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Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Tribute: Anonymous akin to a New WHITE ROSE Blooming

This post is a two-way tribute felt by many who are in awe of what the Anonymous group is beginning to accomplish and remember a similar movement who dubbed themselves White Rose. The first White Rose was mowed down by the nazi's before they had a chance to truly bloom like we have. It's an honor to be linked with the symbolism of these legendary advocates of days gone by but not forgotten. Thus, a further purpose of this post is to say thanks to all those who show us the incredible respect by seeing the anon insurgency as the next white rose reblooming.

The first video in the following YouTube Playlist is a special tribute to Anonymous who, like their predecessors, oppose the totalitarian, murdering Scientology Corporation. This video was made using the poem, "A White Rose is Blooming", written by YouTuber WBMBacker and is also dedicated to Munich University students, who between 1942 and 1943, formed The White Rose. This heroic group was opposed to the Nazi Party. They were small number of students led by Sophie Scholl, her brother Hans, and their friend Christoph Probst, clandestinely distributed anti-Nazi fliers amongst the other students. They were caught, tried for treason, and executed. They released only six leaflets before they were beheaded by Adolf Hitler.

So the White Rose is a fitting tribute indeed, and thus became the symbol used on The Anonymous White Rose Flag touted by the SanFran Anon faction and featured in the middle video clips along with the pic below. At the San Francisco April 12 Operation Reconnect protest, the local Anon dedicated their White Rose Anonymous flag to Arnie Lerma, one of the great Critics of Scientology who suffered unimaginable persecution by organized scientology over the years. Arnie likewise likens Anonymous to the student-led White Rose movement of Munich, which inspired the effort earlier this year when the epic flag was dedicated in his honor. The later videos in the following playlist memorialized this epic SFraid event and the tribute that it stands for. Then it closes with a musical piece from Nana Mouskouri called "White Rose of Athens" that I dedicated in honor of the brave souls from Munich that lost their lives for the cause they believed in; along with a SanFran Anon tribute song from the flag dedication protest.


by WBMBacker

There was a white rose blooming,
It was planted long ago,
By just young, defiant children
Thrust against an angry flow.

The rose turned red like crimson
As an axe befell their fate
As their silence resonated clear
Their cries were heard too late.

Now, a new white rose is blooming,
Not unlike the one before.
Planted new, again, with young hands,
Once again, at evil's door.

This new rose has strength and power,
Grown from wisdom, knowledge strong,
From it springs a web of knowing,
That this evil sings dark songs.

They've heard resonating silence,
From the souls of those succumbed,
From the ones that went before them,
From the daughters and the sons.

And this white rose, blooming loudly,
Won't forgive, nor will forget,
Screaming wide, it's petals rising,
Spreading wide, its saving net.

See! There IS a white rose blooming,
Wiser still, with youthful roar,
As its brightness keeps is singing,
Till this evil is no more.

"... And the children shall lead them."

I am a teacher, a father and a grandfather. I have been a fireman, a mason and a carpenter. But today...

TODAY and always, I am MOST proud to be anonymous. ~ WBMBacker

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