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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sea Arrgh Protesters Encounter Scilon Infiltration Speading Black PR

Avaste Mateys! As to be expected, the peaceful Anonymous protesters encountered a typical example of organized scientology's usual FAIL GAME Dead Agenting Tactics where the crime syndicate tries to discredit critics by spreading false accusations and trumped up atrocities. Thie incident took place in Sydney, Australia during the June 14 Sea Arrrgh protests.

The following details are a partial excerpt from an Aussie raid report made by Tamphex on Enturtubulation.org and the related videos that summarize this incident from Sydney Anons.

UPDATE: So far, the Sidney cell was the only one reporting infiltration & fake flyering on June 14th. However, there was a couple smaller incidents encountered elsewhere in recent flash raids. References for this case and other similar incidents are listed below and more will be added if additional details become available.

This location is very different from the usual building we park ourselves outside of. No room for them to park their infamous "we're moving furniture, honest officer!" trucks & no choice but for the scientologists inside to acknowledge our presence (pic of location below)

We gathered across the narrow lane from the Sea Org and commenced our chants & speeches from the ex scientologists that were awesome enough to attend with (including David Graham sporting an eyepatch!) While we were enturbulating, the news quickly got around that the clams were counter pamphleting us around the area at the same time (this in fact was happening a lot earlier, we had stopped at the city Town Hall for a quick breather when some had caught on to it happening - I have the pamphlet with me but no scanner, but I'm sure it will turn up on enturb during the reports from other locations. Bet my bottom dollar on it)

We reached the time when our permit was allowing us to picket en masse and dispersed. Some of us heading home, some grabbing a bite to eat and some headed straight our usual target; the Castlereagh St "Dianetics Office") I decided to hang back with some of the group, grab something eat at a local fast food joint and talk about the day etc. I was sitting there just enjoying a quiet smoke when some people caught my eye carrying something; sure enough, it was two very young scientologists with ARMFULS of the anti anonymous propaganda pamphlets and what appeared to a woman who was I assume helping to handle them. Yknow that moment when you and another person make eye contact, and you both know that both parties shouldn't actually be seeing each other doing what they're doing? Yeah, it was one of those moments. They decided it would be smart to dive into the nearest doorway hoping that I wouldn't have seen then. But unfortunately I had and dove off the chair I was sitting quick as lightning. I wanted answers and I wanted them now.

I got around to the doorway to find them standing there with their backs to me. What the fuck man... was my thought and "..What exactly do you think you're doing; why are you passing out pamphlets to the public which is straight up slander about us?" was what came out.

Both of the young scientologists kids swung around and retorted with something along the lines of the pamphlets not being lies & what gave us the right to protest their religion yada yada. These two guys were all gutso and bravado until they noticed the anons quickly lining up behind me, and especially one sporting a big nice high definition video camera. When they realized it wasn't three vs one, the woman instructed the two scientologists to "head back to the org". Something I wasn't about to let happen before they at least gave us some answers. And what a merry chase they gave, into a shopping arcade, through a food court, onto the street and back through again. All the way to the Sea Org front door itself.

We caught the entire incident on film, through the high def camera and at least 5 other individual anons mobile cameras as well. Hopefully the footage should be hitting YouTube & Enturb tomorrow at same point. Brace yourselves though, the footage is me in full pissed off enturbulating like a absolute bastard mode. I was relentless - not so much on the younger kid (the other hightailed it out of there when I started up) but more so on the woman who was obviously sent out to handle them. This individual was clearly an OT level. Yet, she couldn't take 5 minutes out to hear our side of the very propaganda she was assisting to hand out. As you'll see from the footage when it is released, she wasn't handling the situation at all.

Once we had finished running the clams back into the safety of the precious Sea Org, we retired back to the eatery to discover that an assault had taken place on the Anons that had stayed behind. Apparently some local moronic yobbos (chavs for my british cousins and rednecks for my American ones) So as we were informed that the police had been called, we decided to stay around to report it. Luckily the dickheads were still in the vicinity, so we went outside to give them a big ole wave of "haha shit heels" as they were drove away in the police paddy wagon.
- Tamphex

Makes you wonder - if the scilons really think we're as bad as the vengeful idiot flyers suggest, why do they manipulate young children into the front lines of the counter attack for their dirty tricks?? Whatever happened to the troops of grown adult scilons that used to bullbait OG with such sinister malice? Methinks perhaps their afraid to loose their cash draining resources if their regular staff members are exposed to all the insane LRH audio recently made available. Related footage for the Sydney infiltration is as follows.

UPDATE II: San Franciso, CA experienced a similar occurrence that included good ol' Tommy Gormon's camera being manhandling abit before he ran the scilon infiltrator back to his Org as well!

Update III+++: More California USA cities reporting Black PR "Anonymous FAQ" counter flyering: Los Angeles, San Diego, and Mountain View. Plus Christchurch New Zealand, and Vancouver Canada. None of these incidents were as dramatic as the two above and scilons typically scampered off right quick when confronted so no big deal. San Diego scilon escort back to the org is shown below


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Sean said...

About the part where you were enturbulating at the org, I was the guy out there countering their counter, THE. ONLY. FUCKING. ONE. It doesn't matter how good i was, and i was fucking good, 1 anon versus 5 Scientologists (maybe 2 and a couple of people they paid.) isn't fair odds, though i believe my size (6 foot 5) was the only reason they didn't attempt to bull-bait me, unlike others. Luckily a couple of anons who left early were able to replenish my nearly non-existent fliers and chase one (not the wimp we chased later) young scientologist up the nearby escalator of Broadway Mall, only he went up the wrong one, lol. And dude, i was with you when we found the wimp and his handler, quite funny, you could see him shitting himself.

AnonLover said...

"1 anon versus 5 Scientologists..."

holy cow... this is in re: to sydney or san fran? and many sorries i glossed over that abit, i jumped on this story to spread it asap and just summarized the earliest raid reports as best i could.