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Friday, May 2, 2008

The Real Issues Behind the Anonymous Crusade

Why Do We Protest? Oh lordy, let me try and count the many-many ways. Psssffft.... there's too many to freaking count because the global corruption and prevailing evil of the Church of Scientology is just too vast. However, this is important so JohnQPublic who has happened upon this blog by chance - if you only take the time look at one thing in this guide - please let it be the following collection of video clips. These issues that the Anonymous Network has rallied behind are ultimately, all that truly matters here.

Thus we proudly present the following YouTube Playlist that summarizes all the important points quite nicely. As always, we invite you to investigate these issues further when you have the time and decide for yourself.

Understanding Anonymous Course #1: The Issues they Represent

Click the title link above the player to read a transcript of these clips. Use the buttons and side-arrows on the player to navigate past stuff you've already seen.

The gist of it is [ tl;dr ]: Scientology Lies, Scientology Kills, and most importantly - Scientology Must Be Stopped!

Pay Attention all you Elected Legislators and Appointed Government Officials. Our ALAS Campaign is currently in its infancy and the days of you being able to ignore the perversion of this cult yet remain in a public office whilst having the luxury of being safely unaware are coming to a close. Our Public Awareness Campaign will be a force to be reckoned with by this time next year. Therefore, we strongly urge you to take careful notice of the burgeoning flood of letters pouring into your comfort zone. At this point in time we are only reaching out and asking for your help. There is so much more yet to come.

So Know This: We are also watching and investigating YOU Mr. & Ms. Politician! We are rapidly gathering data and resources, while establishing a network of allies in the press and media. Once we milk our first major front of assault for all its worth with the epic win public protests; congress - parliament - legislatures all around the world will be our second major assault. If you refuse to take action when called upon, or if you look the other way instead of taking a stand for justice... we guarantee you the faction of the Anonymous hivemind in your local jurisdiction will unite, rise up & rectify the matter right-quick by denying you the support and respect of your constituents come next Election Day. Stop letting the power of the cult of scientology undermine your authority. Band together like we did and strike back on multiple fronts simultaneously. Do your job to protect us from these crimes or else we will take your job away from you with much lulz. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. You cannot hide from these issues any longer. Your only two choices are to A) Come with Us, or B) Fall by the wayside and enjoy an early retirement. Which one is it gonna be?


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