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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Operation Over the Wall: Postcards from Paradise

In the days of L. Ron Hubbard running the Church of Scientology, members who had been declared a Suppressive Person (aka "SP") were simply thrown out of the cult and subjected to Fair Game if they spoke out too harshly. More often than not, Fair Game was reserved only for the worst critics while former members who left quietly would be punished with Disconnection letters from their friends and family as a last resort for not staying onboard with Church doctrines.

Nowadays, it is much different. David Miscavige has become so afraid of his own high level executives that he vehemently declares people SPs on suspicion alone for the least little infraction. Meanwhile, the lower ranking members this prejudice is inflicted upon are still simply routed out and disconnected in accordance with Scientology's Justice System. Unfortunately, this is not often the case for the organization's top level executives and board members. Miscavige instead locks up those higher risk individuals into a living hell known as the SP Hall when they either screw up badly or begin to show signs of "blowing". To make matters worse, most of these poor imprisoned souls are brainwashed to believe they belong there - that their current lifetime is a total lost cause and that they need the intense “rehabilitation” in order to have any hope of doing better in their next lifetime.

This rehabilitation often occurs at the SP Hall that is reserved only for upper-level executives and located at the "Int Base" or "Gold Base" (otherwise known as Golden Era Productions or the International Base) in Hemet, California. According to several high ranking ex-scientologist who managed to blow before being sentenced to this unlawful imprisonment that occasionally ends in death; David Miscavige does not want anyone to ever leave the Int Base. Seemingly, because they all know too much and could easily bring about the collapse of the organization if they were to come out their hypnotized daze of self-deprecation and speak out like Jesse Prince did in 1998. Thus, when Miscavige no longer wants to deal with a particular executive, or becomes paranoid that they will finally stand up to him, he has them declared an SP and locks them up at Int Base.

People like Heber Jentzsch who do have the legal authority to wrest control of the church away are thus locked up forever. Anonymous decided to make a BIG deal about this at the May 10th rallies since it is a form of internal Fair Game within the church. Tory/Magoo often wonders with great duress why no one who is not trapped in the SP Hall and fully aware of what is happening does anything to get these people out. Our guess is that most are so terrified that they too will end up incarcerated there that they don’t dare say anything. More importantly, it also seems from past incidents that everyone at the Int Base in Hemet has fallen into a kind of Stockholm Syndrome in which they completely identify with the values of their captors, and actually believe that they deserve the treatment they are being given.

Mike Rinder seems to have escaped this internal exile by the seat of his pants. However, his wife is still stuck in the cult and his actions on the outside could easily endanger his chances of ever seeing her again. So it's assumed situations such as this are the real reason behind why those who do break free are not coming forward to denounce the despicable imprisonment policy being enforced internally in the C0$. There is a clip included in the playlist below with Tory talking to an OSA guard about this situation at the April 10th protest in Los Angeles. If you watch the video carefully, it is clear that her information regarding the Cult's highest execs being locked away in a prison camp and trotted out only once in awhile for important events (like Tommy Davis for the recent CNN interview) definitely "got" to him. At the very least, he knew it was true that no one has laid eyes on any of the names Tory mentioned for a long time and he was extremely uncomfortable. Everything Magoo said in that confrontation was recorded on the Cult's security cameras and was hopefully watched by a number of the OSA execs. Obviously, Tory knew this and was trying to "wake them up" with this information. Many anons and former members feel very strongly that more of this "waking up" effort needs to happen with signs and flyers directed at the OSA operatives sent out to watch the protests. We figure if Anonymous can plant a seed of fear in these people that perhaps they too could end up in an "SP Gulag" then more may be encouraged to quietly blow.

Thus, Operation Over the Wall: Postcards From Paradise was born within the ranks of Anonymous to send positive messages on a simple postcard to those being held in the various detention centers. The first mass mailing of these messages coincided with the May 10th Operation Fair Game Stop protest against the Church of Scientology and is still ongoing. The people we are sending these postcards to are very demoralized and would probably claim they are willing there by their own choice when asked. However, it is alleged that if authorities were to see the deplorable conditions they are being held in, it would result in immediate action.

The initial stage of Operation Over The Wall is concentrated on sending short notes with a message of hope to the list of names we've identified as being interred in the SP Hall at Int Base. The idea being to basically flood Int/Gold base with very bright cheery postcards all addressed to the prisoners in the SP Hall, letting them know we're thinking of them, that we are fully aware of their plight and that there's a support group out here waiting for them. We’ve been assured by former OSA officers that if they receive heaps of postcards from around the world, it will cause some kind of reaction. It is possible they may deliver them, which will send a very clear message to those people imprisoned and get them thinking. Just as likely is that they won't deliver them, but will have meetings about the "PR flap". Either way, the rumor line will spread the news around the base that there are friends and support outside the compound that care. This will be BIG NEWS inside because even those not in the SP hall have been cut off from the outside world for years now. The gears will start ticking over with this piece of data and ideally help to bring about the change of mindset needed to want their freedom back. Another possible outcome is that the SP hall will become such an embarrassment that they will have to let the inmates out in fear of the government taking an interest and catching them red handed at their horrific crimes.

Ex-scientologists concerned about the unethical imprisonment of their family and friends have encouraged this effort with an outpouring of sentiments all similar to the following quote from BTs2Free:

Operation "Over The Wall" is going to be a HUGE flap on the base. Probably one of the biggest flaps ever. When David Miscavige finds out that hundreds if not thousands of postcards are coming in to the base from all over the world, to members of the SP Hall as well as to other staff at the base, he's going to go absolutely ape-shit. When he finds out that people are concerned for specific members who are being held prisoner, he's going to realize that the WORD IS OUT THERE. His little prison operation will be foiled.

A later stage of this Operation will focus on sending postcards to those who are locked up as apart of the Rehabilitation Project Force (aka "RPF") once a decent sized list of names is gathered. So far we have one list from an RPF center in California, but are hoping to expand that to include Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Saint Hill Manor and Copenhagen locations. A summary of background details, current operation activity and ongoing promotion for Over The Wall - Postcards From Paradise is shown in the YouTube Playlist below. For additional information on how you can help, follow the title link above the player for the transcript details or any of the "Forum" links at the end of this article.

Operation Over the Wall: Postcards from Paradise to SP Hall

For the anon fans and general public lurkers out there in the virtual world that are wondering what you can do to help support our cause without attending a protest, this is the perfect thing! So don't be shy - a handful of postcards with a note like shown in the videos signed "Anonymous" is small effort you can easily do to add to the thousands we have pouring in to hopefully cause a big impact at some point in the near future. As of the date of this entry, we've sent a Total of 2036 Postcards - and that's just for starters!


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