island of Bonaire. This putrid runoff was polluting their ground water which is detrimental to human health and can easily lead to an eco-disaster if allowed to resume. The activists making these videos in Bonaire were intimidated and eventually threatened with legal action by the Director of Selibon. It is unknown to Anonymous whatever became of this situation, but we sure would be interested in finding out moar!!

The Freewinds Pollution & Contamination Scandals

Somebody really ought to put a Stop to the Abuses of Scientology’s Sea Org! Good thing the scurvy bilge rats will be chased down and exposed by a herd of cats in snazzy pirate garb on June 14th!!


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