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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Jay Marvin & Tony Ortega Talks Scientology on AM760 Progressive Talk

The Anonymous crusade against the Church of Scientology received additional great coverage on the radio waves last month on 4/17/2008 thats featured in the following YouTube Playlist. Jay Marvin is a widely listened to talk radio host in the Boulder/Denver area of Colorado. He talked about Co$, interviewed Tony Ortega, and opens up the phones to take calls. Mr. Ortega is a journalist who's been investigating Co$ for 13 years and the Editor-in-Chief of The Village Voice that often covers the anon angle of current events. He is also currently writing a book on Jason Beghe, so needles to say - Tony is intimately familiar with the issues being protested in recent months. Combine this asset with Jay's own background with the history of our cause, the two of them together make for one helluva show even without the anon cake at the end of the first clip! So a big nationwide anon cheer goes out to both Jay & Tony for helping broadening the public awareness that we're out here and and taking the time to help the public better understand why the anon-phenom is so important!

Jay Marvin Talks Scientology on AM760 4/17/2008

Big shoutout of thanks going out to HouseSpiderAnon for capturing one the best anon US media wins so far! Yo Colorado faction, the euro anons are whooping our american azzes when it comes to the media frontier, so here's hoping we make friends with Jay and see a few more fine radio wave spots just like this one throughout the year!! KINDRED BACK MATTER

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1 comment:

HouseSpider said...

"the euro anons are whooping our american azzes when it comes to the media frontier"

You got THAT right. We need to step things up on this side of the pond.