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Friday, May 2, 2008

A View From Astride the Fence

For the curious bystander following along with this story about Anonymous but is either too lazy or too unaffected to investigate the issues for themselves, the following YouTube Playlist presents an interesting perspective from the other side of the fence. This story is from GloZell, an innocent bystander who is seemingly on the fence but curious - along with the message an avid follower from the Church of Scientology gave her when she inadvertantly asked the right questions.

Note there is an extra bit of backstory included in this playlist in order to relay the story properly, with GloZell's amazing six part scientologist interview starting on clip 3.

Gigantic Gift from the Glorious GloZell

Dear GloZell, we are so very sorry for allowing the enormous passion we have for our cause to run slightly amok on your video comment threads. We meant no harm, but you have captured something very special here that we just couldn't help but embrace. You seem like a wonderful person and a very lovely lady. We respect your wishes to "not want to know". However, too many people in the world have opted for that same cop out and we are merely trying to find a way to overcome such mindsets in a general sense - not overcome you specifically. Please accept our heartfelt apologies for trying too hard, thank you for the wonderful interview, and know that for those of us anons who do pray - you and your moms both will definitely be in our prayers.

FWIW I for one was glad to hear you were soon headed to Florida after this incident so that crazy old men trying to stay upstat can't easily continue to stalk you. Be Safe, Be Well, and please know that all comment wars aside - Anonymous is here for you if anything weird happens when you get back to LA.


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