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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

XenuExposed Presents: The Anonymous PSA Series, Scientology EXPOSED

The following YouTube Playlist speaks for itself and will be readily recognized by title credit alone for those who are following the Anonymous movement closely.

This series of videos from YouTuber XenuExposed is one of the many professional quality examples of the extremely inspired & well informed messages being spread by the Anonymous protesters speaking out against the organized crime syndicate of scientology. The talent that rises from the ranks of Anon can truly blow you away as the powerful impact of each of these clips separately proves, and does so in a manner that is nearly too breathtaking for words the first time you see it.

XenuExposed Presents: Scientology EXPOSED, The PSA Series

Each of these videos have gone (or nearly gone) viral on their own standing, but the quality here is so superb they deserve to shine as an entire collection for the general public to behold in a single awe inspiring sitting. As always, for any and all who view these public service announcements and sit there dumfounded that is actually happening... we invite implore you to check out the key references below, visit www.xenu.net & search the web, investigate for yourself, then make up your own mind - how much longer can we as a civilized society tolerate these many crimes against humanity?


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