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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Show Your Support for Operation Fair Game Stop on May 10th

The Project Chanalogy segment of the internet group known as Anonymous are primed and ready-to-go for the next worlwide protest against the Church of Scientology. This month's rally will be focused on raising public awareness of scientology's well honed harrasment tactics of the LRH policy formerly known as "Fair Game". A vindictive policy the cult has employed for decades to terrorize their critics and sabotage the defectors who manage to escape with little more than the clothes on their back and then decide to speak out about the inhuman abuses they endured.

If you are supportive of our cause, please join us on May 10th round about mid-day. A list of regional locations is indexed in the table at the end of this post for finding a local Co$ org in your area where active protesters are planning on gathering.

If you are against the Anonymous protests and feel that our campaign is wrong; then we suggest you use the intellectual side of your brain to research the issues behind why we protest, investigate the facts, and review a few of the ex-member testimonies of the horrors they endured first hand. Then maybe you will realize the only rational thing to do is come Join Us and help make the world a safer place for our children.

Regional Picket Locations for Operation FairGameSTOP
Asia Pacific
10 Confirmed Cities in 3 Countries
37 Confirmed Cities in 18 Countries
USA - East Coast
26 Confirmed Cities
10 Confirmed Cities
USA - Central/Mountain
29 Confirmed Cities
USA - West Coast
20 Confirmed Cities
Mexico South Africa
Join Us on May 10th in over 125 cities worldwide to help stop the corrupt practices of this dangerous cult.


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