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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Radio Interview with Brisbane Anonymous & Cyrus Brooks

One of the kick-ass aussie factions of Anonymous scored an epic win on the radio airwaves on April 24th with the following interview on Gemma Snowdon's show on 4ZZZ 102.1FM. The interview was done by Stephen Stockwell and featured both Cyrus Brooks (PR/vice president of Co$) along with 'Rick' and 'Tom' from Anonymous. Also included for your viewing pleasure at the end of this YouTube Playlist is some excellent mini raid footage recorded prior to the interview and from this same awesome arm of the Anonymous Legion.

Radio Interview with Anons in Brisbane, Australia

Special Thanks and virtual hugs going out to AnonPFD for posting these great clips! Great Job Brisbane Anons on both the interview and flash raid - both were very well done indeed! Keep up the good works doods - lookout sydney, it looks like brisbane fking rules down under!! ;)


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