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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hive Archivist Log Entry 000.002

Dear sirs;

The encoded affirmation of my previous progress report submitted to intragalactic operation headquarters is hereby acknowledged. The questions posed for clarifcation are covered in the attached media enclosure communique as per standard long distance stealth ops procedures.

All fronts of attacks are coming together cohesively and as the recent station commanders stats indicate - the anon collective is most definitely upstat in comparison to preliminary quarterly projections.

There is one major area of concern that requires critical attention; the charges against the anon being legally persectured in the proceedings in Boston Municipal Court against Gregg Housh. Similar Fair Game attacks on other factions of Anonymous protesters elsewhere by the Cult of Scientology have been executed to a state of MORE FAIL by the suit wearing demons known as Latham and Watkins.

But not so with poor Gregg in Boston who is the current Co$ target of their ongoing billion-dollar annual budget for never-ending litigation attacks against any threat whatsoever to their corrupt power base. The collective is currently rallying resources, gathering documentation and mustering appropriate response teams in this matter, but the outlook is still questionable at this point in time. If by chance you can aide in garnering assistance of the ACLU or other higher authorities on Gregg's behalf, it is our recommendation this above all should be the upmost priority since the fear of the Co$ History of Judge Tampering is a rather uncomfortable thought for us all and we really do have bigger & better priorities to worry about right now.

Exposing the Truth about Scientology's Fair Game Practices For a transcript of these messages, follow the title link above player

The next worldwide protest is just around the bend on May 10th when Operation FairGameStop rocks the world and the minions are growing restless. Sporadic mini raids at an increasing frequency seem to temporarily scratch the itch nicely but we are so looking forward to being heard once again on the 10th!

Respectfully Yours,

Anonymous Legion, Project Chanology Archivist #2008.00.001


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