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Friday, June 27, 2008

Scientology Goes Into Hiding on Sunset Blvd

Oh the hilarity here is priceless!! Chuck Beatty relayed the following shots that were snapped by someone in Los Angeles today. First scaffolding, now....

The Container Wall of Hiding!!

Los Angeles residents can call 311 and complain about the unsightliness. Also City Councilman Eric Garcetti is the councilperson for the district. Garcetti, he still has to run for re-election Angelenos, so be sure that after you call him, 213 473-7013 or his field office 323 957 4500, call your own council person and let them know the issue and that you called Garcetti. While your at it, you may want to point out that the city's street closure sawhorses are being used on private property.

Garcetti's field office reportedly said later in the day that they have been getting calls from the public, but that the field office has not been informed of what event is planned at the "Scientology building" as they called it.

From the online shipping info based off of the photog'd serial numbers, it appears that co$ rented empty containers? ("Empty Container Release to Shipper SHANGHAI,CHINA (CNSHAHJ) 25May08") There is no mention of the containter ever being packed with goodies, simply that the transport vessel (the ship) was loaded. So they shipped these containers EMPTY just to execute this total butt ugliness.

Ummm... excuse me but where are those OT powerz now scientology? Behind a wall of shipping crates you say?? Oh the lulz - behind a wall of your own shame is more like it. Either that, or Scientology Enacts Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plan and does a dam good job of it!

UPDATE: Magoo has reported in a day later the following tidbit:

Many people laughed at this, and my guess is some people reported it.

Either way, they're gone now. Someone just called me to tell me they'd spoken with the people who put up the Tent now standing there.

I asked, "Could this Tent have been in those containers?"

He asked the people (construction workers, not Sea Org) putting up the tent, and they said, "No---we have no idea what those containers were for, but it wasn't this tent". (Paraphrased)

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chuckbeatty77 said...

I live in Pittsburgh, the photos were sent by a Los Angeles area vigilant citizen who deserves the photo credits! Chuck Beatty

AnonLover said...

whoops, sorry i goofed that up chuck - now fix'd. thks for the correction.