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Friday, May 9, 2008

Ninemsn.au Features Indepth Look at Anonymous

Another great major media WIN was earned on May 8th, 2008 when the National Nine News in Australia featured a story entitled "The internet pranksters who started a war" along with additional material referenced at the end of this post. THIS is a must-read, must-digg, must-flock set of three articles for all those following along with the Project Chanology campaign because it's the first significant coverage that took the time to relay a good solid introduction to What Is Anonymous.

Excellent job is excellent ninemsn!! Even if you did somewhat miss covering the details regarding the more important moralfag issues (aside from lulz) that lies behind why we protest. But hey PR is PR. Thank you so much for this fine piece of journalism, it is so encouraging to see the world at large finally becoming interested!

The footage from the primary pranster article reposted on YouTube compliments of the ever diligent and oh-so-awesome vidwizard doyle6315 is featured below for your viewing pleasure. Follow the title link instead to view original HD version on MSN.

Seeking the Truth about Anonymous


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