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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Clearwater Businesses Blantantly Snub Crowds of Patrons, Then Bawl, Then FAIL!

Basking in the wake of four months of glorious Anonymous success, there has come an especially bright moment that's all to telling that times are in deed changing. Shawn Lonsdale would be so proud of us if he was still here to enjoy it because the Scilons in Clearwater, FL are more enturbulated than we could have ever imagined in our wildest dreams!!

A brief walk down recent memory lane is in order here, such that the fond memories of this righteous occasion can be preserved in the following uberclimatic pictorial timeline of events for all to know and enjoy whenever they wish.

February 10th Anonymous arrives on the scene for the first Project Chanology Protest on Lisa McPherson's birthday. Approximately 150-200 people show up to protest the Church of Scientology in the cult's own Mecca.

Shortly thereafter, Scientology accuses protesters of threats and cried fowl for a restraining order against repeat violence. This was despite the fact that the first demonstration being entirely peaceful and police took no action whatsoever to indicate otherwise. This bogus request for injunction was, of course, denied. Their petition was flat out rejected for lack of solid arguments. FLUNK. Try Again.

Just prior to the March 15th Raid, there was the fake Scientology bomb scare ends safely incident. Quite funny actually, except it was a damn shame to see the Scilon's waste so much of the city's tax dollars. FLUNK. Try Again.

The Ides of March rolled around and over 100 people showed up for a repeat performance. The ever growing list of alleged threats and false accusations continued, and still bore no merit thus fell on deaf ears with no "official investigation" ever being announced. LRH's Great Grandson even put in a special appearance to celebrate the C0$ prophet's birthday with the Anons during Operation Party Hard in the scilon holy land. Much caek was had by all at this second peaceful protest whose only aim was to bring about public awareness. Little did we know the Scilons would go to such great lengths to further that awareness with showing the world undeniable footbullet examples of just how incessant their ability to lie really is. Once again, local police dealt with no problems.

However, this is when the usual nazi-inspired discrimination started that they seem so fond of. A lame attempt at casting the town they think they own completely backwards in time more than 50 years to coincide with their aged tech in order to segregate free Americans taking advantage of their right to free speech by posting hateful messages on the Scientologist owned business in the downtown area. You would think the local business owners would welcome an extra 100+ people spending money in their facilities. Instead, they all but locked their doors based on the total bias of the cult's false allegations that had amounted to nothing but hot air that the City Council dismissed in minutes. Considering that the whole battle between Scientology vs. Internet is all about free speech, you would think they would start catching on by now that the more they try to suppress our first amendment rights the more dangerous they look to the world at large.

Next thing you know, its April and Operation Reconnection hits the streets once again with approximately 75 people. This time the Anons were speaking out against against the cult's disconnection policy that destroys families along with the other human rights abuses that have plagued the Clearwater base and elsewhere for decades.

As usual, the scilons were stalking the peaceful demonstrators and trying to uphold their "always attack" mentality to protect their totalitarian existence based entirely on falsehoods. But the Anons doesn't afraid of anything, especially not big evil money-making empires that have practically monopolized their own city-state in Clearwater. So what's a poor Scilon to do when they are unable to deny the constitutional rights of a group of free Americans that finds fault with their many crimes? More prejudice, more discrimination, and more Scientologist owned businesses falling on their own sword to sacrifice profit and revenue for the sake of banning the gathered crowds from spending their money in the scilon establishments. It would seem that maybe they need to start fabricating their own money since good old US$ aren't good enough for them.

The never-ending string of unrequited claims of terroristic threats and impending violence kept up all through April and on into May where the focus on their Fair Game practices made the entire situation an ipic irony of lulz. Locals report the no-anon signs weren't quite as prevalent as time went on, but a few still lingered here and there. Seems maybe the local scilon business were starting to miss the money they usually make on a Saturday, or perhaps the downstats at the org were adding up enough that some needed the extra foot traffic the protesters pull in to stay on course. We keep telling them to expect us and that we're not going to stop. But they must be out-comm and not hearing us because before you know out, their back in court to try again! This time the City Council spent two seconds on May 14th before throwing out the petition signed by local scilon businesses complaining that the protests were hurting sales and jeopardizing their livelihood. Gee, perhaps they shouldn't have been so hell bent on turning away crowds of paying customers away if they needed money.

In all fairness, we must admit it was mighty nice of those scilons to give us a list of all their names on that oh so fine petition of theirs! Based on the C0$ long dark history of Black PR, it's comforting to have a list of zealots actively supporting their practices for future reference. After all, intel is always a good thing - never know when it might come in handy.

So both the "no anon" signs AND the petition were lame ploys of the scientologists to try to STOP the anti-scientology protests. Both were based on more lies, no substance, and went nowhere.

FLUNK You Flinched. Followed right up with another FLUNK. Try Again.

Good thing we raised our flag early on and got that out of the way, because we now own Clearwater and the scilons haven't figured that out yet. But please by all means, keep putting up those segregation signs in order to help us easily identify your avid supporters AND enlist the ACLU on our side all the sooner.

Meanwhile, the local non-scilon community began to come together. A community that has long been outnumbered, outmaneuvered and outspent to the point where little hope remained prior to the protests that the occupying forces of hostile cultists would ever be put in their place. They surely had seen enough long ago to know all to well SOMEBODY had to do something. Anonymous has done that magic sumthin-something, so what if they wear masks and act like a roving carnival. Therefore, in response to the underhanded scilon business owners banning together to help withhold knowledge of the church's dirty little secrets, a new alliance is being formed at ScientologyInClearwater.com. This site aims to expose what Scientology is doing in Clearwater and highlight the negative impact it is having on the local community. All local residents, visitors, and businesses who are concerned with ending the takeover of their lovely town are invited to stop by and stay informed on the C0$ current plans, the properties they own, and the businesses that support their campaign to manipulate and control everything insight. Knowledge is a form of freedom, and we encourage the locals to take advantage of the free information featured on this new site until the worldwide anon forces have sufficient time to undo a few things down there that need addressed.

Pay Attention Clearwater Scilons. You are playing right into our hand oh so nicely, and showing your true colors for the entire world to see. THIS is setting a fine example for other communities to recognize all too clearly what happens when the Church of Scientology moves into a downtown area. So Know This: We appreciate your assistance with speeding up the process of exposing you, and can hardly wait to come celebrate operation Sea Arrrgh next month at your precious Land Base! See ya then Mateys!


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