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Thursday, May 8, 2008

CNN broadens awareness for the May 10th Picket against Fair Game

Yesterday morning, the Anon protesters and critics were treated to an enormous gift. Woohoo Major Media is finally beginning notice!!! CNN's John Roberts interviewed Scientologist Chief PR goon Tommy Davis and discussed the ongoing Anonymous Protests as well as their ubiquitous Disconnection practices we protested against last month. Tommy did a wonderful little tap dance all around the esteemed early morning anchorman's well prepared line of questioning while shooting himself with a goodly number of footbullets in between his many lies. This was prefaced by an additional report by Kareen Wynter specifically discussing the ongoing protests.

Thank you very much Mr. Roberts and Ms. Wynter for having the courage to ask the tough questions, you both did a damn fine job on this and have become honorary members of Anonymous' hall of fame & great respect. Plus, let's not forget proper recognition for the CNN brass allowing this to be aired - we know all to well how malicously the press has been persecuted by Scientology for the least little thing. So your 1o0 free internets and cake is on its way!! This is exactly what the US Anons needed to catch up with the euro anons who are way ahead on the media coverage front. We couldn't have asked for better exposure with one more day to go until the next worldwide protest against Scientology's Fair Game Policies.

The following short little YouTube Playlist covers the latest news on this next operational front scheduled for Saturday. Here's hoping the CNN interview on the American Morning show was only the start of what is yet to come from media coverage of this weekend's protest. The tides are turning. times are changing, and a catalyst is sure to come before this year is done. My prediction - Time Magazine nominates Anonymous as man of the year and it's all down hill from there for the Co$ tyranny that has reigned unchecked for far too long.

May 10th Operation Fair Game Stop


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