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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Scientology Proves Fair Game is Alive and Well!

The Anonymous protesters taking a stand against organized scientology are often asked why they wear masks. The answers to that are all but cliche now that the truth is out, despite the way hardcore scilons always bawl that the hateful policies of Fair Game and Dead Agent tactics are long in the past. But unfortunately, this is a million miles away from the truth just like all the rest of the cult's Black PR.

The following short YouTube Playlist relays a recent incident where the OSA stalkers prove without a doubt that they are still up to their old tricks. This particular trick has been used and abused for so many years that it has become a memorial of shame until itself: Scientology draws up a big pack of lies wrapped in vicious retaliation against any major critic known by name, publishes this crap to their own malicious PR website at ReligousFreedomWatch.org, and then spreads the printed version to all the neighbors, friends, etc. of said critic. Sound famiiar? Of course it does, it's been happening this same way for years and years.

This is totally unacceptable behavior coming from a tax exempt organization despite the irony that the only guilty party of their own accusations is the upper level staff scientologists pulling these childish stunts. Thus this trivial little series of incidents in Burbank, California is really nothing more than a prime example of how lame their always-attack mentality typically plays out when it's not deadly. Nonetheless, it proves all the reiterated points against scientology's criminal behavior, shows that they sink to unbelievable low levels of utter disgrace, yet wraps up nicely into an entertaining little package for watching epic FAIL in action from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy!

Scientology Stalks Anonymous and Magoo

Pay Attention All You OSA Freaks whom we have been successfully enturbulating into showing your true colors. Your sordid jig is up and your too closed-minded to see the fast approaching end to your organization's corruption that your own actions accelerate. We know how your hater game plays, and it's not going to work to discredit Anonymous nor the old guard we have rallied around. The world has stopped looking the other way, and your now under a microscope where every dirty trick you try to play is used to propel our cause further. Your overly complicated tech is failing to insulate you, and as Mahatma Gandhi simply stated and then proved long ago: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win." So go right ahead and keep up the creepy attacks, the raging insanity, and the violent outbursts - it's all good for us, sucks to be you, but that seems to be the way you want it.


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